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Friday, June 29, 2012

Ferocious Friday


May Ling here, being once again pursued by the evil pincers!
When I left off with my story yesterday, John was preparing to deal with the Pincering Peril for once and for all.
*my only thought is of escape*

He prepared for battle, sizing up the enemy.

He stood up to the pincer's squeezy onslaught...

...and wrested them from Mommy's grip with his powerful paws.

Johhny:  These pincers will never accost a Cat again!

Defeated, Mommy retrieved the pincers...

...and promptly pinced again!
Maui:  Ai Yi Yi! 

With Mommy hot on his heels Maui made for the bathroom.
Where all of a sudden the pincers attacked Mommy!
They had taken on a will of their own.

There was a mighty battle. 
It was pretty awful.  We can't show the pictures.  They're simply too gruesome.

In the end, Mommy won, and she hog-tied those pincers with a green twisty-tie.
Thank Cod.

All is not well though.  It appears that the pincers had time to spawn on their wild rampage.
Holy Cod.
Run, Mommy, RUN!

Happy Friday!

XX  May Ling  XX


  1. Oh noes again! I swear that implements in my cutlery drawer reproduce when I am not looking. Now there is PROOF!

  2. This is terrible. Now we kittehz are terrified of the cutlery drawer. If pincers are this bad, think of the meat fork!!!

  3. I'm not scared of no pincers! I'd thump them with my paw o' doom!

  4. Sheesh - can't those things be vanquished by throwing them in the recycling bin and slamming down the lid? I think they have run rampant long enough!

  5. Good werk, John! But sad ta see the the pincers reproduced. We will be watching out fer them here!!!

    We would be offerring a poem of support, but not much rhymes with pincers!

    Oh wait...

    Pincer, Pincer, bo-pincer,
    Banana-fana fo-fincer

  6. Get your Mommy one of those gadgets on tv that control unruly kitchen appliances. You have to stop this before there are zombie pincers

  7. payback is hell, they say. you better sleep with your meat tenderizer under your pillow. Johnny might have a few unpleasant plans in store for you in the night.

  8. Um, May Ling? Is your Mommy, you know, all right in the head, MOL???? Honestly? I'd keep my distance for a few days. Maybe Daddy will feed you.

  9. Guys, you know what: we think the pincing was a mating ritual and after pincing a tasty catbutt or two, they can spawn. You now just have to lock them in the dark and make sure they stay away from juicy 'tocks. And we kind of find it starnge that they do this assexual reproduction thing - this is bad news as they don't have to find a mate. If those pincers don't get locked away in the dark and away from your hineys, then the world will be overtaken by them.
    We are going to lock the doors and make sure there are no pincers here - we don't think we get them in FInland. But you never know.

  10. Only one thing to say .. TNR Mr Pincer, K? Your pince will no longer have recidivistic tendencies. Trust me ;-)

    PeeEss May Ling PLEASE don't let mom anywhere near the meat cleaver!!!! She might need an intervention!

  11. AAAAIIEEEE! ANOTHER pair of pincers?!?!? Run for your life!

  12. Not sure about this at all.... We are seriously considering sending the guys in the white jackets over...

    The Chans

  13. What the????? Um...I've seen those things at our house, but they mostly just attack the food. Whoa.

  14. Oh. My. COD! The kitchen just got even scarier! RUN!!!!!!!!

  15. I think she should squish them until they are dead!!!

  16. great - now mom has the giggles at work...... we didn't know that pincers could spawn - we are gonna have to check the kitchen drawers.

  17. Lock those things in the PTU, that will fix it!

  18. Super Johnny!! You are mighty and marvelous!! What an epic battle!! Phew!!! Take care

  19. Run them over with a car! That will show the pinchers who's boss!

    Your mommy is amazing to be able to take a photo while being attacked. THAT's dedication, there.

  20. What a thrilling battle! But we hope y'all will be watchful - those pinchers look ravenous to us.

  21. you all may have to find a new house to live in and concede the territory to the pinchers.

  22. We are shivering at the thought you might have lots more pincers next time we see you - is it catching like measles?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  23. Kitties it's time to form a revolt against dem pinchers.


  24. So now pincers need to be spayed and neutered too?

  25. We've been investigating our kitchen hoping our Mama doesn't have one of those dreadful things. Sure enough there it was!! We hope it stays INSIDE the drawer.

    Peanut and Marshmallow

  26. All is well that ends well and safely in the drawer! Purrs to the gang.

  27. OMG you guys are hilarious!!!! I soooooooo want to visit your Mommy one day...I will laugh my head off!

  28. yoW! hang in there, Johnson! all of you kittehz need to gang up on those evil pincers! have a safe weekend ;-/

    Pip, Smidgen, minnie, Hollie

  29. oh my cat Mai Ling!! how is your Mom??? We fear those pincers may move to California!!! What if the spread???...I better go tell Dad and Mom...runs downstairs...'Dad, Dad...ya better set the alarm tonight!"


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