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Monday, June 25, 2012

Mancat Monday with Bad Poetry


Scouty here, with a confession. 
I like the peeps.

Yup, I do.

Even though I do not allow Touching, I've become rather social lately; not only showing up for treats (I get three shrimps, broken up) but also hanging out in the doorway of Daddy's office every evening, watching him.  
It's sorta embarrassing to admit this, but I've also started sleeping on Mommy's bed.  Mostly when she's not in it, but occasionally I'll s-l-o-o-o-w-l-y slither onto the foot of the bed when she's sitting up reading.  (Mommy:  I pretend he's invisible)
And when she's not in bed, I like to sleep on her pillow.  It smells really good there and I make Serious Biskits for a long time before I settle in.  Things are to the point where I give her Dirty Looks when she wants to get in bed, because I don't want to move!  But I have to, or I'd get squashed by her bony bum. 
But don't worry, friends, I'm still aware that at any moment Impending Doom could descend in the form of Cream o'Scouty Stew.  I am ever vigilant.  Except maybe for that one time last week when Mommy snuck in on me (while I was having a wonderful dream about shrimp) and petted me a half dozen times.
Dirty pool, Mommy.

Anyway, I wrote a poem about my fear.  Perhaps expressing it in verse will help dispel my trepidation.


A paranoid kitty named Scout
viewed a bubbling cauldron with doubt
The Chef, grasping pincers
said "You must get in sir
Cat Stew ain't the same if without!"

There.  I feel better already.

Happy Monday!

XX  Scouty  XX


  1. No need to be paranoid Scout
    The stew will be just fine without
    For just become a vegetarian cat you see
    Then there be no need for the boiling of thee!

  2. Awww Scouty, your wonderfully talented with poetry!
    There will never ever be a Scouty stew, promise! I could eat you up sitting so cute like that, but that's a different story :)

  3. You are very handsome. Mum luvs orange kitties. Her first cat was orange and he always lived a little bit of shrimp!

  4. Mommy thought your poem quite funny! She snorts when she laffs! HaHaMeow!

  5. The paranoid Scout was a kitty
    Who wrote of his fears in a ditty
    He feared gettin eatin
    And would not put feetin,
    So the ditty of kitty was witty!

  6. Mica Minnie Moo cried, "Oh, my!
    Its the same story as the pie!"

  7. You are such a poet!

    Right before I sat down to read blogs, I had to move my antisocial boy "Eli" out of my spot on the bed, and he didn't want to move so I gave him a kiss, *and he didn't run away!!* first he sits on me for the first time, now I've walked up and kissed him.. what a victory. But then I got a little over excited and kissed him a few more times which caused him to bolt rather quickly.. oh well, One step at a time. But I can so totally relate to pretending a kitty is invisible.

  8. Oh Scouty, you are just so sweet even if you are scairt of your mommy. It's too hot for stew in Vegas right now so we think you're safe!

  9. I'm paranoid, too, Scouty. How nice to hear that ya trust the humans more!

  10. You are a ManCat after my own heart Scouty. Say, would you be interested in a little Bromance?

  11. Scouty, you know that you and my brother Nigel must be soulmates...although he has learned that mommy and daddy are quite safe if they are in stew will be made he grinds his big beefy face into mommy at night. But once mom goes in the never know what might happen.

    So fear not, my friend...the bed is safe.

  12. Scouty, I can't tell you how long it took my roommate Boodie to get used to the humans here! Mostly because I wasn't around for part of it... but it was a long time!

  13. By Lewis and Harris standards you are making excellent progress! They won't go near Äiti voluntarily at all, and they don't know anything about cat stew.
    But NO ONE would dare put such handsome mancat in a cooking pot, Scouty. We promise. Not even your crazypants daddy.

  14. Scouty, may we start by saying that you look awesome in those photos?

    Secondly, some of those comments have it absolutely right. There can be no cooking whilst lying down! So, we think the bed is indeed a safe place for you, even if your Mom is in it.

    The Chans

  15. Ohhhh I don't think our mummy would resist covering you in kisses...

  16. Scout, we like that you want to make biscuits on your Mom's pillow :)
    With your pawsome furs, no wonder your Mom snuck 6 pats ;) heehee

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  17. Your little ditty is great. You are very smart, Scout, and will shed your paranoia but if it keeps you writing poems, just don't tell anyone you are over it.

  18. Scouty you must be on your guard!
    For mommy and daddy are working hard!
    Finding ways to sneak up on you!
    They may give you cuddles
    And kisses and snuggles
    But you may end up as Sweet Scouty Stew!

    LOL! Take care

  19. And we thought Socks was paranoid. We don't think you have to worry about being turned into stew as long as you live with your family, they loves you.

  20. We know you'll never be turned into stew, but it's still okay to like the humans from a distance. :-)

  21. We hope one day you can overcome your fear of Scouty Stew so that you can enjoy all the loving strokes and cuddles your mum and dad are dying to give you :-)

  22. Here's a word from your sponsor
    who's feeling quite tense
    when you use the word pincer
    and it almost makes sense ;)

    tick VG lolol

    PeeEss Scouty I believe you could sue mommy for petting inappropriately!!!

  23. is your middle name keats?

  24. Your photos are great Scouty but if you keep posing the the camera looking so handsome your Mom will want to kiss you (whispers) all over!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  25. I must admit, I have a pathological fear of my mum when I'm in the kitchen. Anywhere else in the house and I'm a smoochasaurus, but in the kitchen I'll race for cover. I think you are wise to show some care, given the number of cats who seem to experience it there must be some reason for Stew Pot Scaredycatness.

    I also must admit, your face it utterly enchanting.

  26. Poor Scouty - don't worry, we don't think your mom would REALLY put you in the stew pot. Mom laughs cause she managed to get within about a foot of a Junior toe the other night - and then he saw her and marched off in a huff for disturbing his nap. :)

  27. Scouty....let me know when you go on tour promoting your poetry...I'll be a roadie for you.
    FYI: very handsome pictures of you too.

  28. Oh, Scout you are adoreable, and I tell you a secret, I sleep in moms bed too:-)
    Hugs from Pernille


  29. Well I am darn proud of you and you should try snuggling up next!

  30. Actually the poem is very good, though quite morbid, I think! You can't be called paranoid, Scouty, if your fear is reality-based.

    No wonder you tiptoe around there with trepidation! I take it that Mommy's aura is a tad more friendly. Taking it slow and easy into increased intimacy is the way to go! Good luck on your mission.

  31. Scouty.. You are one of the most handsome kittycats I have ever seen. In my 'day' I looked a little bit like you... strong and handsome!
    Glad you let Mom pet you six times! Bet she was excited inside but calm on the outside.
    Happy Monday,
    ~ Napoleon

  32. We are certain they aren't going to make a Scouty stew out of you. You will warm up to them more with time.

  33. I'm sure there won't be any Scouty stew. Very nice poem, and Fun post!!!

  34. Scout, we're glad to hear you're getting a little more brave and napping on the bed. We bet it's pretty comfy there.

  35. Scouty
    We are so glad that you are becoming a little less afraid, we know it's tough. Our girl Gracie is fearful too, and we just have to work with her.


  36. Do not worry, Scouty
    They won't make you into stew
    For I am sure that they'd find
    A mouthful of Scouty too hard to chew!

  37. Hi Scouty, it's great you are becoming more social! Slithering onto the foot of bed...oh you sounds so shy but that's just very sweet :-)
    I love your poem. Though, you don't have to worry about being cooked!!

  38. Scouty, did you see what a poet Daisy is? My goodness! And you keep sleeping up there with'll not have to worry about the Cream O' Scouty stew, I promise. But then, Admiral DID see that pot wif your name on it..back when..just sayin'.

  39. Scouty you are so handsome it should be illegal. You know you are making those biscuits cause you love your Mommy. Can't wait for the day that you COMPLETELY realize it! You're getting there!

  40. Oh Scouty, we know exactly how you feel. Half of us here feel the same way. It just takes time to realize that those peeps are not too bad. Love the pictures. Take care.

  41. Wait till you get caught and snoogled. U will be lost .... forever !!!

  42. Scout, Sami says you are almost as handsome as our Sasha - if she wasn't so in love with him she'd have eyes for you!

    Mom says she can't believe any one would ever want to stew you, but love you near to death, absolutely. So maybe that's why you tiptoe in fear of your Mom?

    Your poem is awesome too, just like you!

    Sasha, Sami (blush), & Saku (Mom Eileen)

    P.S. Not only are the posts terrific and so much fun to read, but the comments you get are absolutely a hoot! (Eileen)

  43. GORGEOUS!!!!!

    P.S. Hope you can stop by my blog to read my very exciting announcement! ;o)

    Purrs xo

  44. Wow, Scouty, you are a most gorgeous ginger boy. You do know, though, that the bed is a rotten place to cook so you're most unlikely to be stewed there. You are correct, however, to be wary in the kitchen. Smoochies handsome,

    Lizzie & 3 kitties

  45. Oh My Cat! Scout, we must talk!! and Soon!! I am also very scared of the peeps, but I have learned that sleeping with them is, like, well...errr..ummm...well it's just the BEST!! So no worries there...but Scout, ya have to know, you look totally like my before me bro, Popcorn, who went OTRB in 10/11..He is on my bloggy page AniFamily and you could have been his son...and Popcorn was feral..but lived with Mom and Dad for 14 of his 16 years...luvs Moms lap

  46. You are funny, Scout. We hope you learn the joy of Squizzles - but keep those poems coming!

  47. That is a MAGNIFICENT cat and a MAGNIFICENT limerick!

  48. Wonderful poem! But dear Scouty... no one is sitting on the edge of their seat waiting for the next dish of cat... Too horrible to contemplate! go ahead and accept the scritches.. no soup for you!

  49. Well, there's a reason why Scout is reticent: he's a poet, and a good one at that. Poets are always shy and quirky. But Scout is one very handsome boy! Hi from Pisi and Squeak!

  50. Poetry relies on visual and oral communication to express one’s feeling.

  51. You are a great poet Scouty. Good work sleeping on the foot of the bed when you are invisible.
    Don't worry, we don't think for one minute your crazypants humans will make you into stew. It's much to hot for stew and you can't BBQ stew. Sausages maybe...........

  52. There once was a cat named Scouty,
    Who when touched gots very pouty,
    Then one day he decided
    Petting was wonderful and nice
    So his Mommy he was besided!

  53. Scouty with thinks your pawrents have a lot of self discipline! If it were LP she would have attempted to hug and kiss and squeeze you long ago on account of the fact that you're such a gorgeous orange boy and she loves those orange boys! Then her face would be ravaged and not by time . . . so it's good she's not your pawrent.Keep facing your trust issues friend and you'll be acting the complete fool in love in no time at all :)

    the critters in The Cottage xo heehee.


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