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Tuesday, October 16, 2012



Mommy and the Grandpeeps went to the Tucson Zoo.
They had a wonderful time--there were lots of visitors, especially families with kids learning all about different animals and their habitats.  The animals looked fat, sassy, and happy; and several of the exhibits had been recently remodeled and expanded.

Here's a few phone photos:
A white peacock.  Do you think he has any dark meat?

Mommy was astounded at how big the rhinoceros was...and this one was a female!  The male is even bigger.

Rhino 'tocks!

These macaws were preening each others bottoms!
(Please excuse our Mommy, she has a butt obsession, apparently.)

Can you guess what THIS is?

An ostrich!
They are HUGE.  It would take a while to eat the whole thing.  Srsly.

There were five elephants--they are all related females. 
 The one in the middle is a baby, and the one on the right is a juvenile.

These two were the oldest, and clearly ruled the herd!

The tigers were snoozing...the little boy in the photo was there with his brothers, and Mommy noticed that they read every single placard at each exhibit, which made her very happy.

The flamingos had their feather all ruffled!  Do you see the flamingo chick in the center left?  (He's the gray puffball--you may need to embiggen.) One of the adults was picking on him and his parents got all up in that bully's stuff, defending their young 'un.

The next time your peeps call you "Nosy", just show 'em the anteater!

ACK!  Escaped Snake!
Not really, he's a sculpture.
Did we scare you?

Mommy's favorite animal of all was the black panther, naturally.

No worries here!
We hope you enjoyed the Zoo.

Happy Tuesday!

XX  Mommy and The Kats  XX


  1. We very much enjoyed the zoo! Thanks to your Mommy. We especially loved the white fevver. Looked so yummy,er, pretty!

  2. So how many of those are you going to get a chance to taste ? Äiti says she has some food for us with ostrich in - we think she's having a giraffe (rhyming slang for luagh).

  3. Binga does the panther pose quite frequently - I think she has delusions of grandeur!

  4. Black panthers do the dangle! Leo will be so happy to see that!! MOL
    Awesome animal pictures, and bums.. MOL

  5. Well, that was a really eggs-cellent tour. Isn't that little boy like, snack-distance from that Tiger??

    Well, of COURSE the Black Panfur was the BEST. Is there even any question???

  6. I wonder what that white peacock's feathers look like when they are all spread out. Unless it is a pea-hen, and then she will not have that whole display.

    Hmm. I might have to do further research on this!

  7. Oh wow! Look at all those non cat animals!

  8. Lounge Kitties,
    There's an old KFC TVC that goes: let's go to the zoo, there's lots of things to do....and the food is finger lickin' good...! Hmm...would would flamingo taste like? Flaming? purrr....meow!

  9. Wow. Those are great photos. That black panther sleeps the same way that Charlie does on the back of the sofa. We wonders if they're related.

    All those big birds looked very tasty, um... we mean interesting. Yeah, deliciously interesting.

  10. They stock a lot of good foods there! Do they deliver? hehe.

  11. As always, we luffed the kitteh pics the best.

  12. That is one fine sculpture of a huge snake!! LOL!! We were totally fooled!!

    Yay for rhino and ostrich tocks!! LOL! take care

  13. ::smack::
    Lip smackin' good! Even long distance!

    We love Momorail Panther!

  14. Thanks fur showing us so many beautiful critters!

  15. Even the big cats like to lay around in postitions that we like. Bet no one asks that guy if h e really is comfortable.

  16. What a nice trip to the zoo. We love the picture of the panther--he was definitely taking it easy!

  17. What nice pics! Mom hasn't been to the zoo for a long, long time. She said there is a nice one here! We like the big panther pictures the bestest!

  18. Almost feels like I went there.. Thanks for the share.

  19. That was a fun trip to the zoo! Our mommy's favorite is the black panther too. She could watch them all day long and she gets all giddy when the sun makes their spots come out. She's weird.

  20. What fun pictures! Thank you for sharing about your mom and the grandpeeps' zoo visit. We MOL'ed at the rhino tocks.

    The black panther is our favorite, too.

  21. A fine Zoo trip. The Black Panther was Mom's favorite too. That huge snake fooled Mom too....mol
    xoxo Kassey

  22. Those sure are a lot of weerd-lookin animals. Ecept the black panther, of course. IT looks quite normal!

  23. Wow, that was fun! Thanks for showing us all the animals! We'd like to give that ostrich a go...

  24. That WAS great! Thanks for the zoo trip! Loved the Pink Flamingos!!!!! T.

  25. those animals must get really hot in Too Sawn. but it sure does have pretty red dirt and red rocks

  26. We love your animal pics, esp those rino tocks!

  27. pawsome! hee hee! you fooled us on the snake :) the anteater is so cool! our mom LOVES elephants. She spent furrever watching them on a visit to the San Diego Zoo and took practlically ten squillion pictures just of them! thanks for sharing your trip! Purrs,

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  28. I certainly enjoyed the tour. Yesterday TW was going through the pictures from the Popcorn Park Zoo but she went there a long time again.

  29. Loved the pictures, especially the tiger. I've always been a tiger person. And the elephants.

  30. The big birds look like they could be very nom-esque!

  31. Yes I enjoyed the zoo. Loved the pictures. Fanks you.


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