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Friday, December 28, 2012

Furminating Friday!


Johnson here, with a fun and furry product review.

We received (for free) a Furminator Long Hair deShedding Edge from our pals at 

HERE is a link.

Kitties, this grooming tool is fabulous.  We have an original Furminator which does a great job at removing loose fur, especially the downy undercoat.  This one has a nice new feature; your peep can use the button to push the fur out of the teeth instead of having to let go of a struggling kitty use two hands to do it--because this tool removes dead fur by the bushel.

Since I have such a long thick winter pelt I was the natural choice to be the test subject for the maiden run of our new Furminator.
At first I was a little bashful about being photographed whilst being Furminated...

...but I got over it.

In no time at all I was soliciting Daddy for MORE!

We took a short break to admire all the fur that came off.  (Mommy calls it "lint".  She's insane.)

Daddy sorted my fur by color as he removed it.  (He's not too mentally stable, either.)

You'll never believe what happened next:


Did I mention he's nuts?

He, um, unlawfully restrained held me by the handle tail because I really didn't like being lint-rollered.*

A little later Daddy showed me the big ball of fur he culled using the Furminator, and I admit, the size of it freaked me out a little--he only groomed me for about five minutes!

Thanks Daddy, you can keep the fur.  I'll grow more and you can Furminate it off me any time! 

Kitties, we give the Furminator Long Hair deShedding Edge a resounding Squillion Paws Up. 
 Almost all of us have had a round of grooming with it and it's been tolerated, if not outright enjoyed.  Maui has 5' long armpit fur and he was patient about having it sorted out, which is a first for him.  It also worked well on very plush coats, too.  Salem and May Ling have extremely dense fur and the Furminator did a wonderful job getting all the loose hairs out.  We highly recommend getting one!

We want to thank for sending us such a great grooming tool, it sees a LOT of use--and felines--at our house!

Happy Friday!

XX  Johnny  XX

*The Baby LOVES being lint-rolled.  No wonder I want to eat her--TJ


  1. The farm cats are supposed to get one of these too

  2. Looks great. We hate brushes ourselfs. But we think good things when we read about other kitties liking them...

  3. Mommy is SO insanely jealous that you kittehz like to be furminated! We loathe it. Prancer Pie does enjoy a very vigorous lint-rollering, though!

  4. You could make a nice fur pillow out of all that loose fur!

    We have that brush, and every time it comes out we get in line and wait for our turn!

  5. Fur pillow? Meh - those lovely furs could be spun into yarn and crocheted into a scarf or some handwarmers for someone....T.

  6. *I* was furminated not 30 minutes ago! I LUBZ it. My Human gotted the medium-length-fur one but she thinks now she shoulda gotted the long-furz one. I dunno--I think it works purrfect!

    I have never been lintrollered but now the Human says maybe she'll do that in the a.m. It better not hurt or I'm blaming y'all.

  7. We have the short fur, small cat Furminator since all of us have short fur! We much prefer to be Furminated than lint rolled!

  8. WoW !!! Mr. Johnny...your fur can make a little kitten !!!
    I think my mom need one of those and we really like the crazy idea of your daddy to use LINT-ROLLERED. My mom think, that's really neat job..and seriously, You look handsome , Man !

  9. So, how come Daddy didn't get bitten but Mommy did?
    That looks incredible - none of us like the furminator but Äiti is thinking she might give it another go. Lint rolling maybe a whole step too far.

  10. We LOVE the FURminator! At least I do, and Boodie likes it okay, and Binga isn't thrilled but she does not need it that much. But since my vote counts most, we LOVE the FURminator!

  11. I resisted buying one of these for the longest time, because they are pricey. Finally I broke down, and I'm glad I did! I now have three: one for the dogs, one for the short-haired kitties, and one for long-haired Julius. They really do a fantastic job. Yesterday I took about a pound of fur off my dog Sophie and her coat feels SO much better.

    All paws up at this house for the Furminator!

  12. I saw one of these in a pet store back in November. It just seemed expensive for something I wasn't sure would work.
    Good to know it's a winner, though

  13. We have a furminator here too! Banjo doesn't really like being brushed with it but it does a great job. Ow you kitties will look extra beautiful after getting brushed with it!
    xo Catherine

  14. Our mum is jealous thaat you are well behaved for the furminator. I am very good for short bursts, but Fui tries to bite it and Lishy is scared of it. Speaking of mental instability, Lish is probably scared because our mum chases him around with resulting furballs, yammering about having found him a new kitten to play with.

  15. Now you've given our mom the idea that she should furminate us today!

  16. Looks like five minutes more and there would have been a bald Johnson.

  17. Clearly a success!

    Guess what? #1 got an Equine Furminator! She will use it to help remove thick winter coats from Vidock and Violette in the spring. We will report back at that time.

    The Chans

  18. We have one of the original Furminators from several years ago. I love it! Scooby did too. Scout likes it up to a point then gets bitey. Mom only uses it when we can go outside so she can let the fur fly. This new one looks handy. -Shaggy

  19. What a great grooming tool! Happy New Year!!

  20. Junior loved to be furminated. I, Orion, don't like to be furminated or brushed much. Meowm says I don't shed all that much anyway, seeings how I pull my furs out and then eat it! Sammy likes to be furminated, but he is a little leary of the furminator.

    Glad all of you like it!

  21. We love Furminator! It really does a great job furminating! That ball of fur is really huge, it can be the size of kitten? Haha.
    My boys don't like lint roller, either. The Baby, you are one very special kitty!

  22. we gots a regular furminator but this one looks like it might have longer teeths....hmmmmm

    and so not about the lint roller (though it did make mom laugh)

  23. We have the regular Furminator and love it (though the cats don't) but this new feature sounds great!

  24. I haven't tried a Furminator yet due to its price. However, I have a certain neurotic black long haired cat that really needs one.

  25. hahahaha, mama LOLed like crazy seeing all the furs.

    she's now happy that we're both short-haird, although the lint roller thingy is putting ideas in her brains.

    happy new year.

    paw hugs,
    emma and buster

  26. We try to NEVER let Mom find us when she wants to brush us. Maybe it'd be better with one of those-NOT!
    Jada and Scully

  27. You made such a big fur-kitten in just 5 minutes! You looked funny being lint rollered! :-D I wonder if that feels as good as it looks.

    My brother, Book, does not like being groomed at all! But Mommy and Mommi are working with him on it -- he has lots and lots and lots of fur like you. Me... not so much, it's really short.

    Have a great New Year!

    ~Brooch Czarina

  28. I have a pretend fake furminater.. it works, but it lacks the sex apeal of the real deal.

    You have enough hair to knit another Tiny Johnson! I cannot imagine what kind of a pile you had after doing all the cats! You could probably knit half a dozen new kitties! (or sweaters for hairless cats? MOL)

  29. That sure does look like a great tool. But betcha, we will not allow it to happen to us with maximum restraint. Too funny Dad scaring you with your hair. Bet you thought it was a new cat in the house. Take care.

  30. Mum says how do you do it. I have one of those and I hate it. I do short bursts and thats enough.. Hugs GJ xx

  31. MOL MOL MOL the PS now we know why you like to eat Baby.

    SO big guy inquiring minds want to know does the furminator make noise?
    I, Madi, am not a big fan of noise...wonder if that would make you want to eat me too? MOL
    Hugs Madi

  32. PS after reading Ticked off 13...I quite surprised you let those slack two leggers get anywhere near you.
    Late feedings alone are worth at least one good dagger scratch per two legger.
    Just sayin' madi

  33. wow! TJ you have a ton of furrs...thank Cod Daddy didn't take it all! But how indignant to be lint rolled like common, well, ummm. oh yeah, like a common dog! There, I said it!!

  34. Our Mom is jealous - she has been coveting a Furminator for some time. Skootch needs a lot of brushing, but Mom only has a comb for him.

  35. I hide when She bring out the brush...I don't see that thing you talk 'bout. She will get one soon...I jus' know it! Don't tell her...Ugh!
    Many Purrs,
    Miss Kitty

  36. Wow! That was some big pile of fur that got furminated. I like being brushed but I'm not sure about that whole lint roller thing.

  37. The was some gret defurring! That must be what happened to the top of my Dad's head!

  38. oh my goodness! you look just like my girl cat Miss Bit-Bit.. you are such a patient little guy to be brushed, miss bitty hates it. But oddly enough she loves the cheap black combs I got from the dollar store and that is the only thing I can use on her. Everything else she protests by meeping (that's how she meows).

    Are you a Norwegian? I believe my sweet little girl is.

    Thanks for sharing your review on the furminator.. I have 4 cats and only one of them loves being brushed.

  39. That looks great for keeping mats out of long haired kitties. One swipe on our furs and we'd proly be bald ;) You're like two cats with all of your furs, Johnson :D

    Pip, Smidgen, minnie, Hollie

  40. Mommy has thoughts about getting one of those for the hairy slobbery sisters. Bob has long furs with a thick fuzzy undercoat and Cinnamon changes her coat at least once a month! Me-me has thin furs and a good rub gets rid of it and Kozmo, well who cares....

  41. I must be defective, because I've never had any of the cats I've furminated like it.. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  42. I LOVE my FURminator but you prolly read that already. I recently won a new one wth the think to remove the fur but Pop's still using the old one. I don't squirm so I give him time to remove the furs.

  43. Oh! I thought my human was the only one crazy enough to lint-roll us...

  44. Mum likes the fur removal bit. She usually clears it by rubbing it the wrong way on the carpet.

  45. That sure was a BIG pile of your cathair , Johnson !
    Maybe your dad-person collected your hair by color , because he is going to make crafts with your fur ??


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