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Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Quiet Week for Sheebie

Friends and Kitties!

Along with my desire to be stylishly clad when I go cycling I don't want to scare the crap out of anybody I see on the bike trail, so I've discontinued my traditional winter moratorium on shaving my legs.  I realized stuff must be getting long when I was out last week and I could feel the wind rippling through the luxurious pelage adorning my underpinnings.  So, new razor in hand I stepped into the shower, ready to do battle, when I spied a heretofore unknown foe:  hairy toes.  Good grief, I've heard about the hot flashes, the mood swings, the weight gain, the general aches and pains of getting old--but this--Frodo feet?  What is up with that?

It's been an ordinary week here at Casa Cerecke, with nothing very newsworthy to report.  Scott and I have been busy around at home with assorted unglamorous projects such as Dust the Ceiling Fans, Furnace Filter Swap, and the always-daunting Refrigerator Top Expedition, none of which serve to inspire my meagre expository talents.  

We did have a little excitement in the mail--the Chromebook I bought Scott for Christmas arrived.  He needed something portable to use in the garage for monitoring his business inventory, and it fits the bill perfectly.
Can you spot it?

He bought a tie-dye skin for it, I think it looks pretty cool!  He bought me one for my laptop, too:

I love Hello Kitty.  Please don't make fun of me.

Sylvester had a purrsonal first happen Friday night; when I went to bed he was on the bed all cozied up in a loaf.  Prior to this he's never voluntarily gotten on a bed, and if we'd hoist him up (all eighteen pounds of mighty tux) he'd jump down right away.  Evidently at his old abodes he wasn't allowed on beds.  Here of course he is, and he stayed for quite a while, even attacking the Dreaded Blanket Monster with vigor!  I was a little teary--in so many ways Sylvester doesn't act like a cat (I don't think he knows how) and it really warmed my heart to see him be a typical feline and relax on the bed with me and some sundry Loungers.  I'm interested to see if this was a one-off or the start of a nightly ritual--naturally I'd like to start sleeping with yet another bed hogging furnace kitty.  So far there's Rupert, Grayce, CC, Scouty (he thinks I don't know), Sweet Pea & Salem (who switch hit with Daddy), and May Ling in bed with me--what's one more? 

Because there's tons of extra room down at the foot of the bed now that I've hedge trimmed my hairy halluxes.

Happy Sunday and have a Great Week!

XX  Sheebie  XX


  1. Hey, I LOVE H K. I have several such branded items in my house now.

  2. Hairy toes should be left to the cats! Scott's computer skin is pretty cool and your's is so cute! It's wonderful that Sylvester is learning how to be a cat! I find it amazing that you get sleep with that many cats on the bed!

  3. Yay for Sylvester getting up on the bed for a snooze and a play :-) I can't believe he is 18lbs, WOW! I thought Kip was a total lug when weighed at the vet last week we discovered he was an astonishing 15lbs! He is so long legged and sleek I never would have imagined he was that heavy but of course I can hardly lift him - LOL!!!

    PS - I absolutely LOVE tie-dye...the skin AND the shirt both look great :)

  4. The Human says....I'll see your teary and raise you a leaky-eyed. Lately, as in the past two or three weeks, Spitty (SPITTY) has been curled at the foot of the bed almost EVERY morning when I wake up.

    Now, he is not anywhere NEAR my feet, and usually he jumps down as soon as he realizes I have awakened, but this very morning he sat up and let himself be petted ON the bed. With me. When BOTH of us were awake.

    It's only taken him eight+ YEARS!!

  5. Funny post! I too love Hello Kitty! I had my two both on the bed at once today! Charlie is the older cat and a little timid but he wanted up here with Mama so he came up with Mr Toes. It was a step forward for him. I love cats in the bed.

    hugs, Linda

  6. Amazing (both the de-furring and Sylvester)! I wonder if it is global warming or sun spots or something, I read from other comments that hitherto standoffish man cats are now (almost) cuddle bunnies, I need to throw in that Kozmo has been sharing the big bed too!
    Will wonders never cease!
    Nellie's Mom

  7. It brought a tear to Mommy's eye to read about Sylvester. Concats! Don't you feel special now?

  8. Around these parts it's two humans and four cats in one queen bed; Pumpkin on the male person's head, Stinky pressed against my side, Harry at my feet and Sherpa at his feet. Rolling over requires much coordination.

  9. You go Sylvester -

    Gracie will start out with us on the bed, but I get up too many times, so she moves to the cable box for heat - but every once in a while if it's cold out, she takes a notion that she needs to sleep ON me - stretched out along my side - the other night she felt me wake up and her paw came down and patted me on the face. It was pretty cute - Bella is not allowed on the bed - she sheds too much -

    Have a happy weekend! T.

  10. Fun update on Sylvester, I hope he keeps learning how to be a spoiled cat and lives fully into it!

  11. Punapippuri wishes to pass on a message to the feline horde that it is most pleasurable to tug and nip toe hairs and try to pull them out........

    Lovely news about Sylvester. It is so incredible when those who don't know how to be cats start to show some felinity and trust too.

    We apologise in advance also to May Ling - her heart might not be able to take our Mirsku shots today!

  12. My human has more Hello Kitty stuff than you could possibly imagine. She has been a fan since 1977 (yes, she keeps track). Another embarrassing fact: she has always had a few hairs on her big toes. Probably even back in 1977.

  13. Mom Trish, Did I ever tell you when I first live with my mom. I'm not actually sleep on da bed too ! My dad have to force me to sleep with him and mom. Take me a while to sleep with them. First, I sleep near daddy's feet cause that can make me have a suddly sleep without thinking anything, and then I sleep in the middle between mom and dad. now I take their pillow as mine...tee..heh.
    Mom used to ask the ex- owner where I did sleep with them. They said in the living room, on the couch. Now no Trish !
    Now my daddy told me " puddy, Bed ! " and I walk to the bed, jump up..yep, lots of thing..I quiet like a dog. My parents think because I'm a long fur kitty. But now I know from Sylvester's story..Must be Tuxie thing, I guess ; )
    Have a lovely day.
    Mom said special hugs to Sylvester

  14. Hehe! Austin will only sleep on the bed diurnally. Nocturnally he turns into Spawn of Chucky, so we had to get the arbitration service to negotiate a peace agreement. It is still ongoing!

    OK re the hirsute piggies. Hmmmm! TMI but being of a great age myself, it has become increasingly distressing to discover that less fuzzies on the legs means more on the visage!!!! It doesn't go away, it just redistributes!

    I have a Hello Kitty camera case :)

  15. Gracie has lived here with me now for 3 years. Gosh, it's hard to believe she's 3 already! But she just started sleeping on the bed with me and Da Boyz about a month ago. I wondered if she'd continue after being away for a week and a half, but she hasn't missed a beat!

    Of course, I am 5'11" and have NO legroom, but whatever!

    One of the best things about menopause is failing eyesight. I can't see the hair on my legs so therefore there IS none! That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. Wheeee!

  16. Great news my friends, and I'm always enchanted by hello Kitty!
    So fashion,isn't it?
    purrs and a great week to you all
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  17. I do believe extra treats are in order!
    I have Hello Kitty it an age thing?!!
    Jane x

  18. Aw, that's pretty sweet about Sylvester spending some time on the bed. We hope it's not a one time thing and he's discovered the joy of bed napping...with a bunch of other kitties and human!

    And we think Hello Kitty is the coolest!!

  19. I think more growups have Hello Kitty that you can think off..and I love it to.

  20. Awesome, Sylvester! The more cats on the bed, the merrier, we say. There doesn't have to be room for humans.

  21. That is so great about Sylvester! It also gives me hope that Annie will act more like a cat some day.

    Your Hello Kitty skin is awesome. I love it! I like th epic of Scott's against the t-shirt.

    LOL about the hairy toes. The vet accused Lucy of the very same thing last summer and shaved them for her (well, she had to in order to take her blood pressure).

  22. All u hello kitty fans are scaring me... Yay for Sylvester.

  23. omg! Hurray for unshaved legs and HK !!
    (sorry you had to shave early, I dont bother till shorts season usually either.)

  24. Bless his little tuxie heart! I remember his story & when you brought him home...I'll confess-he's my favorite! My boys are daytime bed nappers. Scooby liked to stay all night at my feet or by my side. I miss him so.

  25. Frodo feet´s *MOL*
    Sorry :(

    Scott´s computer skin is sooo cool !
    And yes your Hello Kitty is just to cute <3

    My mom-person LOVES her children handbag with Hello Kitty on it , but don´t tell her that I told you that ;-)

  26. Hurray for Sylvester. That is totally cool!

    And we will not laugh at you, because we LOVE Hello Kitty! :)

  27. Wait until you get old -presto - no more hair! It's great. Don't you just love a warm snuggly kitty to cuddle up against at night. They are like a little furnace!

  28. We tell Mom to leave her fur where it is-she has so little already and if she wants to be our pal she can't afford to lose any more
    hair anywhere-MOL
    Jada and Scully

  29. Yeah Sylvester - we will keep our paws crossed that he continues to come visit. Junior won't sleep on the bed, but he can be caught "crossing" it at night sometimes and it makes mom smile.

  30. I am so happy to hear about Sylvester...bless his sweet little tuxie heart.
    Hugs madi and Mom

  31. We are glad Sylvester is up on the bed. We cant imagine anny cat not being allowed up on a bed...

  32. Good Job Sylvester! I love being on the bed. Don't worry, it has taken Book a while too, before he got to the point where he'll jump on the bed with the Mommies. If I see him on the bed (with or without Mommies) I like to jump on his back and head. Gotta Little Sister Rep to protect!

    Blanket Monster!!! I love fighting that beast!! Weird how he keeps coming back for more butt kicking...

    Hairy toes?! Geesh, is that what hoomans do to get close to us... hmmm ;-) Mommies understand that plight, they're doing it too... You are ALL under the Kitty Spell....

    ~Brooch Czarina

  33. Awww, yay for Sylvester! I think I'd be in cat heaven if I had that many furry bed pals!

    Shaving is over rated, lol

    Love the skins! Hello kitty is cute! I dont know why I didn't know you could get covers for laptops! I am so going to have to look into that!

  34. You crack me up Girlfriend! What with your hairy legs commentary. OMG, I could never be that candid. You are funny. And tell me, how do you ever sleep with all of those cats on the bed? I have Tiger, Motor and Jack and barely enough room for myself. I am truly amazed at your awesomeness. Have a good week.

  35. I am so glad you talked about Sylvester learning how to be a cat. Now we know why Baby Doll is different. She has no idea on how to be a cat.
    Glad to hear there are more cats on your bed than mine, hairy toes or not. I am squished during the night. Take care and have a great week ahead.

  36. I cannot believe I spotted the Chromebook on the tie-dyed shirt! YAY for still having good vision!
    Please let me know what your hubby thinks of it. I was thinking of getting that one in particular.....IF...I am still blogging and THAT is a BIG "IF!"

  37. Hello Kitty!!! Pawsome :)
    Thank you for your concern for Rachel, shes doing a lot better :)

  38. That's all good news especially about Sylvester! Are you sure the toe hair isn't cat hair?

  39. Well done Sylvester! Our mum has to shave off 3 big long hairs that grow out of each of her big toes. Don't tell her we told you though.

  40. Hello from Riverfront Cats in Miami. First time visiting and will continue to follow. Enjoy the stories.

    We're cheering for Sylvester!

  41. Frodo feet - sounds like an advantage to takes to get you humans to be more like animals...I'll bet that's why Sylvester finally felt safe on the bed. your feet is probably warmer now too so stop complaining and go play with your Hello Kitty already ;-D

  42. Awww, that's nice to see him settle in like that. :)

    I don't think cats mind the fur on your toes...if you don't mind theirs. They are cool like that.

  43. We don't sleep all night with mum. Sometimes we just visit, or spend a few hours.

  44. LOL and MOL!

    Happy New Year! Meows and Purrs from Au, Target, Guido and Ellen aka De Survunt.

  45. That shake thing, we only saw Michico does it at hot season~

  46. I'm not sure I get it: Are you turning into a kitty?

  47. We love Texas' comment. How great Sylvester jumped on the bed and slept.

  48. Mom loves your Sheebie posts! They make her laugh and that's a good thing on Sunday night when she reads it :)
    Frodo feet?? Even we giggled ;)
    Yay for Sylvester too! It's never to late to be a happy kitty !!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

  49. Hurray for Sylvester! I bet once he knows how good it is, he'll be there every night.

    Funny, Saku, also a tuxie is the one least likely to sleep with me. Both Sasha and Sami are there every night, and I find I can't get to sleep until at least one of them is on the bed.

    I also tend to forgo the hair removal in -30C it helps to have a little extra insulation. :-)

  50. YAY for Sylvester!
    Glogirly says it would be heaven to be in bed with all those kitties. Sounds like a Waffly nightmare to me though.
    ; ) Katie

  51. Yay for Sylvester! MMM had a first too. She snuggled up alongside my tummy - a spot she could have been picked down and destroyed from before she could escape. So maybe there is hope for Scouty too! Now I'm afraid to look at my toes . . .

    Happy New Year!

  52. Awwwww, Sylvester! I'm so proud of you my manly hunka Tuxie! I'm an old pro at bed napping, so if you need any help from your demure *cough* tiny tuxie girl, just give me a meow.



  53. No need to apologize for liking Hello Kitty. My six-year-old neighbor loves it, too. :)

  54. Atta boy, Sylvester!
    And yes, there's Frodo feet and new sprouts on the face, and fewer eyebrows to pluck and thinning hair all over the place..... not to mention the REDISTRIBUTION of lard pockets all over the body. Oh well, one can choose to NOT LOOK at certain things in the mirror.


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