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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thwackin' Thursday


We have a very fun video for you today, but first, we have some Terrible News:

We are taking a blogcation!

Kitties, rest assured that this blogcation was totally unsanctioned by us.  We were given no notice, nor did Mommy fill out any of the proper forms.
She deserves to be thwacked.

Furthermore, and even worse, Mommy is going to be deserting us next week.  She is going down to Tucson to visit Shadow (and the Grandpeeps) to celebrate her FIFTIETH birthday.  On January 31st.  Without us.  
Double wench.
At least Daddy feeds us lots of extra treats and stuff...that sorta makes up for it.

Anyway, we'll be back in two weeks--and just between us--you know Mommy can't shut up for that long so there's sure to be a stray post here and there.  Especially since Daddy bought her a point-n-shoot for her birthday and when it comes we'll be plastered all over the innernets, again.

Oh, and when we get back we'll have a Highly Interesting Announcement!

Now.  On to the Verreh Fun Video.   CC loves to be spanked, and today Mommy got it on film!  Sorry about the hinky quality, she did it with her phone.

You can also see it HERE

See you soon, kitties--Happy Two Weeks!

XX  The Katnip Lounge and Ye Olde Wizened Mommy


  1. We LOVED that video! Wow, CC, you really do love being spanked! :)

    Have a great blogcation (even though you did NOT have a say in the matter). We'll be looking forward to your highly interesting announcement. :)

    Oh, and happy birthday to the Mom!

  2. 1. Frankly, from this video, *I* am unconvinced that CC is enjoying those spankings as much as Mommy is enjoying administering them. In fact, it's just the eensiest bit, um, ::shhhh:: pervy.

    2. Does the Very Inneresting Announcement have anything to do with the rather loud BARK we hear in the background right around the :05 mark?

    I smells a rat.

  3. We think you Mommy enjoyed that spanking as much or more than CC did! We can't wait for the announcement but two weeks is like a squizillion years! Hope your mom has a Happy Birthday!

  4. I am with Spitty and Angel and Isabella on this - I think your human is the one who is REALLY into it. Although I confess to liking a butt whap now and again myself.

  5. Wethinks CC loves a spanking but is far too wise to get it on film so was playing hard to get. Mirsku is also a fan but so far Äiti has been unable to film that - thankfully!
    We hope your Mom enjoys her vacation and gets a break and a rest. (Äiti wrote that)
    We hope you guys can twist daddy round all your paws and get totally spoilt rotten, and that two weeks passes in a mere forty suillion winks.

  6. All of us wish your mommy a very happy birthday. We hope she has a wonderful vacation.

  7. Tell your Mom to have a wonderful blogcation and a stupendous big 5-0! We'll miss you kittehz, but will see you in two shakes of a lamb's tail. XOXO

    Pee Ess - luv that spankin video!

  8. Cool video! My Charlie loves a good spankin also! Tell your Mom to have a good trip and a wonderful birthday...woot woot the Big 50~~

    hugs, Linda

  9. Happy Birthday to your Mommy. Welcome to the 50's a few days ahead. Our Mom has all ready made the transition if she needs some advice. We are sorry you will be gone for 2 weeks!! But we also hope your Mommy has a nice time while she is gone. We'll see you soon!

  10. Great movie! Me loves a little S&M!
    Me is going to miss you guys-How is me going tos gets my Katnip Fix!
    Pawrents should not bes allowed holidays!
    Well maybe for significant birthdays.....

  11. Now that was some spankin'!
    We wish your Mommy lots of fun, you kitties lots of patience and your Daddy lots of luck!

  12. That video of CC being spanked made us *blush*. MOL.
    Have a wonderful blogcation and a very early Happy Birthday to your Mom! :)

  13. Happy birthday, Trish! (Good I read the comments before because I had understood Shadow was 50!!! :-) )

    You mentioned that spanking before, I tried it out on our kitties and 2 of the 4 just love it! You see, we always learn!

    Smoochies to the kitties!


  14. Hee hee, we had a kitty who loved to be spanked like that...
    We're gonna miss you! But we're looking forward to seeing new pictures of Shadow! (You know you're gonna, don't give me that look!)
    Happy birthday!!!

  15. Hope you have a great time with your Daddy. I am sure you Mum will bring you lots of treats when she gets back. See you soon. Hugs Anesha and Skipper.

  16. Oh my goodness! What a spanking!! Myst and I hope you have a happy blogcation.

  17. Oh my goodness! What a spanking!! Myst and I hope you have a happy blogcation.

  18. Fifty was fabulous dahling! I wish you the best one evah! And a wonderful visit with your parents. I know it will be because parents are just the best... and not scooping poop for 2 weeks totally rocks my world! Not that I think I ever had more than 10 days off from it, but in my mind, it totally rocked.


  19. Happy Birthday to your mommy for next week, and we hope she has a lovely time with the Grandpeeps.
    I love being spanked too. Ummm, what are your thoughts on spanking Sweet Pea? Maybe I can come and visit while your mom is away. We may have a video of me being spanked on You Tube. I will have to go and look.
    Purrs Flynn

  20. We hope you have a good blogcation.

    Thank you for visiting and sharing your condolences on our loss of Cousin Nellie. Our fellow cat bloggers have been very comforting in this sad time.

  21. There was definitely a dog!!!! Hmmmm!!! This might need investigating!

    Happy birthday to mom and welcome to oldsville!!! ;)

  22. We hope your mom has a fabulous vacation and birthday! Remind her that McDonald's senior discount kicks in at 50. Hahahahaha!

  23. I never can see the movies because I have a old p.c. and also a old videocard afther 2 seconds the film stops... pitty,but want wish you still a nice brithday !

  24. you should be nicer to your mom. she is very old you know.

  25. We get extra treats for our birthdays but your human gets a vacation? NO FAIR!
    The Maple Syrup Mob

  26. We wish you a Happy Birthday, now you can get a 'senior' Coke or coffee!

    Will miss you, but know you will be having a great time, and we are looking forward to pictures.
    ~ The Bunch

  27. TWO WEEKZ !!!

    TWO WEEKZ ?????

    two weeks = mega marathon non stop 24/7 major partee oh de yeer that dinna quit onze it started til de food service purrson nell rolled bak in de drive we got de foodz N see ya soon = e quay shunzz

    hay, hope yur mom N dad haza safe and fun trip; see ya soon :)

  28. So sorry to hear the bad news, kitties. But early happy birthday to your mom :-) I wish her a safe and fun trip and celebration!
    I love the video, it's so cute! Niko loves to be spanked (or I like spanking him) too!

  29. Well, I guess if Dad is an easier mark it might be okay-
    Say tell your Mom to have a nice vacation break-you'll have to think while she's gone of the proper punishment for her. Hmmmm,
    maybe spanking!

  30. great video - mom does that to Tim and Tom too (and they seem to love it).

    those darned mom's and their baycations - gotta get them to at least fill out the paperwork. oh well - at least you all may be able to get extra treats out of your dad :)

  31. So funny! Hope your Mom has a restful vacation. She does need a break. Thank you all for helping us with Snowball too.

    cats of widlcat woods

  32. Safe travels to your Mom and hugs to you all and Shadow.
    Madi and mom

  33. Awwww CC!!!! LOL!!

    Happy Birthday to your wonderful mum! Fifty trillion years!!??! WOW! We are in AWE! :-)

    We hope mum has a great time and we can't wait for your surprise! Yay! Take care

  34. Skootch insists on being spanked before he will eat his dinner (or breakfast, for that matter). We know ALL about spankin's!
    Happy birthday to your mom. She's getting Olde and Wizened, so she'll need more naps and rests and stuff.

  35. Holy Cod! Fifty! I am right behind you pal. Have a great B-Day - we'll have to get together for a walk soon.

    Safe trip!

  36. CC
    I hate to admit it but I like spankings too...

  37. wow! Mrs. Whatsername is almost just as ancient. maybe if they'll get Senior Citizen discounts on cat food and scratching posts. We can only hope.
    And, in defense of CC, that is NOT a spanking. it is a Hind-end Tail Stimulation. a typical massage technique. NOT pervy at all, thank you verrah much.

  38. you are soooooooooooooooo nuts!!!! lol!!!

    Have a good blogcation...hoping all is ok, we haven't seen you around in ages, hoping all is ok!

  39. We both like to get scritches on our backs near our tails. Bummer on the blogacation.

  40. Have a fab birthday and blogcation!!! We'll miss you.

  41. Jeez,'re a real masochist, aren't you??

    Sorry 'bout the unannounced blogcation, but we hope your mom has a good time. We'll miss you!

    Now what's this about a highly interesting announcement??

  42. Sorry to hear of your blogcation - you can't trick your dad into helping post while your mom's gone?

    Oh well see you in two weeks.


  43. LOL! That is some good spanking!

    Sounds like you are in for some fun and relaxation. I hope mom enjoys the blogcation and has a terrific birthday!

    Looking forward to the announcement!
    xo Catherine

  44. WOO HOO!!! Way to go CC!!! You know I am one spanking cat too...luvluvluv having my Mom give me spanks...sigh..see you in a week, paw pats, Savannah

  45. TWO weeks? That is almost forever. But I hope your mom has a happy birthday.

    Harley likes to have his tail pulled.

  46. wow vacations! Really nice, enjoy!
    And thanks for sharing the video.
    purrs and love
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA and hugs from mom Lëia

  47. Have a wonderful blogcation and enjoy the first day of ten years of fabulous fifties. Love the video, too, and your courage to reveal it!

  48. We hope your Mom has a great birthday and you have a good time with your Daddy.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  49. Looks like mommy's enjoying that spanking just a little too much! ; )

    A TWO WEEK blogacation???? But your mommy has an addiction problem. She may have not even admitted she has a problem yet! She can't possibly go cold turn key for two whole weeks!!!

    This is going to be hard.
    Ok, now we're curious.
    What? Are you just going to leave us hanging???

    ; ) Katie & Glogirly

  50. ...oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!
    Glogirly's got to celebrate the same one this summer.

    What's that?
    She doesn't want to talk about it.


  51. Two weeks???? NOooooooo!!! Say it ain't so!!!

    OK, I'm done.

    Happy Birthday to the Mom. Have a safe trip.

  52. Funny video CC, Calle likes being spanked too!!...Happy Birthday to your wonderful Mommy=we hope she gets extra cuddles and treats on her special day!!...Have a fun weekend, friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  53. Happy Birthday to your mom. We hope she has a good time while she's away celebrating.

    Um, we hope Jan doesn't get any ideas after watching that video.

  54. Wait. WAIIIIIIIT!!! You can't tease us with a phrase like "Highly Interesting Announcement" and just ... LEAVE us HANGING...!!

    (Pleez tell your mom Happy BIRFDAY from us!!)

  55. Happy B-Day, Mom! And have a great blog vacation! We'll be waiting for your return! Purrs from your friends at

  56. Hmm. We heard a BARK at the CAT lounge.That is INTERESTING!!!
    Levon likes a good spanking CC but LP doesn't leave bruises like your Mama...heeheeheeheeheehee.
    LP turned fifty January 14th of this month.Yup. She old and crippled now.
    Tell your Mama to have a wonderful vacation and that the fifties are FAB. Srsly.LP can't remember ever having a better time than the last week +.Actually , she can't remember anything anymore but anyhoo...
    Happy Birthday to be to your Mama!!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  57. Hope your Mom has a great b-day =)
    I'm gonna miss seeing regular posts, though.
    (psst--I heard a dog on your video! What's with that!)
    Make sure Dad gives you LOTS of extra treats, scritches, brushings etc etc

  58. Georgia likes spanks too ;) heehee
    But this news :o
    Abandoned?? Blogcation?????
    At least Dad will spoil you ;)
    Then, you make us wait 2 weeks for a "Highly Interesting Announcement"!!!!!!
    What's up with that????????????
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

  59. I could have sworn I was here and left a comment. I must search for my memory upgrade. Hope you had a good time off!

  60. Happy Birthday to your Mom.
    (She looks half that age!)

  61. Happy Birthday to you mommy. We will be looking forward to your big announcement. Enjoy all those extra treats you dad give you while your mom is away. Hugs and nose kisses

  62. I think seeing that video would have made Huffle really happy. Enjoy your vacation kitties!

  63. Wish your mom nice holidays and you will be certainly spoiled very much by your Dad ! The video is very cute !

  64. That stinks! Did you know when my mom and dad deserted us last November to LEAVE THE COUNTRY they did not fill out proper paperwork to get our permission nor did they give the required 2 weeks notice. We tried to fire mom for her serious oversight, but then she came back and we just fell apart loving on her and you know the rest....sigh. We are such pushovers.

  65. My Uncle MaxMaxx is like that...Me, well, I run.. :) OK, so your Mom will be away--and honestly, she will miss all of you-birthday or not. :)


  66. Wishing your Mommy the very bestest time in Tucson, and a super duper happy birthday. And now we are very curious about the H.I.A.

  67. Happy Birthday to your Mom and I hope she enjoys her blogcation. That is some video. I probably will adopt Rocio and Austin, as soon as Oja stops hissing at them.

  68. Cute video! We hope your mom has a great visit with Shadow and the Grandpeeps, and we wish her a very happy birthday!

  69. Adan doesn't like to pet that part, but Lego loves it~!!!
    I guess everyone's act is very different.

  70. Happy Birthday to your Mommy, we hope she has a wonderful time :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  71. That video is hilarious! I can't wait to hear the surprise.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  72. Oohh there were some spoilers in the comments for us unobservant kitties. Concats. I'm sure you'all will be able to get more treats cause of this surprise and to make up for blogcation

  73. Who knew a kitty blog could be so kinky? Have fun on your blogtion! And have a Happy Birthday too (of course you will when you are with the 'rents).

  74. I think you Mommy enjoyed that spanking much moore than CC did!
    We wish your mom a furry HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)

  75. Hi Kitties! So A Great Silence seems to have fallen! No news from Mommy? No Shadow reports? We need out Lounge fix soon!

  76. He, kitties (and woofies and beans!), we are so far: January 31st! Happy birthday, Trish!


  77. Heh, we just get back and find out that YOU have gone! Well, have a happy time with Dad!!!

  78. Happy Groundhog's day!
    Happy Blogcation, while we catch up!=^Y^=

  79. Hey! Lounge Kitties!!! What's up? It's been a squillion days since I've had a Salem fix! I haven't seen anyone get spanked in weeks! My FDW cup is empty.

    And what about rooting for the Niners? Your Mommy *IS* doing that much, isn't she?? Please say yes!!!

  80. Meow! Our Pops gives us Pats too! We love them. Have a great Blocation!

  81. Good, she needs a break. Meow to us when you're back? And now we're going to load that spanky vid!


Oh Boy...this is gonna be GREAT!