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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sheebie in da Park!

Friends and Kitties!

Sheebie here.

First of all, Happy Easter, or whatever holiday you may be celebrating today.

Today I have Park Pictures!
  These are from last week when I Rode the Lizard.
We put our initials in some fresh concrete.  We are incorrigible!

Nice hat.

This is the restroom facility, it's going to be quite attractive, apparently the rock wall is going all the way up this and the opposite side.  The guys who are placing the stones in the wire enclosures are artists; the stones have hardly any room at all between them.  The walls will be beautiful when it rains.  I'll get some good close-ups when they are complete.  
The door on the business (pun intended) areas lock--I assume a City employee will be by to lock/unlock them daily. ( We have some interesting types--one of them goes by "Stacker Man", long story-- that live in the Federal Park a few miles down the road and I'm sure they would only be too happy to camp in the restrooms.)

Has anyone ever played bocce ball?  How?  I suppose I need to Google it...

Even the dumpster enclosure has nice ironwork.

The horny toads are in their final locations.  It looks like it's going to be an interactive kid's (of all ages) area, and maybe even a water feature--it's hard to tell at this point.

When I drove home I noticed the landscapers working, so plants will be next...
I can't wait.

Happy Sunday, and have some FUN this week!

XX  Sheebie  XX


  1. Youse kids gotta play bocce ball! I wonder how they'll surface that court? I guess it's too hot there for real grass?
    Love the nice baffrooms and the sculptures ;-)
    Hoppy Easter?Spring to all!

  2. My human wants to come back to Las Vegas just so she can play in your park!

  3. Great update! Thanks for sharing the pics and have a great Easter Sunday. xoxo

  4. We would love to see how it looks when the plants are placed.
    Happy Easter! Purrs!

  5. There is a pretty active bocce ball group here in town - I think they play on gravel, but maybe clay. I think it is a pretty fun game - what a great addition to the neighborhood! T.

  6. Ooo we love bocce ball! You toss a small ball, called the 'onion' then take turns tossing the large balls to see who gets closest! you get points for all the balls closer to the onion than your competitors closest ball. We've played tournaments and love getting under the other teams skin by dropping the ball almost at our feet! seems like it would be easier to get close to that, but it's not! What fun!
    That park is going to be awesome!

  7. We're looking forward to seeing the final touches, once they get it done.

    Happy Easter or whatever you to all too!

    P.S We've never heard of bocce ball!

  8. That is going to be one fantastic park!

  9. They should have adults only times in the'll be packed full!

  10. What a great park; you are so lucky to live nearby!

  11. That park looks like more and more fun every time you visit. They're doing a top-notch job on it!

  12. Trish you could have designed it yourself, it is so YOU!! :)

  13. The park is coming along great! We're surprised you didn't put any pawprints in that cement. ;)

    Hoppy Easter!

  14. Me is glad you not put all the kitties names in the sea-meant. It would takes up all the space!

    Happy Easter to all you kitties and your beans.

  15. I love bocce ball. And one of the great things about it is you can wear quirky hats while playing.

  16. We wonder if the cats can see the park activity from the catio? That would be pawsome!

    We think that is a really nice park. It looks like everyone will have fun there.

  17. What a nice space! When I saw the bocce court I thought horseshoes so what do I know? Never played bocce so I'm of no use to you. :)

  18. Happy Easter dear friends.. Hugs GJ xx

  19. That sure is quite a park place! happy Hoppy Easter dear friends!

  20. Happy Easter and mum says she has played bocce and liked it.

  21. I bet the park is going to be really nice once it's finished. Looks like it will be bicycle friendly too. How nice to live somewhere that makes you so obviously happy. Happy Easter to you, Scott and the kitties!

  22. That is surely gonna be a cool park!
    Happy Easter!!!=^Y^=

  23. "the horny toads are in their final locations" does that mean you and hubby went home?

  24. The park is coming together. That is one fancy park with the dumpsters enclosed with first class stuff. What fun for you two.
    Take care.

  25. Coolio-park!!!

    Happy Easter!!
    Glogirly, Katie & Waffles TOO

  26. Bocce is a GREAT game. Usually played on grass, so I'm not sure WHAT they were thinking!! I know that grass would have been WAY TOO labor intensive!

  27. Man, we have to come see that park (oh, and your catio, of course)!

    Wishing you a hippity, hoppity, happity Easter!

  28. Sounds like a great park!

    Happy Easter! Running late cuz it was a busy day.

    cats of wildcat woods

  29. We have so enjoyed watching the park being built! It is so cool!

  30. I love playing bocce ball! That looks like a terrific place to play. Do indeed google it.
    xo Catherine


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