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Sunday, May 26, 2013

In Which Sheebie Shovels It In

Friends and Kitties!

I got nothin' for a post today, almost.

Many of you out in Blogland post yummy recipes and/or dietary habits and I always enjoy reading them--so here's what I ate and did yesterday.  Yes, I kept track special, just for you!  And the times are approximate; I'm not that anal.

06:30--coffee on the drive to work
0700--black tea and a thick slice of home-baked 10-grain bread, plain
0800--overripe banana.  It's gotta have lots of spots before I'll even consider eating it!  This grosses out my Dad, who eats 'em green, which is wrong.
0900--blueberry herbal tea with dried lemon slices (from our tree)--I eat the lemon, peel and all (!) after it's steeped

1100-1215--walked for 20 minutes around the plant , pushed some buttons, and did yoga back in the control room

1216--famished!  1/2 half a pre-made salmon patty (they were huge), baby brussels sprouts, mandarin orange
1330--another blueberry tea and another apple
1645--coffee and a nice piece of English toffee
1730--big Ceasar salad with fresh tomatoes from our garden and  about three ounces of chopped chicken breast

1800--stroll around the park

1830--yet another blueberry tea!
2100--sunflower-seed Melba toast, and a hefty handful of cherries, it's gotta last me until morning!  I wake up starving.

So, that's a typical work day for me--I'm interested in what you eat and exercise--leave me a comment!

Happy Sunday Everybody and Everykitty!

XX  Sheebie  XX

pee ess:  Almost all the terribleness of last week has been fixed!  HVAC system is in, plumbing repaired, gums healed.  We'll do the ceiling repair in the fall when we can open the windows.  Thanks for all your sympathy, we needed it!  xx  Sad-Sack Sheeb


  1. Wow, you eat way more and way better than my human! Today she ate a 1.5 oz. bag of honey roasted cashews, a couple of red vines at the dry cleaners, some small thing she got at 7-11 to fuel her workout today, a slice of red velvet cake, a piece of freshly grilled salmon (cooked by her boyfriend) and a tiny, 170-calorie package of nuts, seeds and cranberries. Plus she'll probably have a split of champagne before bedtime. She needs a diet redo! I suggest chicken thighs every day. Shared with me, of course.

  2. Well, let's see.... Large nonfat raspberry (real raspberries) frozen mocha, (no whip on top), chicken breast and green beans with a dollop of mac and cheese and unsweetened iced tea, supper was a all natural peanut butter and simply fruit blackberry jelly on toast. Then, I fell off the wagon completely and had chocolate. **sigh**

  3. Somedays I eat a fair bit and other days I forget to eat at all. It depends on how I feel and my medication. Today I was bad; a donut, a danish, an eclair, scallops, Israeli couscous and broccoli, big glass o'fresh squeezed orange juice.

    you are going to turn blue from all o'that blueberry tea!

  4. Mom did super well on the foods front - cheerios and nonfat organic milk for breakfast, turkey sandwich on wholegrain bread for lunch (with baby romaine lettuce), and real live dead shrimps for dinner with fresh seafood sauce, mixed veggies, quinoa and brown rice mixture, and 2 glasses of white wine! Small salad on the side with baby romaine and tomatoes. Thrown in for the rest of the day were a cup of tea with milk, 2 or more diet cokes, and a couple of glasses of water. Now she needs several long walks.

  5. If people actually wrote down and absolutely every. single. thing. they put in their mouths they probably wouldn't eat most of it! That's one of the reasons I'm posting my smoothie photos on facebook and my meals on my blog and about my trips to the gym and Darrell... somehow having that accountability is keeping me honest with myself, dedicated to sticking with it and excited about continuing.

    So lay it all on me, baby. I wanna hear it ALL! =)

  6. Oh... and I ordered a ridiculously expensive blender so I can start making super green smoothies and soups and more. The first one they shipped me arrived damaged. The replacement should be delivered Tuesday... hopefully NOT crushed this time.

    So. Stinking. Excited.

    About a $600 blender. srsly. $600 for a blender!! All this healthly lifestyle and fitness stuff is making me a little bit MAD!

    More to come as I start trying out the bazillion recipes I already have lined up for it!

  7. Well that was interesting!

    Yesterday: not giving times!!!

    Barley grass, cyder vinegar, followed by homemade concoction - flax, millet, uber whey, v-mass, dessicated coconut, bee pollen, banana, grapes in water, no milk

    Green and blacks organic cocoa drink

    lunch, houmous dip followed by wholegrain rice, soft boiled egg, cashew nut butter, coconut oil, salt, tumeric, cayenne pepper, pine nuts all jooshed up!

    My one and only cup of coffee with a dash of milk

    Barley grass

    spag bol with gluten free spaghetti, organic tomato puree, onion, mushrooms, beef from farm up the road, garlic, various spices ……….

    Are you snoring yet? ;)

  8. Meant to say that spag bol is unusual, usually just have chicken and loads of veg!

  9. #1 says she is a bit speechless. For her, it's a LOT less coffee or tea (in fact, almost no coffee and often just a large pot of single estate Darjeeling with dinner in the evening.) Breakfast is cereal (Special K with chocolate flakes mixed with granola) and OJ. Lunch is often pasta, sometimes chicken or some other kind of meat with rice. Dinner usually involves bread with either cheese or paté, sometimes ham (but that has to be wrestled away from the cats...). Oh, and NEVER EVER forget dessert!

  10. Wow, there are a lot of people that eat really healthy. I have cereal for breakfast with some kind of fruit on it. Salad for lunch with just cheese and usually stir fry vegetable for dinner and not much of that. I also drink water all day.

  11. The mom says sometimes on the weekends, she gets so busy she forgets to eat. Can you imagine that?? And when she does remember, it's usually something junky like some crackers with peanut butter...but she always tries to eat whole grain ones.

  12. That's a long day at work!

    And a lot more fruit that I would eat, good for you. My day started out with a couple of cups of black coffee. I find it hard to eat in the morning, would normally eat around 10 but I went to the garage sales instead. Lunch was a bunwich, ham and cheese on a multigrain bun, with a glass of water.

    For dinner, my daughter picked me up a sub, another ham and cheese on wheat, this time with lettuce, tomato, onion, and cucumber. Funny, I hadn't realized I had ham and cheese twice in one day.

    Evening snack was a few cheezies, an icecream bar and a coke. NOT a healthy eating day at all! Weekends tend to be less so, than the weekdays because I have to be organized when I go to work.

    Glad to hear things have settled down at your house. Have a great Sunday!

  13. I'm with your Dad on bananas. If the peel doesn't SNAP when I open it, it's too ripe.

    Okay, exercise is running three times a week, plus walking and hauling buckets of water in the barn, plus yoga.

    Food? Breakfast is tea, whole grain toast with cashew butter, some fruit (apple, banana), then either cereal, or yogurt, or yogurt and granola, or sometimes I'll have an egg on toast. But the toast and cashew butter is always the first shift. I eat breakfast in two parts! :) Helps that I work at home.

    Lunch? Tuna sandwich or bean burrito or egg salad or grilled cheese or leftovers, Or hummus on crackers and fruit.

    SUpper could be anything! I usually don't eat after supper but have hot milk or cocoa at bedtime, courtesy of my hubby.

    I usually snack between breakfast and lunch, and lunch and supper. I'm one of those people who likes to eat every two hours!

    And I drink a ton of water. And tea. That's about it except for the odd beer!

  14. That sounds way to healthy for me...

  15. Momma eats lots of veggies and fruits. Eats only half cup of brown rice every meal. Eats chickies, fish and pork. Some days she gives in to a brownie.

  16. We got the same thing going with the bananas here. Laura eats them green and won't touch them when they are actually getting ripe and ready to eat - so more for me!

  17. I hope your Easy Sunday is better than your not so easy week! Ok, let's eat!

  18. Our mom won't touch a banana if it has any darkness on the skin.

  19. Sorry we're with your dad--it has to be almost green to eat a banana.

    I think you need to eat more protein to feel fuller for longer. This has been key to my weight loss and maintenance. Good sources of protein are nuts, Greek yogurt, string cheese, a protein bar (just make sure it doesn't contain a lot of sugar). Pairing an apple with some peanut butter is an excellent filling snack, for instance.

    I've seriously limited simple carbs like pasta, many breads (though I have some occassionally), white rice, etc. in favor of more vegetables and fruit. Also important--measure out your portions. It's been eye opening to learn what a serving size is.

  20. Ahemmmmmm, GUYS? About the comment you left on our post today???? Well, way back when being way back when, #1's hair actually WAS much darker back then... It's not that she dyed it back then. It's that she doesn't dye it NOW! GET IT???????? Dohhhhhhhhh!

    The Chans

  21. Mom eats pretty good from breakfast to supper.
    Supper until bedtime is junky nibbles :/ Silly Mom !!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  22. you eat AWFULLY healthy.....I don't think you want to hear about nearly an ENTIRE bag of BBQ potato chips and no exercise, now do you?

  23. Yellow bananas are much better than green ones too much starch in green. This is very healthful eating.

  24. Dad eats the Spinach Saleed. We each get a leaf or two to snack on. Tasty

  25. Hey, TW loves under ripe bananas. She hates when they actually TASTE like bananas. MOL! Glad everything is fixed.

  26. Peanut butter toast and tea.
    Beef Pho soup and procuitto wrapped mozzarella in a sandwich.
    Steak and grilled eggplant.
    Home made (from a box) flan.

  27. I don't even know what some of that stuff is you people eat. And green bananas belong on a tree, because they're not ripe, yet. I've been nothing but crabby and depressed since Hostess folded and I can't get a damn Susie-Q anymore!

  28. That is quite a day~!!
    As for me, Sunday, 10:00am sandwich and milk tea, 12:30am Chinese lunch, 15:00 Chocolate cake. 19:00 soap and yogurt~ And that's it~

  29. So glad that almost everything is all fixed! We get kind of grossed out by overripe bananas. Then again, green ones aren't much better. MOL!

  30. Ewwwwwwww. Squishy nanners. Yuck. Unless they have nip in 'em. Then they'd be okay.

  31. Me is sorry me did not reads about all your issues until today and then fined out that they is fixed!
    My Mommy had more today to eats than usual, Farm Market Days she does not eat furry much. Today she had:
    2 coffees with Sugar Free Caramel International Coffee Creamer,
    One Greek egg (they is eggs with feta cheese, some herbs and kalamata olives sprinkled on top and baked in the oven. THen she had 4 black licorice vines, a bottle of hard raspberry cider, Veal cutlets with smashed potatoes, (homemade) french green beans and a glass of white wine. She says after she finishes blogging she is going to has another glass of wine. Shes gots to sleeps in until 7:30 this morning!

  32. Wow, when did you have time to work. We know our mom eats lots of healthy stuff like low fat yogurt, whole grain cereal and gobs of fruits and vegetables. Bananas must be firm and just a little green or she gags. But we also know she loves chocolate and fruit pie. She's still away so who knows what she's been eating. Probably nothing good for her. Bon Apetite! Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette


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