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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sheebie Shares Her Opinion

Friends and Kitties!

I had intended to show you some fun photos but they're on the other computer...


...the one that Scott is doing a tune-up on,  And I daren't complain because it really really really needs servicing.  Damn!  I hate it when I can't nag.

Anyhoo, we had NO major disasters this week!  I know, amazing.  Just normal stuff going on.  Scott and I are both so done with bodily aches and pains--he's still recovering from his car accident eight weeks ago--and my broken kneecap has gone from "interesting" to "pain in the ass".  Literally.  My hips and booty hurt from the hitch in my giddyap.  I had my second X-ray and I have--I quote--The bones of a 12-year old!  No comment from the doctor if my mind is that advanced...  Physio starts Monday so if you hear any shrieks emanating from the Nevadal region, it'll be me.

You all know that I have Deep Thoughts*; lately I've been pondering the existence of Neanderthal genes in the Homo Sapiens genome, and the irony that white supremacists/bigots/idiots are in all probability the less genetically "pure" species.  Currently here in the US there's a Cheerios cereal ad running on TV featuring an inter-racial couple and their (mixed-race) child and some ignorant troglodytes folks are all up in arms--saying it's gonna tear apart the seams of our society, etc etc etc, which started me off on this particular tangent.  Personally, I just don't get it.  Just my two cents.

Well, I need to go QC my laptop--mustn't appear unappreciative--LOL!

Have a great week everyone!  Go do something nice for a stranger.  Somewhere along the line they're family, you know...

Happy Sunday!

XX  Sheebie  XX

*Thank you, Jack Handy!


  1. Mom does enjoy when you get into one of your rants. She also likes to jump on the bandwagon. She's been saying forever and ever and ever (that's how old she is…super old) that she wishes everybody would just intermarry and stop all this racial crap. it is stupid and demeaning and counterproductive to everybody's lives and aspirations. Two thumbs and 32 paws up for your post! Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  2. You rock, Sheebie! Plus, we think your mind is probably at least, like, 10 years ahead of your bones! 20? Well, we'll leave it at that cause we don't wanna get into trouble or nuffing. We are happy your kneecap is better but sorry about the PITA.

  3. Ooh, nothing worser than a Hitch in the Giddyup! We all here hopes all the hitches heal soon.

  4. I'm glad I don't have the bones of a 12-year-old because I'm only gonna be 11 on Monday!

    My human is wondering where these weirdos who didn't like that commercial have been for the past 30 or so years. She thought that we were supposed to be over that type of thinking now. Too bad there is not a time machine - some people would be happier living in another, darker era.

  5. Glad to hear things are going better. HOpe you kitties have a great day.

  6. Actually, we don't have to go back THAT far to trace our origins to a common ancestor.

    I don't get it. "White" people are a minority on the planet.

    Of course, if it's not inter-racial, it's something else, like gay marriage or whathaveyou. Personally, I blame organized religion, but that would be my own rant.

    Good luck with the physio!

  7. We're glad it's been uneventful lately. And good luck with therapy.

  8. I struggle to understand bigotry, racism, entitlement... and many other things. It gives me a brain pain and a heartache so I try not to think about those kinds of things. Life is too short.

    I ran into an absolutely lovely man in the restaurant last night. He was wearing his Korean Veteran's hat so I stopped to chat with him and to thank him for his service. My dad is also a Korean Conflict Veteran and there just aren't too many of those fellas still alive and kicking so to me they are extry special, although I truly appreciate every one of our military. Anyhoo... We had a most delightful conversation. He was highly intelligent, so sweet and very pleasant. I'm glad I stopped to chat with him.

    He happened to be black. And my most awesome server Tony happened to be gay. And Latino. I enjoyed both of them and left the richer for each of those chance encounters.

    Have a lovely day... you and your 12 year old bones!

  9. The mom thinks some people have way too much time on their hands to rip commercials like that. Sheesh...get real, peeps!

    We hope your knee starts to feel better though once you start that PT, it may not feel that way!

    pee ess...the mom had a dream last night that she visited you. Weird, huh??

  10. Rant on! Our head peep totally agrees with you. She thinks it's a little bit sad that the people are so afraid of anyone and anything just like themselves that they act mean, hoping nobody notices that they're scared. If only there was a way to un-scare them and make them realize that it's not going to hurt them.

  11. We'll be listening for the shrieks coming from Nevada!

    We're a little disappointed you had no disasters this week. We bet on what it might be. Now, no one wins :(

  12. Congrats on the youthful bones.

  13. We sure hope all of the pains in the, um, everywheres go away really soon!

  14. Glad you have such good bones, Sheebie! And you made me LOL with the comment about the status of your mind. :D

    I saw that Cheerios commercial (I assume you're talking about the one where the little girl puts the Cheerios on her sleeping dad's chest), and I think it's wonderful and cute. I just don't get people sometimes...

    Hugs to you all. Good luck with the rehab therapy,

  15. Yay for no major disasters! Hope your aches and pains go away soon. Hopefully having the bones of a 12 year old means they are strong!

    I don't quite understand the reaction to that commercial since how can someone watch it and not see the love of the family and of the little girl for her daddy. It seems that being anonymous on the internet just brings out hatefulness. It's terrible. I did my part in merging cultures when I married my hubby! :)

  16. Glad to hear you are making some progress with that knee. We so agree with Sparkle and also think the little girl in that commercial is sooooooooo cute.
    Have a great week.

  17. Oh gosh. So sorry about the pain you both are dealing with.

    I am astonished that anyone would have a problem with an inter racial couple. I haven't seen the commercial but it would never occur to me that depicting a loving family could be cause for anger. That is actually quite scarey.

    Bones of a 12-year-old...that's awesome!

  18. You have the bones of a 12 year old? For pity sake Sheebie! Give them back! That poor kid.. I mean, just because you broke one of your own doesn't mean you should be stealing kids bones.
    Know what's funny, I saw that commercial several times and never thought anything of it. Then I heard, twice (counting you) that there's flack because of it. I haven't seen the flack, but I cant help but think what's the big deal? That's one of the cutest little girls I've ever seen and if mixed parents is what got her those good genes, good for them!
    Good luck on your physio, hope it un-hitches your giddyap!

  19. I hope that therapy is not as bad as you think but will listen for the shreeks. Hope your computer passes its mot and that you will have it back soon. Hugs GJ x

  20. The inter-racial family is not something that would generally be commented on here anymore, but I am sure older people still feel threatened a bit by people and cultures that appear "different". We stll have racism here, but it is human nature to be tribal, sadly. We like the comfort of shared history, culture, goals, love of cats!! People will fight each other to either keep the status quo or impose their ideas/beliefs on another people group. Am waffling as really tired!!

    BTW the bones of a twelve year old are not fully formed yet, so what was the doc trying to tell you? ;)

  21. Racism belongs in the past and it is about time the bigots accepted it. I hope everything goes well at your physio, and if I hear your screams I will say ouch for you.

  22. Hugs and purrs for you two that all the annoying pains leave soon !!!

    I saw the commercial on FB and had to watch it twice and read the commentary to find out what was wrong with it. I could not believe it was because of mixed race(which I did not even notice as I watched it)
    It is SO sad this is going on in 2013 :(

    Must run out now to buy ear plugs ;) heehee

    Nancy and the kitties

  23. I have not seen the commercial but I have been on vacation for the last week and a half and doing nothing but interacting with my family, reading and eating a lot of food I should not have.

    People are idiots, present company excepted of course.

  24. Ouch, hope the aches and pains don't last and you get relief soon.

    P.S. the kid in that Cheerios ad is so adorable - too bad some people absolutely refuse to see that - and Cheerios is refusing to remove it, good on them.

  25. Oh, the stuff folks get their undies in a knot over. Sheesh. It's so silly. And besides...who watches commercials anymore?

    Kinda makes you wonder if that is a marketing ploy.

  26. Yikes, there are lots of pains in the butts!

    Racism is soooo 50 years ago...I really don't understand how that point of view remains today. Along with homophobia, gender bias, or ageism. I have to think it is a reflection of the insecurities of the holder, more than anything else.

    Good luck with your physio. Hope you and Scott are back to health soon!

  27. Isn't it amazing that in this day and age people can still be so bigoted? It makes me sad. And yup, somewhere down the line we are all related no matter if you believe in Adam/Eve, Evolution, or the Big Bang.

    So I say 'Hope you had a terrific weekend sister!" :)

    xo Catherine

  28. And I say "Hooray Cheerios!!" :)

  29. Since today is Monday, I hope you aren't screaming as I am writing this! Hope all goes well with Physio and that you and Scott are on the mend soon!
    As for the Cheerios ad, I read the same thing......had to stop for a minute and check and see if I had been time tunneled back to the 50s.....people are ridiculous!

  30. Really? People can't cope with a inter-racial couple in a cereal ad??? It amazes me sometimes how different our countries are, even though we are next door to each other. I mean we've had gay marriage across Canada since 2005! And it's hard to imagine many people commenting on an inter-racial couple, except maybe in the booniest of boonies. THat's not to say we don't have plenty o' racists, because we do, but geez...

    On a brighter note, how excellent that your bones are so youthful!! Feel better soon!

  31. I just sat here and thought about all the inter-racial weddings I've been too. I mean, LOTS. Mostly when I was living in Toronto, but I've got plenty of friends in inter-racial marriages. Didn't really think about how many until I read your post. Overall, just not a big deal here!

  32. Sure hope all those aches and pains pack up and leave your place very soon. Some people just love stirring up trouble and I guess they live in a hole and have not noticed all the inter-racial marriages. I love the commercial and think that little girl is just adorable. They should have more commercials depicting the way life really is in our country. I enjoyed reading your rant. Hugs!

  33. Those are the same people who would stop breathing if the POTUS came out in favor of oxygen.

    Glad your knee is feeling better.


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