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Sunday, June 30, 2013

The HVAC Saga

Friends and Kitties!

Sheebie here.
Please excuse my perspiration--it's 115 F in the back yard--actually it's too dry to sweat.  What is with the weather this year?  The HOTS shouldn't be here for another month!  We got our new A/C installed just in time...or did we?  Because next Tuesday we're getting a brand-new replacement replacement unit.

Let me bring you up to speed.
1.  This spring Scott and I noticed a few water spots on the ceiling.  We thought it might have been the driving rain combined with 60 mph winds letting water in by the furnace flashing.

2.  A few weeks later I looked up and the ceiling in the hall was flooded and coming down.  Turns out the pan under the condensing unit had rusted out.

3.  Later that week we got a whole new HVAC system.  Complete with a plastic pan that wouldn't corrode.

Are you following so far?  Now for the latest...

The new system is high-efficiency, and the blower is slower to move air across the A/C coils to extract more cool air (or warm, with the furnace) per a given volume.  Translated this means it wasn't cooling our house effectively.  We called, and a service guy came out and adjusted the coolant in the system.  The next day, Monday, it still wasn't right.  The service guy, Nick, (we're on a first-name basis at this point) came out again  and conducted a thorough inspection, and concluded that the way the duct work was routed most of the cold air was going to the back of the house, leaving the great room and kitchen hot.  They installed--at their expense--valving in the duct work to direct the air evenly, and it worked great.  The front of the house was cool and the bedrooms were too no longer available to hang meat.  Seriously, it got down to 62 in Scott's bedroom!

An ignorantly blissful week goes by...and last Wednesday morning the ceiling was pouring down water, again.  I may have been a little terse on the phone at 5:30 in the morning...Nick was there by 8:00 with the owner of the business...turns out the new unit had a cracked condenser pan!  They were mortified.  Nick says once or twice a year there's the job from hell and we are the lucky ones this time.  *sigh*  Thankfully  Scott works from home and we are familiar with all kinds of reno problems so we know how things go sometimes. Tuesday we'll try this again.  We're getting a whole new unit, plus the furnace will be higher efficiency, at no extra charge, about a $500 upgrade.  The company is going to stand the expense of fixing the ceiling--all of it--and replace the insulation that's been tramped down in the attic.  They appear very committed to making us happy customers, which is very reassuring that this will turn out well, if not as expeditiously as we'd originally imagined.

Wish us luck.

In other news, physio on my knee is going well!  My whole left leg aches, but that's more muscle soreness from working it than joint pain in my knee.  Progress is definitely being made.  And you know what?  It's the small things in life that really count.  I never thought something as trivial as being able to bend both my knees while I read in bed was actually so important.  But it is.  Which kinda puts the whole A/C debacle in perspective.

Happy Sunday, and have a COMFORTABLE Week!

XX  Sheebie  XX


  1. I wish you dry coolness and bended knees. And no more drama

  2. MOWZERS! What an Ordeal!! Glad they are doing right by the whoel job though. that's great customer service!

    Our mommy's TOTALLY been there with knee PT, by the way -- and it made SUCH a difference!

    Unfortunately, she'll be joining you at the PT place next week - she had to go to Urgent Care on Tuesday after (ahem) working out a bit too enthusiastically. Something about 3 crushed nerves in her neck from lifting weights too heavy for her. On the other paw, she's REEEALLY interesting with pain meds up in her!

  3. Wow, what an a/c ordeal you are having, but wow the customer service is great!

    We wanted to thank you for Jimmy's birthday wishes and let you know that we are returning to regular blogging next week :-) Hope you'll pop back again for a visit!

  4. Wow! I am glad kitties don't have to deal with such things. Well, I guess some of them have to deal with knee problems sometimes.

  5. Paw crossed for you, Mom Sheebie !
    I hope all works well this time..O.K...Plus Magic Purrs from me : )

    Sorry, mom laugh when she read you have pain in your knee..Just because she think you and her come to the the age of where the pain is...tee..heh...heh.. her one is in her neck..Mom said life is not that bad. because she know she got company..MOL

    By the way, I purr for your knee

    Puddy Boy

    PS : my dad used to get pain in his shoulder so bad, and he even think he have to do surgery. And mom bought her the chinese liniment. And put on his shoulder morning and night. And that pain was gone like magic. My mom used it too, and many of her workmates who is African, Aussie, they all used it and now all pain is gone.
    If you are interested, you can look at this link :

  6. Wethinks Ceiling Cat is having a little laugh.

  7. Holy carp! Why do AC units always have to be replaced in the summertime? Arrgh! Stay cool, friends!

  8. We cringed as soon as we read "replacement replacement unit" .

    TBT fought a heat pump replacement over a thremostat for 2 weeks. Yeah, the thrmostat isnt the same as the cooler thingie, but when it doesnt work, the result is the same. It kept changing from cooling to heating. It was eventually "fixed"

    An now we have got a notice from the lectric company sayin we is usin 2x the lectrictity of our neighbors, so SOMETHIN is very wrong with it all.

  9. Loads of Live from Sweden
    Lillemann, JubaJuba and Iiiza
    their loving/loved?

  10. Yep, the job from hell. But I'm impressed with the company's service, actually. Fingers crossed that you have no more problems after the replacement of the replacement.

    And yes, it's amazing the things we take for granted, like bending a knee, or even being able to stand up and walk.

  11. That is one amazing company. Not many go to that level anymore. We hope it all gets cleaned up and replaced and no more problems!

  12. Wow, your life is just never dull. Glad you got it all fixed with those nice high temps. Have a great day and get those knees bent.

  13. YIKES you all have really had it there and with all that heat on top of it all. At least the company is standing behind everything. I hope that the day the install the new one that it isn't as HOT for you as it has been. Our temp is 70 presently - climbing to 75 today.

  14. What a time to have your A/C be on the fritz! But good for the company to step up and do whatever it can to make you happy. That's great customer service!

    Glad the PT is going well.

    Island Cats' mom

  15. We're sorry you're having so many problems with your A/C but it's great that they are taking care of things.

    We hope you're feeling better soon.

    The Florida Furkids

  16. We're in the 80's this week! I hate hot weather and dread summer every year.

    Just when you thought everything was somewhat normal. Great customer service--must know you're a blogger ;)

  17. What a wonderful company to fix you all up like that! You should give them a shout out especially if they service North Las Vegas as I happen to know people up that way! :) Glad your knee is getting better too!

  18. Hope things cool down w/o further adventures... At least you aren't sporting a fur coat all the time...

  19. We have seen on the news how bad the temps are out west, and that's a terrible time to have to get your a/c replaced (again)! It sounds like the company is trying to make it right for you, which is encouraging, at least. We had a replacement replacement unit put in last year after the new outside unit started to peel apart. The a/c company said something interesting at the time... the manufacturers build a/c units for the whole country, but certain parts of the country are much harder on them, and the failure rate under warranty is considerably higher there. We're just lucky to live in one of the parts of the country with the hots that curses a/c units.

    We hope things settle down and you are cool, comfortable, and knee-pain free soon.

  20. The only A/C we have is in cars! I don't think the British weather will ever get to the point that homes will need it!! Seriously, it's even made our news here about the heat over in the west of US!

  21. oh no! Now where will you hang the meat?

  22. Hope that the new system works. Keep cool kitties.

  23. Oh Sheebie this is an exact replica of the summer of 2006 for us all the way through Christmas 2006. New (a/c/heat pump) unit in summer 2006.
    A/c worked beautifully all summer.
    Christmas morning 2006 we awoke to 55 degrees in the house. Crazy circuit board issues. You have my sympathy
    Hugs C

  24. Had a new unit put in last year and I also had a second air return put in. SO glad I did. It cools MUCH better.

    I feel your knee pain. Literally. Although it's been MUCH better the past few day. Hang in there!!

  25. Me and mom agree´s with you that your A/C and our internet is furry simular story´s :)
    Hope your new unit will work !!!

  26. Wow, what an ordeal! Sounds as though that HVAC company is a good one. It's rare to hear of such service!
    We hope your knee improves.

  27. So glad that the company is treating you justly in this but sorry you've been having to deal with all this, especially in the hottest time of the year it seems.

    Great, great news about your knee!

  28. Well timing is everything and that timing on the HVAC sure stinks. At least your knee is doing better.

  29. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh, can you hear our cry of frustration for you? It seems that every house project we tackle is the same way.

  30. Whoat! What a week. I hope your house gets cooled and your knee gets bent. Wait that didn't sound right.

    BTW, if TW could figure that color thing out on my pic, ANYONE should be able to do it.

  31. Try to stay cool! Sorry for all the issues you are having.

  32. Yikes. That was not fun. :( I hope it is all fixed for good now and you can stay cool without leaking water and such.

  33. Yikes!!!!! We are happy to hear that repairs will not be at your expense!
    Hope it will be problem free after all that!
    Oh yes, the little things we take for granted ;)

  34. This is the best news but best of all is your healing knee! P.S. mercury is retrograde.

  35. You have a great perspective, all the way around!

  36. Talk about bad luck!! Hope that's all sorted out soon. I've been reading about your horrible heatwave. :(

  37. Yikes, 115 outside....I assume they were able to give you a temporary fix.

    Good luck on Tuesday, hope the replacement replacement unit gives you multi years with no problems!

  38. thank Ceiling Cat you can assume the "child's pose" in an aircon home...purrrs...Savannah and Mom Linda

  39. We went through that same thing last fall when we had to get a new boiler and one of the parts was defective. What a pain in the rumpus room. Folks are on their way home from a hot week in Reno through Phoenix with temps getting close to 120 degrees. Can't believe people and cats can tolerate that! Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  40. What a nightmare! I am glad the company are putting things right for you.


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