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Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Friends From Far Away!!!


This past week we've been enjoying a delightful correspondence with some kitties half-way around the world from us, inspired by this box, as modeled by The Baby.
Originally the box had a bit of cardboard across the top, making tail-poker-outing a bit of a challenge.  Mommy tore it off for us for easier tail-management--thank you Mommy!--and we posted about it. 
(And yes, Mommy knows she needs to dust.)

Then we got an e-mail from half-way around the world that showed us just how resourceful some kitties can be: 
  We don't need no stinkin' human for our tails!

We were in AWE.

And not only do these Cats have formidable mandible skillz, they write amusing letters, too:

Hey there Kitties,
We are the other KL kitties because we live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which everyone shortens to KL.
There are 4 of us. Bootsie and Snudge came first - they are brother and sister, although they look nothing alike. Then there is Ruby. The 2-legs round here reckon Ruby is a bit of a sociopath, but we think she has a touch of the Scouty's and just doesn't like being touched very much. The latest addition is Queenie, who is only 6 weeks old at the moment. All of us were rescue cats, and Ruby and Queenie were inherited when they were very, very small.
We've been following you for a while now, but the 2-legs are all sooooo busy (what a lame excuse) that we don't have our own blog, so we just read and follow. We know this "work" thing keeps us in kitty-kibble and all, but being busy is really not on. And why would you want to do that when you could stay at home and entertain us??
Anyhow, we were prompted to contact you because of Sweet Pea's box. You see, there's one in our house which has EXACTLY the same facility. And we made the hole all by ourselves. There's a photo attached here for you to see. The tail in question belongs to Bootsie. Asian cats, especially street cats, are quite often born with stumpy tails or deformed tails, so in our house we have 2 with tails and two with stumps. I guess not everyone can enjoy the delightful re-modeling of this particular box.
Anyhow, we look forward to your posts, so keep up the good work. And we hope the Mommy gets better soon.

All the best,
KL Kitties


Are these some fun kitties or what!?!

We wrote them back right away and asked if we could use the photo and they said "yes"--and we said we'd use it the following Friday.  They also sent a photo of the newest kitty for Mommy to squeeeee over--which she did:

Queenie:  Am I legal to be on the innernets?

Then, Thursday we got this e-mail:

Hi Kitties,
There have been some ructions here. Words have been said. Hisses have been exchanged.
Apparently, some of us have had our photo shared and others haven't.
So here are the other two members of the horde - Ruby (aka Meep) and Snudge, conveniently including a full shot of Bootsie (rather than just a tail tip).
We hope you like them. The 2-legs, as well as their pathetic excuses about being too busy to blog, are clearly not very capable photographers. Really, how hard can it be?

From the other side of the World,
The Other KL Kitties

Snudge:  For Cod's sake, Bootsie , shove over!

Ruby:  Sociopath my whiskers...I will KEEL whoever says that about me.  Dead.

Are these some Cool Cats or WHAT?  We so totally wish they could blog...

KL Kitties, thank you so much for reading our blog and sending us your photos, we thoroughly enjoyed them!  Every time we do some box remodeling, we'll think of you!

Happy Friday!

XX  The Katnip Kats  XX


  1. How wonderful that there are KL kitties on the other side of the world. It's like having exchange student cats, but with photos! (We don't think cats would enjoy being exchanged anyhow.) Our head peep squeed over Queenie, too. Thanks for sharing their photos!

  2. What an awesome kitty family! And that Queenie is BEYOND precious! I wish their humans did have time to set up a blog for them.

  3. They are lovely kitties indeed.

  4. They are some adorable kittehz!

  5. These are some seriously cool kitties. We think their Two-Leggers should rethink the whole "too busy" dealio and get with the program.

    I wonder if they know Tutu from Whisppy? Well, prolly not. I guess Malaysia's pretty big and all.

  6. I was wondering about the Whisppys too?? That would be a cool link up!! Queenie is asking to be blogged!!!

  7. Hey. Fellow Malaysians! Fellow wierd tail kitties! We wish they had a blog so we could sniff them out.
    Ruby looks like she could be pals with Tutu....

  8. Oh wow!!! They're practically my neighbours (I live in Petaling Jaya, which is next to KL) - wish they would blog too.

  9. the other kl are all quite fetching. and i'm impressed with their mole like abilities.

  10. We are impressed! They are talented kitties :)

    Pee ess: They are cute kitties, too ;)

  11. we loved seeing those far away kitties!!! and that new baby made mom go "eep"

  12. That was fun meeting the other KL Kitties! Queenie is a cutie! We hope they are able to blog one day!

  13. What a fun bunch of kitties? But did we miss the link to their blog?

    The Chans

  14. Yay new friends with cute little stubs!!!
    How is the air quality in the homestead today?
    Mom told me to ask!!
    Hugs Madi

  15. The KL bunch is sure fun ones!!!

  16. Greate kitties! We wouldn't push them to blog but it would be neat if they did...we think they would have a lot to say about their family life and show us things about their culture.

  17. now that is some FUN email!! What a blast and adorable!

  18. that is really neat - what we love about the blogosphere :)

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  19. Wow, cats that remodel to suit themselves! Now that's just awesome!

  20. where can we sign the petition to have them blog?

    emma and buster

  21. I'm sorry, was there an entire post here? I got distracted by the totally illegal Queenie..

    if they won't blog, would they at least facebook??

  22. OMC!!! The KL kitties are SO adorable!!!!!
    ...we'll still cracking up over your tail management techniques! MOL!!!!

    YAY!!! It's Friday.
    : ) Katie & Glogirly

  23. Those are some great kitties! And you guys thought you were the only KL kitties!! Thanks for introducing them to us!!

  24. Cool kitties from the other side of the world. AND they is KL too! MOL

    Mom is busy squeeing over the what else is new?

    Thanks for sharing!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  25. MOL, what totally fun KL kitties! Hope we see them again, paw pats, Savvy

  26. Great Kitties from the other side of the world. What fun to know there are other KL kitties!

  27. Meowm wants Bootsie, but then again, she has a soft spot for those flame point meezers.

  28. Those KL Kitties sure are cute! And we are impressed by their "boxing" skills!

  29. How cool is that - company and you didn't even have to tidy up. Hallo to the other KL kitties! T.

  30. Golly Gee Whiskers this is an amazing post! Love the stubby tail Ruby. Our tailless Rumpy is a bit of a sociopath so I wonder...
    This is a Cosmic Post so we have a Cosmic Award for you on our Blog
    Come on over an grab it!

  31. What an pawesome KL kitty family over there in Malaysia !
    It was very fun to meet them here at your blogg :)

  32. What fun, seeing all the KL kittycats. All of them are beautiful, and we love little Ruby!
    Maybe one day they will get the 2-legs to do their secretarial work and get a blog! We hav a big problem here, trying to get Mom Bobbie to blog for us.
    ~ The Bunch


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