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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Going Postal

Friends and Kitties!

They said it couldn't be done.

They said it was impossible.

They said it wasn't a service offered by the United States Postal Service!

They were wrong.

"They", being my husband.

Allow me to explain:

For some reason, it's beyond my I.T. skills to set up my laptop to print wirelessly.  Truthfully, I've never really investigated why because a) I use Scott's desktop if I need to print, and b) I'm lazy.  So, whenever I want to mail something I forward him the pertinent data and he prints out a shipping label.  He prints all his postage through eBay or Etsy and for the most part uses the First Class service option, which in most instances is just as fast and less expensive than Priority mail.  All well and good; the problem arose when "we" (that would be me) wanted to ship something internationally and not pay an arm and a leg to send it--because, according to Scott there was No Such Thing as "On-line Printable First Class International Postage" outside of a merchant's site, like eBay.  And because I'm a docile, obedient wife (!!!) I believed him and dutifully went to the post office whenever I had an out of country package to mail.

Until this week...

When, in a fit of rebellion, I sojourned online to the USPS site--all by myself--in search of the verboten First Class International postage...and...I found it!  Right there, on the second page, in plain sight.  Eureka!

You can imagine my unholy glee.
Me, the USPS naif, discovering the closely guarded secret of how to print postage for a parcel, First Class, overseas!  I could hardly wait to get home (I was at work) to feed my husband crow inform Scott of my discovery.  And, to give him credit, he took it like a man.  He said: "Hmmmm", that's interesting, I didn't know I could do that."  Which, translated, means: "Crap, I was wrong and my wife is right, again".


Now, there is a point to this long rambling tale of triumph, which is that I have four large boxes of cat collectible stuff that have been packed up since we moved twelve years ago and I would like to rehome it, reasonably.  So I have a question--how should I do it?  Set up a page with items on it, offer a couple of things each Sunday, or use it for auction donations--or a combo of all the above?  Now that I know I can mail it easily, I want it gone, and I want you guys to have it.  Because I'm nice like that.

Now, if I can bestir myself to dig up the printer manual and check the settings, I'll be completely Scott-free!  


Happy Sunday, Have a Great Week!

XX  Sheebie  XX


  1. LOL.. I can just so visualize the fist pump.. :)


  2. Couldn't Scott just dig up the printer manual for you??? Heh-heh, old habits die hard!

    Pee ESs - We think you should just use for auctions!

  3. Oh geez. If I had known you didn't know that I could have told you THAT. It's just a pain of a system.

  4. Can you also print the customs labels online?

    We think maybe a combination of all your ideas would work out well.

    Printing: we use the old fashioned method to print from the laptop - bring the laptop over to where the printer is, connect the usb cable to the laptop, and print away. Though we can imagine that wireless printing would be very satisfying.

  5. Scott-free? Did you srsly just go there?


  6. Hehehe - we do the old fashioned thing here and go to the place which sells stamps and take parcels, called the post office. Sometimes the queue takes 30 minutes! But we wish to defend Scott: the last order from his shop, using the extremely generous discount code you publicised, was marked as DESPATCHED within about 2 minutes of it being placed. Super duper quick timing!!!!!

    Now, as for those boxes you have - easy. Type our address into the computer, press print, and send to us here in FInland (North).

    Only kidding.

  7. Trish,
    It sounds like items I would definitely be Interested in (even without knowing what they are). Maybe an online auction? On the Katnip Lounge website?!
    Those of us who are interested in the item(s) could send a personal email to you with our high bid and at the end of the specific deadline, which you would set, whoever is the highest bid is the winner! Fun!
    Of course, we would cover the postage, however much it would be.

    I will watch on the webpage to see what you've decided what you want to do-but I bet you would rake in some cash with an auction. Good luck!!!

  8. As the wife of a USPS employee, thank you for the good words about the post office! When I saw the words "going postal" I said, uh oh, better not let Greg see that.. They HATE that term over there, lol! But that it's a good report, whoo hoo! That you got one over on the hubby, whoo hoo for you!
    And if you ever figure out how to go wireless with the printer, let me know because I, in a fit of I-don't-wanna-mess-with-it rebellion, I've never figured out how to do mine either!

  9. My human still hasn't figured out how to do international shipping (first class or otherwise) without taking a trip to the post office - and she DOES have the printer set up wirelessly!

  10. My mom still goes to the Postoffice , I dont think she ever will learn how to fix it from the computer :)
    I think you shall do a combo with all the stuff.

  11. I can't imagine there's anything docile and/or obedient about you. :-)

    So glad you got to show-up dear hubby. LOL.

    If I had boxes of cat collectibles, I'd do both -- give or sell and donate for auctions. But it's not my stuff!

  12. Our head peep has never learned to mail parcels without going to the post office, but at least she uses the ATM machine thing in the lobby and doesn't stand in line. Usually. She can print over wifi, so that at least puts her in the 20th century, right?

    We laughed at the fist pump. Manpeeps don't like to read the directions sometimes, but it pays off!

  13. Sorry, I dropped off in between fistpump and Scott-free! I am guessing it's something about sending goods wirelessly through the interwebs? If so, can you send me KonaKitty? ;)

  14. I hate it when a husband is humbled.

  15. wEll done you!!! Don't you just love it when they said that. :)

  16. I had visions of "Rocky"!

    Really, get the manual out for the wireless printer. It's painless to set up :)

  17. Cat collectables! My heart beats faster. Can't wait.

  18. Well done you!!!
    I collect cat ornaments and other cat related things so whether you auction or sell, I am sure to be interested.

  19. HA! Sometimes the techy stuff doesn't win, we do!

  20. So funny I can't print either!! I say put it up for auctions if you are okay with donating it.

  21. My printer is set up wirelessly, but don't ask me how it's done cuz our son-in-law did it. Wish they wouldn't make all the tech stuff so complicated. Thanks for all the info on the shipping. I have shipped internationally thru the postal service and it cost an arm and a leg.

  22. good job (snickering from the mom). can't help you with the wireless - by some miracle mom got ours to work, but then it took FOREVER for her to figure out how to get the paper loaded right.

    As for the toys.....we say donate them to a local charity and keep some for the CB auctions

  23. Our Dad used to do the eBah thing for fun until he got tired of wrapping things up in boxes that cost more than the postage.
    We so give some to auctions and others to give away fun on your blog. This will keep your sanity.

  24. LOL Im still ordering my T-shirt for Xmas and wez don't need Men to send parcels..LOL Will mail you coz I know he want's a swirly pattern in the middle.. hugs XXOOXX

    Mollie and Alfie

  25. ...we got our mail at 5 PM on Saturday...I look forward to seeing some of your goodies for the auction for my Uncle MaxMaxx! :)


    Ps. Thank you for your support!

  26. Too funny. We are starting an auction this coming week. Purrfect. You know the drill, send me picture, description and starting bid. Anyway, hope you find a way to get rid of your stuff. I congrat you on winning that difference. Too funny.

  27. Haha! Good going, Trish! Scott sounds like my husband...he hates when I prove him wrong which is often. ;)

    I say do all of the above.


  28. Okay, I'll admit it, I would have gone to the local post office in the nearby drugstore. I didn't know anyone could purchase postage on-line.

    As for the wireless printer, it's only because I have tech savvy adult children living with me. It's all magic to me.

    Loved the fist pump!

  29. We think auctions (done right here on your blogspot Lounge)would be fun, but also know they are a lot of work. Whatever you decide, it will be lots of fun to see and bid on your stuff!
    ~ The Bunch

  30. We think you should send any kitty toys to us! "Scott-free," that is so good. MOL! Mom loves to discover and figure out things that our dad doesn't know. Mommy is now saving things for when her rescue group she supports has raffles. Maybe you can do something like that with all your "stuff." Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  31. I say auctions. There's a new one starting up now. Contact Marg. Overseas postage costs an arm and a leg any way you look at it. Surface mail doesn't exist anymore. It's nice of you to want us to have your treasures.

  32. Good going, Sheebie! We like your ideas of donating and helping out with auctions and such. :)

  33. Sounds like we have similar dilemas. Mom has several bins of Beanie Babies that have been taking up space in my closet for years. I wish she'd do something with them so I'd have another place to hide-n-sleep.

  34. Good on ya for figuring that out. I go to the UPS store near me and the lady there is always so helpful! International is so expensive though. And I hate filling out the super tiny customs form!

    Ms Stellas mom

  35. Don't you love it when they have to eat crow!!!!! ~Alasandra


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