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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sleeping Beauty

Friends and Kitties!

Sheebie here, or at least most of me...I may have not quite recovered all of what I "lost" last Wednesday!  Thank you all for the get well wishes, they worked.  Fortunately it was only a 24-hour stomach flu bug, and I managed to sleep, albeit all hot and sweaty, at least twenty of those hours.  And I have begun Sleeping Until a Civilized Hour (eight o'clock) in the mornings--that's right--my new shift has started, and so far so good...

Oh the heck with that, I LOVE IT!

Although, I admit, there is some adjusting to be done, although nothing taxing, more like when to go to the grocery store, and what day to change the sheets.  Scott and I will have to work out new meal arrangements, too, although since I've started making smoothies for lunch it's so much simpler.  And I think that's what this whole shift change is going to mean for me, simplicity.

When I was in college I learned a new meaning for a word I already knew: elegance.  Elegance in the sense that something was stripped down to be understood in the simplest terms; a mathematical proof, or a chemical equation.  Everything perfectly balanced, with nary a number or electron extra.  This is what internally I always strive for, I realized, today when I was pushing hard, walking up a giant hill.  That even though I have stuff (and I like my stuff) on a physical plane I need to be elegant in my mind to stay sane.  To be sparing with my mental energy and allocate it correctly.  It was one of those "aha" moments and I don't know why I've never parsed it like that to myself before.  

This may have some ramifications on blogging.  Already I've started to pare down commenting because it was causing me more stress than joy to check in daily on so many blogs.  It's a painful process, weaning, and if you don't see me "visiting" as much please don't feel slighted--I still love you--and read you, it's just that I gotta keep it simple.  I'm gonna keep on blogging, though.  The Kats and I have too much to say, never fear, and I enjoy the crap out of the creative process.  And of course every comment I see on a post born of nothing but my imagination (and to be fair, maybe the antics of my husband and fur kids) is a little dopamine-reward rush.  I'd be an idiot to want to quit pushing that particular lever, and although I may enjoy alternative mental health, I'm not stupid!  So we'll still be around, one way or another, because at the heart of it, I'm hooked.  Hopelessly addicted, and happy to be so.  It's simple, really.

Thanks for being such wonderful readers.
I hope I don't sound too stuffy or pedantic, but sometimes I need to get it out--elegantly.

The Kats will be back tomorrow...

Happy Sunday!  Love Yourself.

XX  Sheebie  XX


  1. A lot of days, I think I should retire to have more time to devote to Spitty and his blog, LOL. And I'm only half-kidding. I'm a year (or two?) away from retirement, and one of the factors that I weigh in the earlier v. later decision really *is* the blog.

    Does that make me a little over-involved? Huh. Oh well.

  2. It does seem to be a delicate balance but one must always do what works best. We don't get to visit as much and since That Woman sorta went crazy makin all kinds of stuff (she says we can blame you for that) we don't hardly even get our own blog posts up! We luffs you guys till Cod comes home so we will look and read alla times no matter what.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  3. Hey, we're all for anything that makes life simpler! Have a super easy Sunday while you're at it. XOXO

  4. We love the concept of elegance, and Äiti says this os definitely something to strive for. And we are totally with you about the blogging!

  5. I'm afraid that "elegant" will never apply to MY human. Her life is quite messy, outside and in... and I get the sneaking suspicion she rather likes it that way!

  6. Enjoy your elegant life. Hugs to the kitties.

  7. I don't think "elegant" will ever apply to my inner or outer life, either. :-)

    It crossed my mind a few days ago, to wonder what my word for 2014 should be. 2013 was "solace," and the things I've been doing are providing a small measure of that, but I really don't know about next year. It won't be "elegant" or "elegance," though. I'll let you corner the market on that one. LOL.

  8. Well said, and we are sure our Person will never be elegant. We have slacked off too on commenting but do love to read the blogs. And like you, with so much going on here with just few cats, we like to blog too. Take care.

  9. Mommy has so much to do of another sort..more of that in a few days, that she doesn't get around the war she used to. But we read too and we do make it to about 30 blogs a day.

  10. We read lots more than we comment too, mostly because I have been sick and required so much attention, so we totally understand!

  11. It's hard to find time to comment on all of the blogs you read. The head peep was getting overwhelmed with commenting time before the November commenting haitus. We have always read more than we commented, but we're going to have to let her be a little more selective in the future so she has more time to play with us instead of stare at the computer.

    Speaking of comments, thank you for your kind comments on our blog about Beau. It has been a really hard time in so many ways, and the advice and support from so many across the blogosphere have been invaluable.

  12. I HAD to cut down on blogging... drastically. I use to read and comment on more than 100 blogs, kitty and human. I only do 10 or so now. I do enjoy keeping a journal for myself, which is what I started out doing. Nowadays I find that I enjoy the interactivity and dynamics of Facebook far more than blogging. You can have an actual conversation. If you want. :)

    Have an amazing day, if you can stand it!!

  13. I gotta try this elegance approach...

  14. Completely understand about needing to cut back on blog-visits!
    Always, always love your photos and posts. You are of my most favorite blogs, although I don't always comment.

  15. I am glad you are feeling better after getting to know the porcelain god so well.
    I can't visit even half of the blogs I follow and comment on even less. Gone are the days when it was possible to visit everyone and leave a comment.
    Enjoy your 8am lie ins!

  16. Me and mom are glad you are feeling better !
    Now it´s my mom´s turn to be sick with a bad cold.
    She sneeze and cough so I can´t sleep *sigh*
    We neither comment on all blog we read , simply not enough time for that.
    My mom-person work full time and can´t read blog´s when she is working and then there is this thing called LIFE too :)

  17. LOL Sheebie about the video good for mom she is the only one in the family who know how to video.
    You love yourself too sweet friend we will be lurking as always
    Hugs Madi and mom your bfff

  18. Between work and traveling to work, Mom is gone 12 hours a day so we totally understand you cutting back a bit.
    We do not post every day or comment as much, but that is OK as it means more kitty time for us with Mom.
    Blogging is about fun and should never be a chore or obligation.
    Enjoy your lie in in the mornings :)
    Napping is always fun,heehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

  19. this is supposed to be fun, and when it isn't it is good that you make a change. Purrs that you find the balance that makes you happy

  20. We are very glad y'all are feeling better. And that your new shift is working better for you.

  21. Glad you are feeling better. Wow, I presented you with an award today in my bloggy. Guess it isn't good timing.

  22. I totally understand. I too am feeling the pressure of visiting and commenting. And blogging should be fun...not pressure, right? Though I agree, I love sharing pictures and stories about my cats...I want everyone else to love them as much as I do. ;)

    Glad you're feeling better...and getting some much needed rest.

    Island Cats' mom

  23. We're happy to read your blog and if that means you need to comment less - we're good with all that.

  24. Totally with you on the blogging and/or commenting thing!! At the moment it is difficult to do either/both! Glad you are recovered and adjusting to/enjoying your new shift pattern. You're there, we're here. The world turns. I'm knackered (in an elegant way) Caro x

  25. precise AND elegant. Way to go. I (the human, not the cat) have wondered how on earth you (and all the other committed cat bloggers out there) keep up with the endless comments, which are always so funny and sincere and time CONSUMING. You and all the other bloggers amaze me. And while the ride, i'm sure, has been fun, and the community you all have built is impressive, please know that a simple request to get off the carousel once in a while is more than understandable.
    Sparky and I have immensely enjoyed you and all the Loungers. If you post once in a while, we will lap it up like cream. If you don't, well...we'll understand. Thanks for all the fun! xoxo

  26. You are not only elegant, but wise. Stick to that which brings you joy. I've had to cut back on commenting as well...and have of course been riddled with guilt some days. But life needs attention. You don't want to miss a thing. happy you're hooked on blogging with the kitties. You're clever quips keep us smiling.

    ; ) GG

  27. TW always tells me its stressful to blog and comment so she doesn't help me do it as much. She claims she wants a real life which may include a job. Incidentally, she wonders how anyone with a job can keep up with commenting.

  28. I often admired you for leaving so many comments and wondered how you had the fortitude to do it. I chalked it up to slow times at work. We'll sulk and stick our lips out, but we understand and realize you have important things to do and relationships to maintain, and are just glad you share them with us as you do. I hope you continue to, and not burn out, cause I love your kitties, your posts and you.

    Oh, and thank goodness you are feeling better! I fought off whatever was trying to take me down and was feeling better in a couple days. I hope your parents had the same good luck.

  29. I've heard it called 'blogging without obligation'.
    I'm just starting to get back to blogging and commenting, but it's still sparse for me.
    Reading is the best part anyway, right?

  30. It's taken me a long time to feel okay about not commenting on every blog I read. But, let's face it, sometimes I have nothing to add that would enrich or redirect the conversation. So, I wish you luck in paring things down. It's far easier said than done.

  31. I was traveling last week (and am leaving again today) and didn't know you were ill, I am glad you are doing better!
    I am sooo with you about "paring down" and agree, when there is more stress to commenting than enjoyment, it is time to cut it down!
    xoxo Glad you are not leaving us, don't ever leave! xoxo

  32. Whenever Mom tries to cut back on reading or commenting, she feels deprived. The only way she can manage is to fill up every moment of her day with other things…and then she just ends up staying up late at night. Good luck with the paring down. Hope it works for you. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  33. I love your attention to self-care. YOU GO!! Just as long as you continue to keep your elegant little pinkie properly hoisted.

  34. Yeah, I started being "elegant" before you did - hah! But I totally understand about not commenting. It takes a lot of time, and your comments are especially funny. I must confess to following and not always commenting, and sometimes I wait a few days to read and feel guilty.I love blogging about my kitties, but have had to cut back a bit lately because LIFE has intervened.
    So, please blog as often as you can, but no pressure! There are so many posts you have done that have made me laugh, and that is a gift. Thank you.


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