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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Floofy White Wednesday


Sweet Pea here.  Me and Mommy were chatting he other day...

She's worried that my tinkle is still pink.  In fact, I earned myself another trip to the vet on Sunday (Daddy took me) who said I have to take a TWENTY-day course of antibiotics and keep taking the happy-happy pills.

I told Mommy I was rather unhappy about this!

hmmmm.  That's kinda a paradox...
BUT--and this sorta makes up for it--my arch-enemy May Ling also has to take the happy-happy pills, too.  The idea being that we both need to chill out and quit picking on each other, day after day after day when deserved.

Right now I'm feeling rather relaxed, though...perhaps just a little nap?

Mommy:  We all agree that Miss Pea's pinkle is stress induced.  The antibiotics are to help prevent any further possible infection and both girls are getting amytriptylline for a month (at least) to keep them both "calm".  These two nit-pick and stalk each other relentlessly, they really do NOT care for one-another...but since neither one is going anywhere we have to do what we can to help alleviate the problem.  Of course they get lots of play, love, and attention but sometimes there's only so much we pawrents can do--and the meds do seem to be helping the friction.  Fingers crossed that a few weeks of happy-happy pills will not only clear up Miss Pea's pee but reduce tensions as well...we hate to see our girls upset.  I am going to start adding corn silk supplement to everyone's wet food as a homeopathic supplement to soothe any angry bladders, as well.  Thankfully both girls are easy and I can pill a cat like nobody's business.

On a further note Grayce is much improved after a course of antibiotics and IBS medicine, so we are hopeful it's not lymphoma.  Scott and I don't want to subject her to any surgery (biopsy) so we have opted to treat the symptoms palliatively, and wait to see if she loses any more weight.
Thanks for all your purrs!  I'm convinced they really do help.

Happy Wednesday!

XX  Sweet Pea  and Mommy  XX


  1. Sending purrs your way. Hopefully the antibiotics will help with any infection. They sure helped me!

    And, the lady was the same with me. No invasive surgery to find out if my thickened intestinal wall (seen in x-ray) is lymphoma or IBD. I am eating the Hill's Metabolic diet (the kibble) and I am doing very well! I wish the same for Grayce!

  2. Ah those girls. Have you tried rescue remedy to keep them calm?
    We hope everything works out! We will be thinking of and purring for Gracie and Sweet Pea. May Ling can come stay with us if she is causing too much problems :)

  3. What's with all the girl troubles? Sending all three of them lots and lots and lots of Spittola lurve--tell them to take chill lessons from Ms. Salem, my sweet darling girlie-girl XOXOXOX

  4. It is a difficult balance in a big community. We hope the happy pills work -I am on them to stop my peemailing. And pink tinkle is not so good, so we hope this clears up fas. Glucosamine is good for urine crystals and peeing difficulties, but usually better for mancats like me!
    Mirsku is of course offering May Ling a therapeutic retreat, should she wish to take him up on the offer. A romp around a catio or two should be just up their alleys. And it would give everyone else a break.
    Peace and love to all felines. Even girlcats.

  5. My human is sad that Sweet Pea and May Ling don't get along because she liked them BOTH lots when she met them! I'm glad to hear that Grayce is going better - paws crossed that continues!

  6. We are always interested to hear about treatment for kittehz that do not get along. Princeton and Precious are arch enemies. Prancer Pie was really the "glue" of our household. Now that he's gone, things can get tense.

    Here's hoping your pinkle is soon just a memory!

    Happy Wednesday, furriends.

  7. Sometimes pink is NOT a GOOD THING. Purrs to you...

  8. Sweet Pea, you and May Ling need to cool it. Life is too short to fuss with a housemate!

    Jenna is sending lots of purrs for you two and Grayce.

  9. Our paws are crossed that the 'happy pills' will bring peace between Sweet Pea and May Ling. Sending special healing purrs to Grayce.
    Purrs ... Rainbow

  10. We have a similar problem with (the inappropriately named Princess)the short hair in the box in last post.
    She will jump on any cat that is coming in the cat flap and poor Rowan doesn't take the chance now and waits for the door to be opened and have an escort back in.
    She's the smallest of the bunch but is a big bully. lol

  11. I think any cat plus one = stress. They are so not good at sharing. Hopefully your happy pills help a lot!

    Have a deleriously delightful day!

  12. Poor babies, hope the tablets work. Sending lots of purrs. Skipper

  13. We are crossing all of our paws and hooves that everyone will feel a lot better soonest.

    The Chans, Tommy and The Vs

  14. Amytriptylline made Jacob paranoid,but Xanax works wonders for him.
    Jane x

  15. when your tinkle is pink, it causes a minor stink.

  16. Oh my, sorry all of this is happening, and we sure hope that things calm down soon. Crossing our fingers.

  17. Sending lots of purrs fur all. Dad keeps threatening the happy-happy pills but we kind of wax and wane in the hissy fit arena

  18. Back when Gus had his adverse reaction to Feliway and would attack the other cats fiercely when it wore off he was put on kitty valium and it did help out. He was much less tense from the mister and only had a tiny reaction when the mister ran out.

    It also did not really knock him out while he was taking it. Eventually he was weaned off of it and never had a problem again.

  19. I am glad that the meds seem to be helping and settling a little. I hope that the calmer situation stays. Love to all at the lounge x

  20. Hey. I'll vouch for happy-happy pills :-) Seriously, I do hope they help. Don't frustrate, as you say, you can only do so much. Thankfully there are things out there now for when you've gotten to your end.
    Hugs :-)

  21. oh mowzers, sending loads of healing purrs your way - and SOOTHING ones too. For harmony and stuff. (Even though somekitties over here don't know the definition of the word!)

  22. Moms on vacation in Phoenix and we didn't hear about Grayce. We send loves to her.
    She wishes pills would have worked with patches but he's in a better hone now as an only
    Mom reports she is enjoying basking in the sun like a lizard by the pool in Phoenix.

  23. Sweet Pea and May Ling, keep taking those chill pills! Grayce, hope you are better too.

  24. That is a lot going on at once. We hope everyone gets all recovered quickly... and if somekitties stay zonked out, that might be a good thing too. :)

  25. I need some happy-happy pills....I hauled in my 'troublemakers' to the vet and he refuses to give happy happy pills of any sort, so now I'm back to square one and trying to figure out what vet I can take them to w/in reasonable distance to see if help can be had. Sage & Gabe are the Sweet Pea & May Ling of my life and are constantly stalking each other and just irritating the heck out of each other...which causes peemail problems. Using the Feliaway collars now but not much change. Hoping your girls will get better, and mellower.


  26. We hope the happy pills help. Skootch has been on prozac for 4-5 years, because Lucy used to bully him. And NOW Wilbur bullies him. But Louie always goes after Skootch's food, so Louie is probably benefitting from prozac more than Skootch. Ha!

  27. We hope all moods are lightened and the pinkle goes away.

    Meowm thinks maybe I need some calming meds!


  28. We definitely believe in the power of the PURR. Grayce, May Ling, and the Pea are all part of our 24/7 purr-a-thon. We do have some of the mortal enemy thing here and always have. I do think the calming collars help. The vet has suggested the amytrip for Lisbeth who does get the stress cystitis…luckily without the pinkle part. Haven't tried it yet. Things have been slightly calmer of late. Good luck to all. Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  29. Sorry Grayce, we did not know you were having trouble. Our Person has gotten so slack. We hope you will be all right.
    Those calming down pills sound like something we need. Two Two is always picking a fight with someone and so does Mahoney. And we need to fit Lil Mum into the group. She cannot live outside any more because she just doesn't eat.
    Take care and have a good evening.

  30. Sorry hear about the girls and our boys are purrrrring peaceful times ahead. Is there anything I can do?

  31. Purrs for peaceful pinkle free home...

  32. I am sorry you still have pinkle tinkle Sweet Pea. Maybe I need to come over and help de-stress you. The happy pills sound good. Do they make you see flying pink pigs?
    I didn't know about Grayce but I am glad she is improving.

  33. Aw man, Sweet Pea. We're sorry 'bout your pinkle. But we bet you'll like those happy happy pills. They'll make everything seem right. Zoey takes happy happy pills too...a different kind, though. And she's happier. :)

  34. We sure do hope the happy-happy pills help get things back on track, Sweet Pea and May Ling. We're sending peaceful purrs and prayers!

  35. lots of purrs coming from this house to your house! Wes knows about cats not getting along and the disasters it can cause!
    And extra special purrs for Gracie!

  36. So glad to hear that Grayce is doing better and continued purrs to her. We really hope that the happy-happy pills will help both Ladycats and that Sweet Pea will get better. Purrs of harmony to them both.

  37. We sure hope the girls happy pills helps them gets over their hissy fits! Pink is a pretty color but not for pee.

    Purrs for Grayce too!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  38. oh noes!! I am so sorry Sweet Pea has been so stressed it turned her pee pink. I also have had problems with the relentless stalking of THe Kid Sage when we are allowed out together. So now 'I' have to be prozac AND keep my..errr..ummm...well you know...moving...ahem..TMI sorry

  39. if you have an active infection going on, d-mannose will keep bacteria from being able to adhere to the bladder walls and help clear things up. Cornsilk and marshmallow root are also soothing to the bladder. All three are easily mixed in to meat baby food and consumed by picky cats. none would interfere with any traditional meds your vet prescribes.

  40. Dadgum yahoo or suchlike has dropped the ball on your blog for ages and so we are only just now catching up -- so wow you're going through it! big purrs to all of you!

  41. Oh smarten up you two girls!! Hope the happy happy drugs do the trick.

    And sending healing thoughts for Grayce!


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