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Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Sssssnakey Ssssssstory


You all sure had on your Smarty Pants yesterday--indeed, that was a snake skin that Felix was smelling!
Mommy found it at work the other night and brought it home for us to maul investigate.

Our Mommy--we don't care what people say--she's alright.

We were fascinated by the snake skin!  Since we've lived here we've caught (and brought indoors--ed.) two small sidewinder rattlesnakes but for some reason the peeps start screaming and running for brooms and boxes won't let us give 'em a thorough investigation.  Talk about a buzz kill.

So we were thrilled to check out the next best thing--the snake's overcoat!  Although Rupert was a wee bit freaked out by it...but he was rescued from the Outside so maybe he had a bad time with a snake before.

Sweet Pea and CC loved it...Miss Pea was leaping and swatting at it the minute Mommy brought it in the house, so much so that Mommy had to store it in the closet until photo time!

Johnny, on the other paw, was not as enthusiastic.

The skin was over three feet long, and very slender, all the way down to the tip, so this wasn't a rattlesnake skin--more likely a bull snake, which are non-venomous.  (Mommy sees those all the time at work.)

See Felix?  He thundered down the tree, in hot pursuit.

And this is the last photo of the skin in it's entirety!  Mommy suspects quite a bit of it "went down" in the night as there were large sections missing the next day, but we're not telling.

Interestingly, the same evening that Mommy found the snake skin at work she discovered a medium-sized live rattler when she was out doing a plant check.  So, per usual she went and got the snake pole to move it into the desert...picture this:  cell phone in one hand, pole in the other, and a sidewinder ten feet away.  Unfortunately for you guys, common sense over-rode her desire to document the event, so we don't have any footage to show you of an angry rattler...and according to Mommy he was pretty pissed off about being moved. 
 Oh least we got a skin.

Happy Thurssssssday!

XX  The Lounge Kats  XX


  1. EEEK! The Mom is very brave! We were scared by a rattler once and I know how scary that can be!

  2. That was one long snake, kids!

    My mom thinks your mom is very brave moving the other snake. The most exotic creatures our mom deals with are 8" centipedes--she insists on trapping and releasing them...far, far away.

  3. We haz a rule about snakes:

    If you come into our yard:

    Proceed to meet Jesus. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.


    (we wish our Mommy was as brave as yours!)

  4. Sherpa brought me a baby rattler. Once. He otherwise brings me garter snakes and rubber boas.

  5. Geeze - You wouldn't see me with a snake pole with a rattler - he'd be seeing the sharp end of a shovel, I think.... T.

  6. we know nuffing about a snake, and our mom is scared of them. but the snake skin looks like it was a hit with you kitties.

    emma and buster

  7. When the Human was a little girl, her dad had a couple rattle-thingies that came off the un-business end of rattlers. I don't think they fell off when he moved them, though. I have a feeling there was a big, sharp-sided shovel involved. The Human sure did like those rattles, though ;-)

    That snakeskin is one of the coolest cat toys ever!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Mommy won't be very happy if she found a rattler in OUR home. So it's a good thing they aren't found here.

  10. That do look like it would be fun to play wif. I are not sure bout a real snake though - I fink lizards are more my speed.

  11. You all are lucky that your mommy brings that stuff home. Arund here, that kind of thing would get screamed and run from!

  12. Your mom moves venomous snakes at work? She's a brave lady? You know, our peeps were pretty unhappy when we found a snake in the house and wouldn't let us keep it. It must be a human thing. Next time, we aren't letting them know it's there.

  13. You live in a dangerous play, I don't like snakes. Glad you kitties had fun with the skin. Enjoy your Thursday.

  14. OMCs....thank goodness Mr. Hissy left his skin behind. Mom would have jumped on the roof in one move if she saw a snake of any kind.
    Hey did it smell like chicken?
    Hugs Madi your bfff

  15. Your mom is a lot braver than ours! Pole or no, she ain't getting NOWHERE near that.

  16. Somewhere out there slithers a nekkid snake.

  17. Glad there was no snake inside that!!!

    Cats of wildcat woods

  18. Wow--rattlesnake wrangler! Is there anything your mommy can't do? We're disappointed she didn't have someone record it, though :(

  19. OMC OMC snake skin! That's quite a long snake. Shudder, shudder, shudder!
    Image of snake skin in the closet...another shudder!
    But looks like it was a huge hit for many of you :-)

  20. guys.....

    everee one oh ewe

    N yur mom two

    iz 943,200,145,788,544 times WAAAAAAY braver N uz

    N de food gurl

    if we seed a snake or if de food gurl seed a snake we wood be pazzed kleen out....less we wuz in mud, then we wood knot be kleen but we wood still be pazzed out

    we wood rather see a pride oh lionz eatin de tires off de car then see even a garterz snake 6 blox a way...

    now we haz de heeeeebbeez thinkin bout it

  21. Your mommy has an interesting job description.
    If you can't have a real live one in the house for your sniffing, batting, tasting purposes a skin of one seems to be the next best option!

  22. now, we think this is pretty interesting. mom - not so much. and she said that suddenly she is very glad her job is in an office

  23. Your mum is brave moving that rattler on. When I brought my mum an adder (our only poisonous snake) she hit it on the head with a 14lb sledgehammer.

  24. We have never met a venomous snakey an thats probly a good thing cuz we annoy the regular black snakes when we find one.

  25. Our mom is still shuddering from the first photo yesterday - and then there were multiple pix of it today! First of all, she agrees that it is an excellent cat toy. WE would like one. However, given mom's proclivity for shuddering at the mere SKIN, we don't think we're likely to get one.
    Your mom wrangles snakes as part of her job??!!! Mom is all fainty at the thought.

  26. Your Momma is a lot more forgiving to snakes than we would be...EEK!

  27. Even though my human loves, loves, loves snakes (and even had garter snakes as pets as a kid), she would be rather shy of messing with a rattler!

  28. That is so incredible. We never have and never will see anything like that! We were wondering if y'all kept that thing totally intact. Glad to hear that you didn't and that you had lots of fun. And it looks as if there was no fighting over it, which is excellent. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  29. We bet that skin had some good smells on it.

  30. you kitties get the most interesting stuffs on your catio :) we don't really understand why, but our mom is kinda grossed out that somekitty(ies) ate the snake skin. yeah, go figure.

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  31. We don't have poison snakes here, but mum says she hasn't seen one in ages.

  32. OMC Mommy wuld nevew let meez play wiff a snake skin. Funny fing is hers used tu play wiff snakes and hav 'em as pets when hers wus yungew. Is vewy funny how hoomans get when deys gwow up. MOL

    Luv ya'


  33. Glad that bad snake that Mommy moved didn't hurt the Mommy. That is kind of scary. Our Person saw a rattlesnake at the place where she lived before. Glad all of you had a good time with that snake skin. It does look like fun. Take care.

  34. Umm.....EEEEEEEEK! :(
    xo Catherine

  35. Seeeeeeriouslies. that's AMAZING. Our mommy had lotsa cats in texas with the grand-humams, and she awoke one morning to the caterwauling of her life: all 30 cats (including the barn cats) had the rattler circled and they were hunting it. Our grand-human pulled out a 45 and dealt with it.

  36. Ewwww....there is a lot of screaming going on here and it's not us kitties. The mom bean is freaked right out by snakes and she thinks your mom is furry brave.

    Maybe it is a good think we live in a furry cold climate. No snakes, MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku


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