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Sunday, July 20, 2014

This and That ツ

Friends and Kitties!

Sheebie here.

I have a bunch of random things, so here goes...

1.  The Baby went to the vet for a check-up, and she gained six ounces in ten days...and that was post-surgery!  The vet and I were elated.  She started Bibs on prednisone, twice daily (oh, joy--pills) for a month, and then we'll start weaning.  Since her IBS is so severe the vet wants to feel some considerable softening and healing of her innards before she cuts back on the medication.  In the meanwhile I'm feeding the same foods, mainly to not upset more cat tummies than necessary this minute.  She's eating mainly ham, turkey, and chicken with some grain free kibble so I think her diet for now is fine.  More to the point, Scott and I can tell she's feeling more like her sassy self; sociable and bossy.  In fact, I got squawked at today to open the toilet lid, dammit, I want a drink!  Yes, ma'am.  This summer has certainly been a roller coaster for The Baby's health and I hope the ride's coming to a stop, soon.

%.  My back has really been bothering me again (I have a birth defect-my last lumbar vertebra is partially fused to my pelvis), and I'm pretty sure my mattress is too soft.  What's really comfortable is sivasana* on my yoga mat--which is hard and flat--so it's either sleep on the floor or buy a new mattress...something that is about as appealing as buying a car, in terms of salesman-sliminess.  ick.  In the meanwhile, my yoga practice is keeping me up and moving relatively pain-free.  I go to class twice a week and practice at home at least once.  My teacher is fantastic and I've done a few one-on-one classes which were so friggin' hard I thought I was gonna die but didn't wonderful.  Scott is continuing to do yoga at home as well to keep his sciatica at bay with much success.  He's been practicing with some great DVDs made by Peggy Cappy.  
Getting older is hard work!

p.  Speaking of old, my parents don't have a painting of themselves hidden in an attic anywhere (that I'm aware of)...they just take good care of themselves and got lucky in the gene pool lottery.  Thanks to all of you for all the well wishes for their anniversary.  My Dad has gone up in weights for his personal training and my Mom is thrilled with the new Don, version 7.9.  

9.  Scott and his buddy had a great time on vacation in Hawaii, so much so that he's already booked a week next June, to go we're gonna need a cat-sitter, one who can give pills to crotchety cats, wipe up the occasional on purpose accident and doesn't mind scooping prodigious quantities of dung.  Any takers?  I'm totally serious.  You'll have to fly to Vegas on your dime, but you can stay at the house and use our car for a week, gratis.  Oh, and take care of The Horde.  Which will allow you approximately 37 minutes per day of free time...
If you think this sounds like a plan, please e-mail me: katniplounge AT gmail DOT com and we'll talk.

3.  I've been reading in some of your blogs that a few of you have FitBits...what kind and what do you think of 'em?  Inquiring minds...

Q.  Never think that our house is normally as tidy as it appears in photos.

Speaking of which, I should include one--monsoon season is here along with clouds and gorgeous sunsets.  I caught one with my phone the other night at work.  It's not the best but you'll get the idea: 
Have I mentioned that I love living here?

Happy Sunday!

XX  Sheebie  XX

*corpse pose


  1. Great news about The Baby! Paws crossed all goes well - happy pilling. Please keep us posted.
    I would LOVE to come to Vegas to cat sit but would then have the same problem this end. Pöh. Sorry.
    I have used the fitbit wristband - he flex and I believe now in the US there is the force now. I liked the dat it gives - it certainly made me aware of how many steps I took and when I had lazy patches in the day. it did get me moving more. No fitness tracker I know really monitors cycling. Oh, and the flex was pretty good at following sleep - which I think the clip ons do not do so well. Then a friend bought me the Polar Loop which is what I now use all the time on my wrist, and this also connects to a heart rate monitor as I am interested in how to improve my cardio and running. Now I use that and have ditched the fitbit. But as a step counter, activity and sleep monitor, I thought it brilliant and a t a good price.

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  3. Paws for for The Baby! I hope the pred keeps doing the good work for her, and that once she's weaned off it, diet will help control the IBS.

    My human is curious about the FitBit too. Wonders if it counts dance steps, since she does cardio dance more often than walking.

  4. Fantastic news about FDW--you GO girl! Keep eating, my sweet--6 oz. is a great start.

  5. Wow ! Wonderful post & pawsome news !
    The Baby, I know you can DO it !!! Big kudos to you !
    Proud of you :)

    This week, me is a kind of disappear again cause my mom just back to work for da first know ? A sleepy head has to wake up @ 5 am....Fisrt day at work, she & dad have been saved by me !! So I got two prawn for my great job..tee..heh

    Anyway, me & mom think a cat sisfur for katnip lounge ! ...we is dying to know who is it ? I will start to purr for you guys like now :)


  6. Oh Baby, so glad that you are doing so well. That pred is great stuff.
    Glad everything is going so well for you and Scott. Hope your Sunday is good too.

  7. I'm sure you'll have at least a few serious takers on the cat-sitting! I'm impressed if a human would actually get a full 37 of free time a day. Ha.

    Good news re: The Baby! But why doesn't your vet compound the Pred? Nicki's is compounded into a chicken-flavoured liquid that I syringe into his mouth. Super easy, he likes the taste, and he gets a treat afterward too. Mind you, the twice I tried to give Derry a dose of Pred (at the vet's suggestion when he also got so sick this past winter), you'd have thought I was trying to kill him. Derry's NOT easy to give any kind of medication to.

    I don't know what a FitBit is and I don't think I care enough to Google. Ha. It has the word "Fit" in it, after all. Not "chocolate" or "cake" or "cookie." :-)

    Lovely sky shot, btw. Wishing you a good week ahead!

  8. Good news for the Baby :)
    We purr she continues to do well.
    We like the picture.
    Clouds are always quite interesting and can be quite dramatic when storms approach :)
    FitBit and Mom makes us giggle ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  9. Way to go The Baby!!! Oh, that sky is creepy cool.

  10. This is great news about The Baby! You must be so happy.

    That's very exciting about you and Scott going to Hawaii together next summer. It will be interesting to see who will be taking care of The Horde.

    It's also great how well your dad's doing.

    That is a beautiful sunset!!

  11. Great recap Sheebie! If I were closer I would be honored to look after your babies ! Good luck.

    FitBit(ch) is what I call it. My advice to all I techies is Back away from it. Oh dear me..I bought one last week. I had no clue what was involved for set up. Fir a techie no problem for me big problem. I actually was setting up I tall on the 'puter then it told me my' something starting w a d! Was not connected. Can't remember the word but it was new to me and there was nothing in the packaging identifying it. I decided I did not need a 100.00 glorified pedometer. Took it back to Best Buy, headed down to Sears foe an old fashioned 10.00 pedometer...thus the name FitBit(ch)!

    I hope your back feels better soon. Back aches make you hurt all over
    Madi and mom

  12. Typo...advice to all back away

  13. We are thrilled The Baby is doing better!

  14. That is AWESOME about The Baby!!!

    Gloman got a FitBit for Christmas. Though his son has one and LOVES it...I know for a fact that Gloman's is in his underwear drawer. Still. ; )

    Have always wanted to go to Hawaii!!! It's definitely on our list. But no extravagant vacations until we are able to check off the African photo safari from Gloman's bucket list. Have been saving pennies for a long time. Still need more pennies though. ha!!!

    xo, GG

    P.S. Thank you so much for the sweet birthday wishes for Glogirly and helping to make our comment-a-thon a huge success! xo, Katie & Waffles

  15. I was thinking the baby's diet sounded better than my own until you got to the toilet part.

  16. So good to hear that The Baby is doing so well! Someone's going to be a very lucky cat sitter to get to hang out with the Katnip Lounge kitties while you go to Hawaii next year!

  17. Yay on The Baby gaining weight and doing so well. Good Luck on finding a cat will! Me, June is my birthday month so I'd rather go to Hawaii! :)

  18. I LOVE the desert! But then I would need a goat sitter. Any takers?

    This could end up a line of people sitting other people's pets!

  19. so glad the Baby is feeling better... getting older is tough on every creature. :)

  20. So glad The Baby is feeling better! How wonderful that Scott was to take you to Hawaii! Hmmm, a week in Vegas with the horde. Sounds like a fun adventure! Might be a possibility! :)

    As for a FitBit, I have a Flex and wear the stupid thing every day and it does make me get in my 10,000 steps since without it I'd only get in about 2,000. But, if you get a pedometer and see you already get in over 10,000 steps it's probably not worth the cost. JB's mom and Furkids mom get tons of steps a day and we're all hooked up on so they motivate me but also make me insane about steps!

  21. I am offering The Staff for Horde sitting!! I could do with a break!

    Great news about the Baby *does slightly niptastic happy dance* hic!

  22. SP We are going to adopt your numbering system :)

  23. I am sure it would be fun to cat sit and probably a vacation for me to watch 13 instead of 15 :) but I never leave mine for more than one night. And Grammie stays with them.

  24. Oh Wow!
    What a great newsy post! And the bestest of all...the news about Baby!
    She IS a Cat From Hell.

  25. Hmm, M says if she was in better shape herself, she'd take you up on the house/cat sitting job. he he - we assume you would at least allow 1 hour 37 minutes anyway instead of 37 minutes of free time. It's a great opportunity for someone who has never been to AZ and loves cats.

  26. We're so glad to hear The Baby is doing so well. That cat's got we knew she wouldn't let IBS get her down!

    The mom wants to get a FitBit, though we don't know why. She's got a bum hip and there's no way she can walk a lot or do other exercise stuff. She needs a new mattress and like you, dreads having to deal with the slimy sales peoples.

    Hawaii is on the mom's bucket list...but she needs to convince the dad-guy that it's on his as well. :)

  27. I'm all in for catsitting, but I would rather it be in February or March. Is that a problem? ;) It would be nice to escape the cold and snow.

    Glad the Baby is feeling better! Whew! That was good news.

    Joe has a fitbit. I'm not sure he'd have it if he didn't get a health credit from work for using it.

  28. Great news! I wish we could take a vacation with hubby. It's too complicated with our kitties but I bet you'll find someone purrfect.

  29. stasrting with the Fitbit first - I know everyone at work has it, but I was too cheap and so got the Jawbone UP. It arrived Friday - love it! And it was $54 (vs. $130) on Amazon.
    Fitbit was first an iphone thingy and I'm android. (although I hear they have an android app now too).
    But seriously, the UP does everything the fitbit does, plus it's smaller, cooler looking and supposed to be waterproof - as in you can wear it in the shower.

    Now, onto HAWAII!! Woot! How fun! The last time I was there was a 10-day trip for WORK and - get this - a week before I left, I came down with mono. Working in Hawaii with mono - ohhh joy... it was SUCH fun. *grin*

    YAY for the Bibs! Keep it up, missy!

  30. Great news about The Baby! Lovely sunset picture and sounds like a wonderful vacay to go to Hawaii, paws crossed for a great kitty sitter to come forward.

  31. so glad to hear The Baby is feeling better. We are still purring and praying for her. Our mom would cat sit for your gang but then we'd need somebuddy for us :D purrs,

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  32. That is great news about The Baby.
    I got all excited about catsitting the horde because we want to take a cruise to Hawaii with a week in Las Vegas either before or after and a few days in San Francisco, but it is the wrong time of year for us. Never mind, I would probably have been a nervous wreck anyway worrying that nothing went wrong.

  33. Mom says that if she had not been stung by that nasty scorpion while at Blog Paws, she would jump at the chance to come and stay and take care of efurrbuddy. So guess that means we are furry happy that scorpion got her 'cause we don't want her taking care of any other kitties, ever! XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  34. I like my fitbit zip. I never had any luck with other pedometers - mainly because I never wore them consistently because I never had a good "attachment point." I generally wear jeans and the zip fits perfectly in my watch pocket! I have found it to be consistent and it doesn't count driving on bumpy roads as steps :) While it doesn't track sleep quality like some of the others (which I'm skeptical about), I often clip it to the waistband of my PJs and then can see on the step log nighttime trips to the loo and judge sleep that way.

  35. This is great news about The Baby!
    My mom-person wonders if you really get 37 minutes per day of free time as a catsitter at your house :)


  36. we have a sleep number bed and LOVE it. It is totally adjustable so if you want it harder one night and softer the next, that is up to you. they even make ones with adjustable bases now that allow you to sit up..

    we went in to look at the new models because we are coming due to get a new one after .. 12 years or so.. and the floor models were all on clearance, so we got a great deal on it.. but even still there wasn't any carsalesmensmarmyness.. (well maybe there was, she said there was someone else looking at the model we wanted, and we just lucked out that they 'hadn't yet called back or stopped in' which may or may not be true)

  37. Wonderful, awesome news about Baby! So glad to hear she's getting back to her normal self.

    I bought a new bed a few years ago, thankfully no slimy salesmen involved.

    Spending a week with the horde I'd probably never the last of it from my crew of three.

    Beautiful sunset!

  38. Great news about The Baby! I wish I could get Skootch to put on some weight - he's got that scrawny old kitty look to him.
    I just gave a friend a fitbit for a birthday, and he was very excited. I've never used one, but a lot of people have them.
    I recently got a new bed. It was very expensive. Not sure how I feel about it, but it's going to have to last a while!
    I have had some sciatica problems, and the thing that helped the most was doing several different kinds of piriformis stretches. Try this link:

  39. Beeeeautiful sky!

    Glad the yoga is helping! I joined YogaGlo. Really enjoy the online classes, plus I still go to my local yoga studio.

    Hope you find a pawsome cat sitter!

  40. Pawsum news 'bout the Baby. Wees purrayin' fur yous. Mommy sez gettin' old is no fun and when yous hav uddew purrawlems tu boot, it's pawful. Mommy sez hers wuld be happy tu catsit, but hers will hav tu see 'bout workin' da munny pawt out tu get there. It wuld be a nice vacation fur us. ☺

    Luv ya'



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