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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Just Lick It, Lick It Good!*


Sylvester here.

One of my very favorite activities in the whole wide world (OK, this house) is Licking Plastic.  Mommy gets these awesome heavy-duty plastic bags for oversize items (like her ginormous bread loaves) and they are the BOMB.


Turn up the sound and you'll hear *just* how much I love these bags!
or click HERE

Raspy, huh?

Happy Wednesday!

XX  Saliva-vester  XX

*with apologies to Devo


  1. All that licking and no chewing ? Wow! There must be some seriously good stuff in those polymers. Seppo is a cellophane chewer.

  2. Well if you're a licker, Sylvester... Waffles is a chewer. He's never met a piece of plastic he didn't like... or want to rip through. Yeah, we've got photographic evidence too. But nothing like your pawsome video!

    1. It must be an ornj thing. Wally is a plastic chewer too. And his favorite thing to chew is the packing tape on boxes.

      Island Cat Mom

  3. Yeah, I was surprised there was no chewing either. I love chewing stuff!

  4. You really love that plastic don't you Sylvester. It has never appealed to me to lick or chew it, unless of course there is nip or vine inside, and then it gets demolished.

  5. Of all the five of them, only one like doing this, Willow will actually eat plastic if she can get her paws on it, I have to be very careful to put the pull off strips from packaging straight into the bin or we would be at the vets all of the time.
    I wonder if the plastic has fish oil or something in it to attract them.

  6. TBT says he is glad we don't dnt that. Or chew wires.

  7. OMCs Sylvester wonder what is up with that fascination?
    Every single morning before I got to my buffet I stop at the same place to lick the fringe on the rug.
    hugs madi your bfff

  8. Sylvester, maybe it's time your pawrents staged an intervention! Plastic lickers anonymous may have a 12-step program...

  9. Oh my goodness Sylvester! YOu don't eat it do you?

  10. That was good stuff--do they share any bread with you?

    My Himalayan licked plastic any chance she got. She'd also chew plastic so I had to watch her with it.

  11. You sure do love that bag Sylvester! We heard you slurping!

  12. MOL How cute. Mommy used to hav a kitty dat did dat too. Me luvs da plastic bags too but meez twies to carry them fwu da house, not lick 'em. MOL

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  13. Mum is glad we don't do that ! Purrs

  14. MOL, Maurice used to luv to lick plastic.

  15. Hey, didn't Mom Paula say something about one of her girls and licking? It was very interesting, too. Let me look it up. BRB.

  16. that a tuxie thing? Enquiring minds wants to knows....
    Happy Hugs Day

  17. It was about something called "pica", but those cats actually consume non-edibles. Here's the link:

    On the upside your Mom never has to wash a plastic bag. MOL!

  18. oh you are a nice Mama! I have a fit when Cody eats plastic because he is obsessed with it!!

  19. You don't give it a little bite while you're at it? Pierre loves to chew plastic bags. No bag is safe, and he drools all over them, which really grosses the humans out. Bonus.

  20. That video is awesome, Sylvester! Great job. Our Gracie is a big fan of plastic licking, too. :)

  21. Sylvester, one of my mom's original cats used to bite on the shower liner. She'd just sit on the edge of the tub and perforate away. So I sort of get the attraction.

    (No, not really. I am a paper boy.)

  22. I'm a chewer not a licker. You should see the plastic when I get done with it. ~Wally

  23. Diego-san is your plastic bag lickin' soul brother...

  24. This is seriously strange behavior. We all have our little quirks which is what makes us so endearing! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  25. MOL! What a strange obsession. I guess we can't really talk though... Sampson is obsessed with we paper towels. He will fight you over them. Seriously weird.

  26. ME TOO! I love gnawing on 'em. Mommy HATES it when I do that! ~ Faraday


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