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Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Big Day


You asked, and we commanded Mommy and Daddy to deliver.

They have been working day in and day out...

building up inventory...

working on packaging and pricing...

and a store front--which still needs a few more tweaks. 

But we KNEW none of you would want to be deprived for another second, so Mommy made a page on the sidebar for ordering fresh home-made Catio Chips!

Because Kitties (and Woofers) are all about the instant gratification, right?

And to celebrate our Grand Soft Opening we're doing a giveaway:  everybody who purchases Catio Chips from now until midnight, September 20, 2015 (PST) will be eligible to win one of these sets of tie-dyed tea towels! 

For now you will have to send an email and Daddy will invoice you before you can pay, but hopefully not for long...Mommy is learning more HTML than she thought she'd ever have to know wants to.

Anyhoo, we hope you try 'em...they are delicious AND nutritious!

Happy Munching Monday!

XX  The Katnip Lounge  XX


  1. We can totally vouch for these being yummy and nutritios. Mom Trish made us some here when she visited, from finest Finnish chickens. And Äiti loved them for us too as we HAD to chew - none of this swallowing without tasting. So they are fantastic for our teefs. Kitties, get your humans to order some of these now - they are delish!

  2. Oh, this is so exciting! Best of luck with your new venture!

  3. Wow, those look SO tasty... in fact, I know they are because I have HAD them!

  4. How exciting. We'll have to look to see how much change is under the sofa cushions to see if we can order some!

  5. Good luck on your new venture! Love the name Catio Chips!

  6. Pssst!!! We've had the most delicious honor of sampling Chix Breast Jerky and can attest to it's DELICIOUSNESS!!!

    Word on the street is that Waffles went major crazypants over it. Like REALLY crazypants.

    : )

  7. hope the new venture is successful. i'll check with the boyz about their interest in the chips. Theo's cautious about my warning that he is what he eats and so he might pause for a second before eating any jerky..

  8. Hey, with Pirate Day coming up you need to have a Catio Chips Ahoy special!

  9. Awesome! Wow, Star would have loved those! She was a chicken lover! I may have to see what the girls think about those, we already know Leo hates any and all human food and most treats!

  10. Good luck with your new venture! They look delish!!

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  12. KatMom did not convey there will be two winners of the TEA TOWELS, as both sets are up for grabs! Really nice towels....HUGE, 26x26.

  13. You have been busy!
    Good luck...

    Noodle and crew

  14. Good luck with all this! Sure is a lot of work.

  15. Oooo la la!
    What a neat venture :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  16. Oh, poop! Grace would have LOVED these! (Hobbes doesn't eat anything but his dry kibble...go figure). What a GREAT idea. I know you are gonna sell out of these.

  17. Congrats on the new store- that is a great idea :) I will order some soon.

  18. Concats on the new business adventure. We sure hope you kitties get a piece of it...literally. MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  19. Oh my gosh! This is amazing! Congratulations on your new venture!!

    Love your blog wallpaper by the way!

  20. Fantastic!!! Hope this all goes great for you!,

  21. We are ecstatic for you!!!! Couldn't be happier. We can't order right now due to a lack of green papers, but we most assuredly will one day for sure. Cody is dying to try them! Wishing you the best of luck on this exciting venture!


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