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Friday, November 13, 2015

Fragrant Friday


The Baby here.
Yesterday Mommy got a bug up her butt the urge to cook!  When the cool weather arrives she fires up every available burner and both ovens on at least one of her days off and cooks and bakes and sautes and simmers her fool head off.

So, after she concocted a  huge VAT of soup, baked bread, roasted squash and garlic bulbs, and made quiche the house was pretty fragrant.  Daddy called Mommy the Stinky French Chef.  (I'm fairly sure it was a compliment--ed.)

Needless to say some of the stink settled on my furs.

hmmmmmm...I actually don't taste bad at all; in fact Mommy's cooking tastes pretty darn good!

And I think I just found a chicken soup spot--must investigate...

*licketty lik lik lik*

Oh yeah.  Chicken for sure!

Happy Friday!

XX  Bathing Bibby  XX


  1. Chicken soup for the soles?

    At least the vampires will pass you by.

  2. Wow. We've to find out how Äiti and the gang made Mom Trish come to Oulu. We really needed someone like that her! Our mom is always in a bad mood when she has to make food. And she never ever cooks something for us.

  3. Wow! That makes cleaning chicken-smell fur such a pleasure, isn't it? Purrs from all of us!

  4. Yeah, TBT does that. Soups and stews mainly. But he suddenly got tired of cleaning the 30 year old non-insert slow-cooker last week and threw it out. A newone is on the way. He cant wait to just put the insert in the dishie-washer!

  5. I bet it smelled really good at your house - that is the kind of perfume I wouldn't mind wearing!

  6. We wants to know if the humans gave you a pawty on ur gotcha day??? George & Gracie

  7. All that cooking sounds good! Your furs must have been very tasty.

  8. The Baby, Me Just saw what your mom cooked in FB.
    I guess the perfume you wear is...Garlic No. 5 by Coco Katniplounge !!!

    PS : lots of kiss to Miss Salem =^x^=

  9. You gotta cook a lot for it to show up in kitty furs! Wow!
    Vat of soup.... I sure hope it wasn't Scouty Soup!

  10. So how does your mommy get all that cooking done with a dozen cats underfoot?

  11. MOL! Why didn't we think of that? Next time our human's cook we'll search for the spot the aroma landed.

    Emma and Buster

  12. We're sure that it smelled very good at your house ! Purrs

  13. the baby.....we hope ta cod yur mom dinna spill any BURD upon yur furz......tho we R glad for ewe
    & yur familee de tempa churez down ta 481 ~~~~ that iz good mews !!!

    heerz two a northern squawfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  14. Oh yummy! Have you taught her to make Gerber's baby food yet????

  15. We kind of like it when our mom is busy because we snoopervise but it is always better when she just sits on her lazy behind.

  16. You are a cutie! Good thing you are cleaning up or the others may try to eat you. :)

  17. You mean she didn't cook anything for you, The Baby?? Well thank cod some settled on your furs.


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