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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Breakfast Order


KonaKitty here.

Every morning I serenade Mommy whilst she fixes my brekky and--the best part--sprinkles it with Fortiflora Magic Dust for extra flavor.


If you turn up the sound you'll hear my plaintive cries me commanding Mommy to hurry up and FEED ME NOW!

or click HERE

Is she well trained or what?

Happy Thursday!

XX  KonaKitty  XX


  1. That particular kind of magic dust smells so good to me! I am so tempted to sprinkle a packet of that stuff on a burger or something. I think it would be the perfect seasoning and do the system good! I keep forgetting to ask my vet if that would be ok, then I can pick up a box for me! yum! yum!!

  2. She *is* well trained. Can you share some of your secrets?

  3. Dear Kona, we love your little meows :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  4. You have her so well-trained, Kona! Ashton loves the magic dust, too, but can't bring herself to hold out for it very often.

  5. Sadie loves the magic dust too, but not as much as you!

  6. We use nutritional yeast as our magic dust, Kona, and Chucky will NOT eat until he gets some...even stops halfway through his meal, just to get another sprinkling. We call it sprinkles, but I'm liking magic dust instead. The outside kitties get a spoonful mixed into their meals.

  7. Diego-san has me similarly trained except his is more of a guttural howl. And doesn't get any magic dust on top.

  8. Ohh KK! Your little chirrupy meow melted my flinty old heart!! ❤️❤️

  9. Oh war a sweet meow and chirp. You love mommy.

  10. You are such a cutie, Kona.
    We are glad your Mom has been so well trained.

  11. Kona Kitty to the rescue! Initially, I couldn't hear Kona, even when I turned up the volume. I discovered I had a sound problem on my computer to fix. Once done, I could hear not only Kona, but also Mommy talking to her. Who said cats couldn't (encourage us to)fix computers!

  12. well trained my foot.. why is she taking a video instead of rushing a little faster to get you your food?


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