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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Electronic Slave

Friends and Kitties!

Sheebie here.
The following photo is:

a) not K-Rated (safe for Young Kittens), and
b) brought to you by the World's Most Evil holiday gift--a FitBit.
Hubby purchased both of us FitBit trackers a couple of weeks before Christmas and since neither of us are into delayed gratification we put 'em on right away...and life as we know it has changed.

Who woulda thunk that this little gadget would transform us into competitive raging stepping monsters?  Ten times a day (at least) we tot up our stats; heart rate, steps, active time, even who SLEPT better!  It make our Scrabble games look tame by comparison*.  We want our numbers to go from orange to green and get those little smiley faces on the phone app as soon as we hit our goals...apparently we are both quite easily motivated by imaginary electronic things.

It's insane, but in a good way.

Because the amount of laziness in our lives has had the damning light of true sloth shined upon it:  we were couch spuds--yes, even ME-- and we have started to change that.  Hence this photo, taken while we were out accumulating steps towards our daily totals--a.k.a. a walk on the bike path.  No longer do I sit in a boneless slump at work for hours on end, my little alarm goes off and I'm up and about, churning out some more mileage (I know all the long ways around both plants now) even if I'm only marching around the room in circles.  Scott is wearing a path in the grass up through the park and back, and he detests walking as a form of exercise.  But he's doing it.  Amazing.

Anyhoo, I've wanted a picture of myself being all defiant with this sign for some time now.  

I wonder, can I get a smiley face on my FitBit app for fulfilled photo ops?

Happy Sunday!

XX  Sheebie  XX

*we're on our third board

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  1. I need to follow your advice and get off my slovenly duff. But sitting with a nice warm blanket with a couple of cats on top is hard to beat!

  2. We know how you like to go where others dare not. When I first got a FitBit a few years back I would walk up and down the upstairs hall while brushing my teeth before bed trying to get a better step count for the day. I am no longer that fanatical, which is probably why I have gained a ton of weight. Keep up the good work. Hugs, Janet

  3. Oh dear - Äiti has only just been weaned off that sort of thing....... She had a jawbone which she broke, a polar loop, a fitbit and now she has a vivofit. WHich all in all makes her a bone crunching arctic fruitloop. You are welcome to the club.

  4. My human got a Fitbit from her boyfriend for Christmas and she is thrilled because she was considering getting one for herself! She is happy because she discovered she apparently does nearly 10,000 steps on an average exercise day (which is most days) without putting in extra effort. Living in a multi-story house helps too!

  5. That sounds like loads of competitive fun! OUr Mommy knows she would just love that thing. I look for her to join the club soon...

  6. Mum would just love it, but it sounds exhausting to us. We need a nap after reading your mom's post. Purrs

  7. It makes me tired just to think about a fitbit. It is much more fun to read about you two doing all your steps. Well done.

  8. I don't know if we will let our mom get something that will limit our lap time! Does it track your mom's time on her bike or is it just steps?

  9. I wish I had that kind of obsession. I am most impressed.

  10. MOL! That's why the mom has not gotten a fitbit. All of her friends that have them have turned into crazy competitive fitbit people. She's not sure she wants to join that club. Maybe after she has her hip surgery in a few weeks.

  11. I don't know what's scarier: that I have a watch that tells me it's time to stand up or that I obey and do so.

  12. Way to go Sheebie! Way to make it fun :)
    Marty and the Gang

  13. Great way to start the new year :)
    Now that sign is off the bucket list! LOL!

  14. Good for you Sheebie!
    Happy Sunday Selfies
    Annabelle, Boo, Ping, & Mr Jinx

  15. My mum should have one of those, but I know she would rather just take the photos.

  16. Santa brought me a FitBit, too. And I gotta say: I am in LOVE with that thing! It makes something super simple like drinking water seem like an admirable thing to do. It does keep me up and walking much more than I otherwise would. I'd love it if they made a dog version, so I could make sure my pug is getting the steps he needs every day...

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  17. Wow! Mes gots to get mes and Mommy one of those. Mes hardly ever moves so she should win (at something) every day!!!!
    Kisses to all
    Nellie Bellie (@ Mommy's blog)

  18. That is the best testimonial for Fitbit! I think it would it be epic fail for me though. Wishing a happy and healthy 2016 for the whole crew.

  19. That is the best testimonial for Fitbit! I think it would it be epic fail for me though. Wishing a happy and healthy 2016 for the whole crew.

  20. When my mom @ work. Her work involves with lots of walking. When she gets home, she always turns herself to be a vegetable. But me don't like her that way so I always get her move ( to my food bowl ) as much as I can..tee..heh..
    Keep it up, Mom Trish & Daddy Scott.
    and Have a good holiday

  21. I hear that people that are really active wear out their joints and thus need more replacements sooner. Maybe being a couch potato has an upside! Enjoy the fit!

  22. Been part of Fitbit since June 2014. Now if I could just interest Mom L in it. But kudos to you and Hubby. I find it particularly good for those of us older folks since it makes us aware of how sedentary we can easily become. Go for it!!

  23. Dear mom Trish,
    we are lack of blogging too often so we didn't been there for you lots of time. Me should be sacked !
    Just want to send HUG to you and purrs for Miss Kona. ( We read your comment @ The Cat Guy )

  24. I am thinking of getting one of those and your endorsement makes me want to get one NOW! I am WAY too sedentary! Well done, BOTH of you! Love the photo! catchatwithcarenandcody

  25. This looks suspiciously like Area 51.

  26. At work on a break, my sister goes into the restroom in a stall and walks in place to increase her steps, stopping only when someone comes in. Even though I exercise in the morning, I'm sedentary the rest of the day and I know I need to work on changing that. Good for you both!

  27. My brother got a Fitbit for Christmas too. He's a regular runner and is on track to run 900 miles by the end of the year. Our conversations since he got the thing are all about how many flights of stairs he's climbed and the number of steps he got in (60 and just over 12000 today). Apparently it's addicting!

    Love, love, love the photo.

  28. So, you think a Fitbit is a good buy eh? Wonder if they will work on Mum's Mac.....

    It does sound addictive but fun doesn't t!


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