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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Stop, THIEF!


The Baby here.

Contrary to what Mommy says in the video, I was NOT being a thief.

This was a strictly impromptu Quality Control inspection, yet another aspect of my tireless efforts to keep treat standards up to snuff around the Lounge.

or view HERE

Happy Thursday!

XX  The (Totally innocent) Baby  XX


  1. You were eating FROZEN CHICKEN? We don't even like that stuff CHILLY!

  2. I hope you get paid well for that QC work - it's not easy work!

  3. Uh, were you hungry?
    Who was that chicken FOR?
    Was your servant preparing and presenting it to you for your snacking pleasure?
    What does any self-respecting, self-reliant, action-oriented kitteh DO when the staff lets her down--AGAIN?
    Why, she takes care of business! Examplary behavior.

    *I* might have made Mommy bleed a little. Hey, it's red! That's a Christmas color, right?

  4. Don't humans ask stoopy questions' what are you doing?'. Hehehehe. What's it look like!

    Now that tub of treats looked yummy - room for anyone else in there ?

  5. Well, of course you had to do QC. You are very helpful that way.

  6. Telly your Mom it was an early Christmas snack. Merry Christmas to all of you.

  7. Baby, you were just inspecting the product that's all. Geeesh, right away our humans accuse us of stealing. They really don't know us very well do they?

  8. the cats all over the world thank you for your efforts.

  9. Well, somecat needed to taste-test it.

  10. Merry Christmas to everyone at Katnip Lounge!! I hope Santa is good to you all!

  11. We're guessing Santa is bringing a more kitty-proof container for the chicken jerky?

  12. It's a hard job, The Baby, but someone has to do it.

  13. And totally unrepentant as well... ha ha ha... hope the Baby didn't get a tummy ache from eating too much chickkun... T.

  14. Baby! Yous goes grrl! Yous is the purrfect Cat From Hell!
    Mes wanted to stops by and say
    Merry Christmas to all of yous! May your life be filled with the wonder and hope of Christmas all year!
    Love Nellie and Mommy

  15. Well done Baby! We're sure your fursibs will appawciate your kwality control, MOL

    Merry Christmas efurrybody!
    Sasha Sami, & Saku

  16. The Baby, I thought *all* chicken belongs to the cat. Isn't that the law??


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