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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wheezy Wednesday


May Ling here.
I'm looking for a place to hide.

Behind the garbage can?

The Corner of Invisibility?
That's not working too well either.

How about some loud complaining...maybe that will convince Mommy that I don't need to be at the vet's office??
or click HERE

Well, that didn't work either.

Teh Mommy here:  ML has been wheezing and gasping lately, and I *knew* it wasn't a hairball; she's normally quite efficient about those.  I was pretty sure it was allergies or asthma.  The poor mite had multiple episodes in a single day last week and Scott got one on off to the vet we went.  Dr. Auggie agreed with my hunch and the victim patient received a Depo steroid shot.  We'll monitor her and see how it goes.  It's been incredibly windy this past week and everybody's allergies are playing up so I have high hopes that she was simply joining the crowd and this will be an end to it--because who wants to pee in the carrier twice?

Happy Wednesday!

XX  May Ling  XX


  1. Poor May Ling, I had to go to the vet this week too, she thought I had cancer... I don't, I just throw up a lot :( Ingrid

  2. Iffen it isn't a hairball, its serious. Hope the vet says everything is ok... And iffen it isn't, go Super-Sayen and burn up all the inside problems!!! And increase yer internal powers to defeat Cell and the Booyans.

    Ooh, we may have been watching too many late-night anime cartoons...

  3. Poor May LinG! Sending clear breezes your Way to breathe a bit easier. ❤️����

  4. Poor May LinG! Sending clear breezes your Way to breathe a bit easier. ❤️����

  5. Sure doesn't sound like there's anything with those lungs! Sing it loud, sing it proud, May Ling! (Seriously though, hope the shot works and she feels better soon!)

  6. Binga's had some allergies too with this weather.

  7. We are sending strong healing purrs, May Ling; our paws are crossed for your speedy recovery.
    Purrs ... Rainbow

  8. poor May Ling....hopefully it was just a change in environment

  9. I hope that shot helps you feel better, May Ling.

  10. May Ling, poor thing! Hope your wheezies blow away on the wind!

  11. Awwww May Ling we do hope mew feel much better asap!

    Sending mew many healing purrs

    Basil & Co xox

  12. May Ling...I so am wanting you all better. Glad your dad got a video for the Vet.

  13. Hey, May Ling, I "hide" under my person's arm. It doesn't usually work though, so I hope you find a better spot. Signed, Benny

  14. may ling....we iz sorree ya had two pee twice, go two de place oh eeeeeevil, suffer de wheezez N we hope ta cod ya feel way better soooper quik fast ~~~~~~
    az all wayz...blessingz frum R awesum pal frank ~~♥♥♥

  15. Purrs for sweet, beautiful May Ling. This time of year is just awful in Oklahoma, too. You have our sympathies.

  16. Poor May Ling. Our vet says allergies have been particularly bad for dogs and cats this season. Ernie can attest to that.

  17. Sweetie, I heard your cries and want to crawl in the puter to comfort you. Feel better soonest.

  18. We hope the shot does the trick so you don't have to go back! Hmph. A gorgeous girl like you, at the very least, deserves a comfy hiding spot :)


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