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Friday, November 11, 2016

Crouching Floorca, Hidden Felines


Mommy got a coupon for the local home improvement store and decided we needed she wanted some new things; to wit: a clean un-barfed-upon area rug and new cat-warmer (table lamp).  Pals, we she scored--both items for only a hundred bucks--and the old be-barfed blue rug is outside on the Catio now, available for warmer winter lounging.

Later in the evening we gave the new items a test run.
Now, here's the fun part...can you spot all six of us in this picture?  There's Miss Pea, The Baby, Maui, Tiny Johnson, May Ling, and Salem.

We'll give you a hint to get started: 
Here's Salem!

Happy Friday!

XX  Happy Kats  XX


  1. I think I found everyone. Salem, do you do that killer whale thing all the time? 😃😉

  2. Hehehe - that title takes the biscuit.

  3. I had to look at the larger version to find everyone. Cool deal!

  4. Found everyone! Hope you all have a great day.

  5. I can see your fins...tee..heh..heh
    Love you, Miss Salem

    My mom love this game !
    when she was a kid, this is her favourite game on the daily newspaper =^x^=

    while I'm waiting for mom, I can hang out with you, Miss !
    Let's swim on da rug together ..Ha..Ha..Ha ...=^x^=


  6. Wait--I thought that was an orca!

  7. It took us a while, but we found you all ! Purrs

  8. I see them I see them!! But Salem is the best with that oh so interesting position there! Love it!

  9. Got you all!! Nothing like a new rug to sharpen your claws on, right!

  10. Salem, that whale pose makes us MOL every time! We found all 6, but we had to click the picture to make it larger.

  11. Salem, that --- OH MY CAT, we just looked up and were going to write THE EXACT SAME THING Juie did, above us! ROLMOL!!! We luuuurve your whale pose!

  12. Salem, I think you should make the inaugural barf on the new rug, since she keeps insisting on making fun of you!


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