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Monday, November 21, 2016

Mancat Monday


Rupert here.

In case you were wondering, it is the epitome of Manliness to cozy up on a heaty pad.
Especially when it's chilly!
Mommy squee'd when she saw me lounging on the sofa, toasting my tummy and oozing Grey Handsomeness but since she grabbed the camera instead of me I was forced to turn up the charm to get some pettings:


It worked!
I got a lovely ear rub and all sorts of fussings.

Happy Monday!

XX  Rupert  XX


  1. Well done, Rupert - you deserved some special attention after putting up with the camera.
    Purrs ... Rainbow

  2. *chilly* - I guess that's a relative term, hehehehe. But even so, you are the epitome of mancatliness of course. Hold on to that heaty pad before some thuggish girlcat tries to hijack it.

  3. Give 'em a wink and they'll fall at your feet to do your bidding! Good work!

  4. You are very smart. And warm. And comfy. What's not to luff about that? Oh, and very, very handsome.

  5. Nobody can deny a kitty wink ;) He is a ball of cuddliness, for sure.

  6. Benny agrees with you whole heartedly!

  7. rupert, you are a hard worker.

  8. Hmmm, maybe it's the epitome of Manliness to get all sorts of fussing too? MOL!

  9. The heating pad sounds like the best seat in the house!

  10. Happy Monday you handsome HANDSOME Gray Fella...( I have a secret to tell you in your shorn velvet ear...come on over tonight thru the tunnel.)

  11. Well done Rupert! Do you know what? We live in the cold north and we don't have a single one of those heaty pads. Like what's up with that? We got some talking to do with our mom bean.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  12. Well, you do have one of the comfiest spots there, Rupert.

  13. That wink made all the ladies here swoon!

  14. How could she resits such a wonderful mancat to pet.


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