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Monday, December 12, 2016

Breaking News!


video content may be unsuitable for young or more sensitive kittehs 
(or folks otherwise kind to pineapples)


The Mommy here, reporting.

The following footage reveals a shocking event in the Kitchen of the Katnip Lounge--a toothy attack upon an innocent pineapple--purrpetrated by a spine-thirsty Sweet Pea!

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Turn up the sound and you'll hear the savage beast purring away as she *bitey bite bite bites* the greenery--nothing like enjoying the job at hand!

A subsequent interview with the Purrpetrator revealed she experienced no remorse whatsoever for the vishus assault; in fact, Miss Pea denied all knowledge of the event with this pineapple (or indeed any of the long succession of similarly gnawed bromeliads, celery leaves, basil plants, corn husks, and strawberry tops), claiming that the video was a part of a giant "fake news" conspiracy and that she was completely innocent.

This reporter begs to differ...but is willing to bow to the court of popular opinion.

What do you think?

Guilty?  Innocent?  Framed?  CGI?

Happy Monday!

XX  The Mommy  XX


  1. Totally innocent. Baby was framed. Everyone knows that kitties can't purr and swallow food at the same time!

  2. I'd bite it too - like there is anything wrong with that.

  3. Fake news. Someone is trying to frame her. 😉

  4. A Russian cyber-crime wethinks. Whitey is Innocent.

  5. i don't see any conclusive evidence.

  6. Completely innocent says Annie and Mr Toes (who love to eat plants by the way)

  7. OMC! Our Dad just bought one of those things.... and it's sitting on our counter. Unguarded!

  8. What happens on the counter, stays on the counter! I know NUTHIN! I seen NUTHIN!

  9. When there's greenery on hand, you've got to take a good chomp. Or two. Totally justified!

  10. Isn't that what greens are for??? Ask Owen...he's nibbling on the tree.

  11. Considering S.Pea is in the middle of the place setting on the dinner table, I am suspicious.

  12. Um, it's hard to dispute video evidence. Though we think the fact that the pineapple was sitting there just waiting to be gnawed on makes it okay.

  13. Those are "inneresting" things ta chew! I ate a green bean the other day (it was buttered). Does that count? ~ IZA


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