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Monday, December 5, 2016

Scouty The Ripper


Scouty here.
I'm waiting for Rupert to move his keister so's I can have some fun all by myself--he's kind of a buttinski, y'know?

But DRAT, now Mommy is looking over here.
Evil wench.

I'll quick glace away (and pretend she's not there) and maybe she'll forget about me...

Well, that didn't work out so good:
or click HERE

Maybe I should have let Rupert stick around!

Happy Monday!

XX  Shredding Scouty  XX


  1. Oh Scouty, that is wonderful. We love a masterful ginger mancat. So brave! Well done dude - lovely to see you.

  2. Too bad you couldn't have some privacy while you were ripping up your paper, Scouty!

  3. We can see that you love ripping paper.
    You would have been more fierce if your mum wasn't there ;) MOL!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

    Thank you for your kind thoughts for Treasure.
    We miss him.

  4. Scouty, just let your natural instincts matter who is watching!

  5. Our Mommy is an opportunist, too.

  6. Nope, not into ripping paper. Mum leaves enuf of it laying around with the newsy paper. I just let it alone.

  7. Way to go, Scouty! That paper never knew what hit it!

  8. OMC the mom bean was within breathing room Scouty! You are such a brave mancat. Have fun ripping that paper.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  9. Oh well, Scout...having an audience didn't stop you, did it?

  10. You know what was on your mommy's mind the whole time, right?
    Hint: SS (Scouty stew) ahem!

  11. You and Bear could handle all the world's paper on your own :) FEROCIOUS!

  12. Dood. That ... was ... EPIC. Although if Rupert had been there you totes coulda shoved the blame off on him.


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