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Friday, April 16, 2010

Felix Friday: Scribblings by Mommy

Here is Me, My Most Handsome Ornj Self. Note the fully furred left leg. This is how it is SUPPOSED to look!

Never let anyone tell you bald is beautiful. All I know is that it's COLD!

Strike a pose.

Some of my expert lace-making work. Daddy left this out by mistake...hahaha!

Felix: Mommy, tell the other cats about my knee. I don't like to talk about it.
Mommy: OK buddy. Well, about six weeks ago (on a Monday) I was changing the sheets on the big bed, nomally something Felix loves, and he stood up on the bed and howled and growled. I didn't think much of it; he's kinda cranky and ornj as a rule.
Felix: MOMMY!

Mommy: Well, big boy, it's true...ANYWAY...he did it again later, and then Daddy and I noticed he was limping on his left hind leg. We could manipulate it and his piddy pad and claws looked good so we decided to wait until the morning and decide if he needed the v-e-t or not. Felix slept all night but in the morning it was still the growl and limp show. Daddy works from home, so off to the the v-e-t they went--right away! The kind and gentle Dr. St John diagnosed a luxating patella and scheduled poor Felix for surgery that afternoon.

We picked him up that evening and boy, was he whipped out from the morphine and anesthesia. The pain patch probably added to the mix. I don't think the poor guy was in his right mind. It was kinda scary, actually. I cried a little bit. Daddy cried a little bit. We fixed up a room for him with a low bed and low-sided litter box and food and treats and a TV on for company, you know the drill. When the hallucinations (Felix's) finally stopped he pretty much slept for a day and a night. Then it was just the tempting him to eat and trying to restict him from moving around too much. And the litter box...try squatting with a stiff leg...not good. He picked out two of his stitches but otherwise left his incision alone.

After a few days he asked to go out of his room and gimped out to the catio to lay in the sun and do some general inspection of the house. We watched him to help if he wanted "up" or "down" and he was VERY aware of his lame leg. We could see him calculate how he was going to navigate where he wanted to go. Then he'd go back to "his" room when he got pooped out.

After another week he was sick of his room so he got sprung back into the general population. Felix has enough of a "rep" that the other cats steer clear when he hisses; he ain't kidding around! So we didn't worry he'd be harassed or chased, even Maui repects the Mighty Ornj Boy.

So now it's time for his recheck, and he goes back to see Dr St. John tomorrow. Felix likes her, considering she's a v-e-t and all...we're worried because he's still limping, but more so when he walks than any other gait. He's also gotten a little thin, but he's just as SASSY as he's ever been, so he must be feeling good. We need a professional opinion on his progress. I'm going to ask the vet about which joint supplements we should try (Thanks, Maggie May's Mommy!) and what else we can be doing to help Felix heal up as best he can.

As to how this injury happened, it's a mystery. Felix is incredibly athletic and I can see him careening around the catio and perhaps falling, or something falling onto him. That Monday morning one of the big cat scratchers was on it's side, maybe that had someting to do with it. Viewed from behind he always looked a little "knock-kneed" to me so perhaps he was genetically predisposed to an injury. Whatever. We just want our silly Ornj Boy back to 100%!

We're off to the v-e-t late tomorrow afternoon; I'll put an update up by Sunday. Purr for good news. Thanks!

Kat Mom


  1. We're purring for you big boy and we're hoping for a wonderful report!!!

  2. We will be crossing all our paws that the report from the vet is good and that Felix will make a full recovery! Leg injuries are o fun, and surgery even less so!

  3. Poor sweetie! Hopefully you get healed up ASAP!

  4. Oh noes! I'm having flashbacks and not the good kind! This sounds all to familiar. I definitely sympathize with you, sweet Felix! We sure hope you get a great report from the vet. We will all be purring very very hard for a good report!!!!
    Maggie May

  5. Oh no, Felix! What a scary story but at least it has a happy ending! Are you keeping it a secret about how your knee got hurt? Please be nice and tell us what REALLY happened, okay? And you are right...bald is not beautiful (in your case anyway) but your fur will grow back, I promise! Get well soon!

  6. Star is trying very hard to get out some treats for Felix and to send him a note!!

    Purrs & prayers from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde & their Feeders!

  7. Sending good vibes and purrs for a positive vet check!!!

  8. Felix...we are sending you B~I~G purrs and strong vibes!!! Come back with some great news!!!

  9. Our mummy is quite taken with Felix (she has such a soft spot for the orange kitties) and she's hoping that each day has him feeling lots better.

    We send him MANLY healing purrs.

  10. That sound like a seriously OWWIE thing. We're he's on the mend now.

  11. Dude, you have great parents...just try to take it easy, maybe just lie around and make some more lace, it's pretty.

  12. We are sending strong purrs for a good vet report.

  13. Awwwww big, big purrs and hugs to brave oranj Felix!!!

    I hope his leg heals soon and that he'll be back 100% - such a scary time for all of you! But Dr St John sounds lovely so I hope she'll fix Felix up in no time!

    Take care

  14. Felix, we hope you are okay!! We'll be purring for you!

  15. We will purr for that knee. That sounds painful!

  16. We are praying for you. (((HUGS))) Hope everything is o.k.

  17. You are a fine looking boy, actually you look like me! I hope your let gets better soon so you can get back to ginger cat antics.
    Winston x

  18. We are purring loudly for everything to be ok at the vet visit tomorrow...Felix, you handsome boy, we hope you feel better soon...Best of luck, sweetheart...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  19. Hello Felix! What a story, and what a big brave ginger boy you are - just like me! I was reading you story and it was bringing back so much about my naughty kneecap. It hurt so much, but do we cats complain? Our friend the vet was really good to me, and the operation went well but I hated the blue stinky bandage I had. And when Aila-sister had hers done she hated it so much she ripped it off, twice - before she had even got back home (she was off her head on the drugs too). Now I walk ok but when I run Äiti says I have a limp and kick my right leg a bit. Our friend the vet says that is okay and my knee will never be perfect again (but I know I am perfect of course). I take a tablet-treat of seraquin every day to help and demand lots of oily fish for my food - which I do not always get.
    Apparently I have weak muscles, and after a fall (and it's best Äiti does not know that I made a mammoth jump of a couple of metres and twisted my knee), my naughty patella luxated. Apparently it might happen again as I am not that muscular (but please don't tell anyone that -it's not good for King Kitty Cat of Finland North to be seen as weak). With Aila-sisko she was chased by Tuomo and slipped as she was trying to escape his jaws. She is very muscular and her patella must have jumped out, and it was very painful. She is still in 'her room' and Äiti is trying really herd to work out how to stop Tuomo from fighting her again.

    With nose rubs and purrs for your progress

    Punapippuri x

  20. Sending yoo healing purrs, Felix. Get well soon buddy.

  21. Felix dude, we hope your vet visit goes well and you get a good report. We learned from Maggie about patellas misbehavin'. Your lacework is stunning, the teef holes made our Mum laff n laff!

    Whicky Wuudler

  22. Felix we send lots and lots of purrs for you and hope you get a painfree vet visit. We loved your lacework on Daddy's paper - it was very artistic and we are going to try that out.

  23. We're hoping for a good report. Be a good patient, Felix.

  24. Felix....bald is beautiful on you!!! We are so sorry about your ouchie but hope it is getting better. Tell Mom thank you for her kind comments...they ground covering is periwinkle. Our patches of it were beautiful around Easter when I took that picture. Madi and Mom


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