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Friday, April 23, 2010

Formerly Feral Friday DELAYED!

Here we are, a sneak peek of us as tiny scared kittens, CC & Scouty.

Hello Fellow Kitties!

Mommy was going to help the twins post today...but it's a long story and she's got an icky migraine...she even called in at work! So we made a deal--we'll sit on her and purr her head all better and she'll help the twins do a TWO-part story, starting tomorrow.

It's an exciting story; feral cats & kittens, rescues, taming, escapes & recaptures, the works!
Also, some of you commented yesterday about our decals on the truck. We got them off the innernets at
Now we have to get back to our purring work.

Love, The Lounge Kats


  1. We hope your the Mom gets better soon.

  2. We hope your mom feels better soon. Our human sympathizes! Sending lots of purrs and healing Light.

  3. Purrs for your Mom!
    Feel better!!


  4. Awwwwww please keep purring and help mum with her migraine!!

    Me and Charlie are sending lotsa healing purrs too!

    We look forward to Scouty and CC's story soon. It all sounds so exciting!!

    Take care

  5. We can't wait to hear the story...but we hope your mom feels better soon...

  6. Poor mum. You two look like you're purring her better. Good!

  7. We send purrs to your Mom too...take good care of her!

  8. Your poor mom! Fix her up fast, kids!

    I LOVE your decals! And all the photos, too.

  9. I hope your Mommy feels better soon...I get migraine headaches and give myself Imitrex shots; they are wonderful, they work within 30 minutes or so and you can function...It's a great drug!

  10. Hope your mommy feels better soon.

    My mommy gets migraines too... not good!


  11. We hope yoor mom's poorly head is much better soon. Migraines are horrible.

  12. Yuck! Poor mommy, migraines are no fun at all. The PM gets them here, she had one twice this week. Hope she's lying down in a dark room with you all for comfort!


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