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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Saga of the Twins, Part I

Hi everybody, CC & Scout here. We have a long story to tell, and it's not over, even now after three years! But already we're ahead of ourselves...

Scout: One spring afternoon in 2007 Mommy was out on the porch with The Baby in her cage (this is pre-Catio) and out of the corner of her eye she spotted something crawling up the brick wall, just like a lizard. It was Me, Scouty, scaling the wall! I'd come over to look for kitty food crumbs because I was so tiny and starving.

Mommy: I went and told Daddy what I'd seen and we decided to put food and water out and see what happened. That evening, the tiny orange fuzzball returned, then his orange & white brother with a calico cat we assumed was their Mama. They inhaled the food and scampered off, the kittens going up and over the back wall like miniature spider-men.

This went on for quite a while. We put out a litterbox and a small nightlight so we could watch the little family, who came in at dusk each evening.

CC: We were very afraid of the big two-legged things. Our Mama had taught us to be very cautious because she had heard that the only reason the two-leggers were feeding us was to fatten us up for their STEW POT! So we were good kittens and didn't let them approach us.

Mommy: The kittens were extremely feral and skittish, yet they knew that we were feeding them and they were curious about us. They would appear at the walls' intersection, a 10' height, when we were in the spa and watch our every move. We'd talk to them and try to coax them closer, but they were having none of it. By August we knew we'd have to TNR them, at the very least.
Scout: We both really like tuna. Kitties, tuna is a tool of Basement Cat! One night I was settling in to a nice dish of tuna and the next thing {{SNAP}} I'm in a place I don't understand and I can't get over the wall!

CC: And it happened to me, too!
Mommy: The poor little things were terrified. They were climbing the walls in the bedroom to try to get "over" to safety. Daddy and I felt horrible but we knew that this was for the best. The little guys settled into a nest of towels under a bureau and we spent time with them, letting them get used to us at close range.

Scout: After many many sleeps we came out and played a little. Mommy and Daddy sorely abused us by picking us up and petting us. It was awful.

But we dicovered that we loveLOVE LOVE Johnson! He loves us too. He's our "Manny" and to this day we follow him all over. That's his back fur on the bottom half of the next pic. He spent hours with us in our sequestering room.

CC: Well, all good things come to and end and one day we were corralled (still NO TOUCHING!) into a ptu and to the v-e-t. There they did unspeakable things to us, like TOUCH our furs and take our nuts!

Mommy: CC had an undescended testicle and he came back from the vet with a 2" incision on his tiny tummy. We felt so bad for him! The twins now had the run of the house and access to a small auxilliary outside area (the "little out") where the litterboxes are.

Scout: And I escaped! I squeezed and squeezed and got out through a 2" crack in the little out! I was free! I ran and hid in the neighbor's bushes and savored my freedom. Then I got hungry.

Mommy: We were distraught. The little guy was gone all day, then later that night we heard him crying in the bushes. Because of the "NO TOUCHING" rule we had to be clever, and I patiently lured him closer with deli ham (always a winner!) and finally into the little out, which Daddy had made escape-proof .

Boys: So here we are with Rupert, out and about and Skitty-Kitties whenever the Man or Woman comes near. If they can catch us unaware we love a petting, Scouty even drools. (I do Not!)

Tomorrow: The TOUCHING begins!


  1. Oh I hated it in the house at first--I always stayed behind the toilet and hissed at Momma until she put some food on her finger and let me lick it off. Then I purred at her. I was not quite so feral, but not by much.

  2. Oh this all sounds so familiar. We were the same way. We were put in a room with book cases and we hid behind the books and the human couldn't find us for days. But eventually we got so we really liked her. Nice blog.

  3. Can't waits to hears da rest of da story, it sounds likes your momma and daddy really wanted to takes cares of you baby kittehs


  4. We love all the kitty stories and look forward to part 2 of this one!...These babies are all very lucky to have found you guys!...What happened to the Mommy Cat?...Hope you all have a great Saturday...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. Hi Jacqueline - We fed the twins outside (EVERY night @ dusk they came in to eat) for 10 weeks before they were trapped. Shorty after we started feeding them every night, the Calico just wasn't around? We live literally, "on the edge" of town and our house is the last in the subdivsion, I'll have Katmom post some pics. We think people have been dumping pets by us & I know one of the cats Salem (the independent) was probably someones kitty in the neighborhood. And we tried finding her humans to no avail....I'm sure mommy will be posting her story soon. At any rate, we live in the desert and there is coyotes around, which get into our garbage on garbage day and I'm sure they would snack on a nice 7 - 10 pound furry creature! Plus one time we found them playing with a baby rattlesnake which was in the catio! Mommy will have to post pics of the 4 inch scorpions they caught and "played to death" in the middle of the night. Anyways, I've probably already given too much information away, Katmom will probably punish me with "box" doody for a solid week!

  6. what a sweet story and picture of your night time visitors. Madi says if she were a cat w/o a home she would hope to be near your home. What a haven you have created.

    You are coming to Raleigh? How exciting...let us know if you need to meet up with a friendly face,
    Madi and Mom

  7. Awwwwww CC and Scout!!

    It's so good to finally meet you and read about how mummy and daddy found you two!

    I read from, er "Scrotchy" :-) that there's a momkitty too somewhere?? I'm guessing it'll be in part 2? Oh I hope so!

    I can't wait for part 2 now! Me and Charlie wish you, CC and Scouty a lovely weekend - you are two very lucky kitties to have found a fantastic home!

    Take care

  8. Your Mummy was very wise in bringing you to this house. We're glad you ended up staying!

  9. What a sad but sweet story! I know you guys have a MUCH better life and hey, touching isn't all that bad. . . you should try head scritches!

  10. We are looking forward to hearing the rest of the story. We are so glad you got trapped. ~AFSS

  11. What part of the hot desert do you live in? If you visit my blog you will see my beautiful cat, Bailey, whose days, very sadly, are numbered because we have all carpet and he needs a place with a tiled floor. Please, please are you interested. We are in Carlsbad half way between San Diego and Los Angeles close to Camp Pendleton. I have tried everything and everywhere. My email is The 27th is our deadline because we are going away for a week. Can you help?

  12. That was a very wonderful story...but there is more?

  13. What a great gotcha story, doods! Our Fudgie had a testicle issue like yours, so he got both surgeries, too.

  14. What a great story:) We're so happy that your beans didn't make stew out of you! What happened to your kitty Mama?

  15. What a that photo of you too with Johnson's back. Isn't it great to be an inside kitty, you can't beat the love.

  16. You guys are so lucky to have such good humans (hmm, do you think they'd send us some deli ham too?)

  17. You sound a lot like me, except the Womun does not know my whole story (and I'm not telling her, but it was very exciting) because she got me from the v-e-t when someone brought me and my feral siblings in. Even after six years, I am very skittish, though I do love to be brushed and petted when I am in the mood. No lap, though--never! (Well, unless there's some brushing involved....)
    I can't wait for the rest of your story!

  18. This is a great story, we are so happy that you are in a wonderful forever home. And of course being both ginger kittehs you are mighty handsome he he Wiki x

  19. Wow! What a story. You two are some cool kitty dudes. I can't wait for part 2.

  20. Wow! That is an amazing story! We cannot wait to hear the rest of it!

  21. Star says, "Rescuing feral kitties ROCKS! Go YOU!! And I should know! Mom took in me & my sister Samantha when we were about four weeks old. We didn't know where our momma was and we had fleas and tuna all over us. But mom had a friend wash us (her knees were out at the time) and she got two bottles and some kitty formula and fed us and showed us how to use kitty litter. I'd like to hear more and so would the rest of the Horde!!"

  22. This is a sweet tale! Off to read part 2 now!

    You really did land on your 8 little paws when you got trapped you know! FOUR INCH LONG SCORPIONS??????? ARGHHHHHHHHH!

    Whicky Wuudler


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