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and...*Angels Grayce, KonaKitty, and Sylvester* always loved, never forgotten

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sleepy Saturday


Kat's Kats is holding a sleeping contest! Do a post with pictures of you sleeping, and leave them a comment. Later on, we can all vote for a favorite photo. There's a prize, too! Go visit them and find out all about it.

This is right up our alley. We are Champion Snoozers.


May Ling in the garden window. Check out that one blonde Footie!

Mr. Bendable Maui. Mommy swears his spine is made out of Silly Putty!

Salem, all snuggled under the covers in a feather duvet nest.

Grayce, sleeping with one eye open...

And KonaKitty, snoozing with both eyes squeezed tight.

Sweet Pea, on the leopard blankie, sacked out on the sofa. Right in the middle...Mommy had to sit on a chair to relax. heh heh!

The Baby in the garden window. This is an extremely popular spot!

Finally...The Big Bed! Scouty might be a little bit awake, but Felix, CC, Johnny, & Rupert are dead to the world.

So kitties, that's alla us, doing one of the things we do best...


Happy Sleeping this Saturday!

XX Lounge Kats


  1. awww i think you guys have won already!!!
    beautiful pictures :)

  2. Oh how cool! We'll have to go check it out. You guys are all champion sleepers! We love all the different positions.

  3. You all are good snoozers! And what could be better than sleeping on the bed, in another bed!?

  4. That is some real championship snoozing!

  5. Oh my goodness!! You kitties at Katnip Lounge are Gold Medalists for Sleeping So Beautifully!! Me and Charlie think you are all super cute snoozers!!

    Good luck with the competition!!! You're all WINNERS!!

    take care

  6. Those are some great snoozing shots. I'm a pro at sleeping.

  7. We think you are all going to be in the final of the sleeping contest - you all look as though you are experts.

  8. Oh my everyone at your house sure is good at snoozing. But we will enter this contest for the fun of it. Great pictures. Have a fine week end.

  9. You are champion snoozers! You're making us feel tired! :)

  10. You definitely know how to snooze there at the Lounge! Happy Saturday!

  11. Fabulous pics ... We just posted ours!!

    Our Entry - Whippy Curly Tails

    We loved all the pics here. Kiss all those warm bellys!

  12. Oh mommy loves a sleeping cat and always disturbs them (ME!!!) by swooping down and kissing them all over!!! Pesky mom!

  13. So many adorable napping photos=you guys do it well!...Have a fun weekend and stay cool friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  14. Hi to my dozen feline buddies and buddettes,
    Boy If I had all those nice, comfy,hidden places to snooze I'd never get up.

    Happy Saturday,
    madi and mom

  15. You are all champion sleepers. We will have to check the competition out.

  16. You all look so relaxed, it looks like Game Over!

  17. We don't see how you can be beat in the contest since you all are such skilled sleepers! Do you all sleep at the same time or is someone always awake?

  18. Now this is a contest we can get into!!! We love to sleep too!!!


    Yes we can, sleep.

  20. Love all the sleeping pics! Especially the one of you guys on the big bed!

  21. I do love The Baby, but I have to tell the truth: Sweet Pea is the Best Sleeper today!

  22. You all are wonderful sleepers! Do you practice a lot?

  23. Those are all great sleeping pictures - they made us very sleepy just looking at them!


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