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Monday, February 21, 2011

Mommy Monday


 Mommy is gonna be out of commission for a few days, having her Hiss removed.  We're looking forward to that! 

Mommy:  Guys, I'm having a Hysterectomy, not a Hiss removal.

So we don't forget what she looks like while she's at the VET the Hospital we decided to post a picture of her.  TWO pictures, in fact!

There are SEVEN things different in these pictures.  Can you find them all?

We have a little prize, and you don't have to answer correctly to win!  Just leave us a comment and we'll do a random draw when Mommy gets back to blogging, probably early next week.

And kitties?

Can you send a purr for our Mommy on Tuesday morning?
We appreciate it TONS!


The Katnip Lounge Kats  XX


  1. 1. Orange cat
    2. shoos
    3. Tail
    4. fingers
    5. speaker botto, square
    6. something behind elbow
    7. Leg position - smaller space behind desk

  2. We will purr hard.

    Okay so here goes:

    1. the orange cat has moved
    2. the cat on top of the speaker
    3. nose
    4 different cat being held
    5. ears on your person are different
    6. shoes
    7. teeth aren't shown in the second one!

  3. We is gonna start purring now and ramp it up real loud on Tuesday! We hadda ask our mom what a his-tor-ectomy is, she said it is kinda like a ladygardenectomy so we think yoor mom is going to da peepul vet to get fixed! Now, about dat piksher...we noticed dat 1) da stiped cat is moved 2)da tall skinny cat is next to where it useta be 3)yoor mom is wearing difrint ears 4)and a clown nose 5) and she's not smileing 6)her crocks changed colors and 7) she started out holding Sweet Pea and ended up holding The Baby

  4. 12. An there is a skwerl outside the winder in the second picture. You cant tell, but we can... MOL!

  5. Well, those are 2 different kitties posing that's for sure! Baby and Sweet Pea are doing the ol' switcharoo!!! Your mommies ears and shoes are different...and and...the orange kitty is in differet places...and mommie has a clown nose in only one pictures and her fake kitty ears are different (but we appreciate she's trying to look like you). And smile and no smile! I mean how could she not smile when holding both of you!

    Oh...this is fun!

  6. We'll be sending lots of purrayers to your mommy for a quick recovery!

    Here's what we saw different:
    1. The orange cat is on the desk.
    2. Another cat is on the speaker.
    3. Your mom put on a red nose.
    4. Her shoes changed colors.
    5. The Baby and Sweet Pea are switched.
    6. Your mom's kitty ears are different colors.
    7. You mom is smiling in one and not the other.

  7. Pee ess...forgot to say that we will all be purring hard for your mom that she does alright while she's at the v-e-t!

  8. My kitties will be purring hard that everything goes well, and your Mommy has a speedy recovery!

  9. Our Mommy had her hiss removed too a couple of years ago, but she still hisses!!! We're sending big purrs to her!

  10. Your human tried to TRICK us - there are MORE than 7 things different in the two photos! But of course we kitties are too smart for her. But no matter, I will be purring for her anyway for an uneventful spay and a quick recovery!

  11. 1. Fat orange kitty moved
    2. Clown nosey!
    3. Sweet Pea--The Baby
    4. yellow shoes/blue shoes
    5. Blue ears/fur-black ears
    6. Tall figure on right -- Is that a mousie?
    7. Extra ornament on desk (to right of bookends

    My Human still has her hissy ladyparts (well, except for her gall bladder; is that a lady part?) but really she has no use for them anymore.

    I will be purring and purring for your Mom. The Human is not a very good purr-er but she will do her very best.

    She knows efurrything will go well for your Mom, specially with Dr. Puddy on the job!

    We will miss you all soooooo much! Please be very good girls and boys, and snuggle and comfort her, but oh-so-very gently.

  12. Good luck mommy! I didn't notice the kittehs were different till I saw the tails!

  13. We will say prayers for your Mom . We hope she has a very speedy recovery. With Mr. Puddy helping I am sure things will go smoothly.:)

  14. We shall be purring for your Mom, and expecting updates from you kitties. Äiti got spade many years ago before any of us knew her but she has assured us that she became a nicer person afterwards. We cannot imagnine your Mom being any nicer as we have been watching just how lucky you lot are. But you have to be nice to her for a while (Äiti says) - especially no piling on the bed all at once.
    So we are sending loads of purrs to her, and paws are crossed. We hope it all goes well xxxxxx

  15. All the best to your Mummy! Will keep all paws (and fingers) crossed that the surgery goes smoothly and that your Mummy makes a quick full recovery!

    XoXo....Whisky, Cosmo, Ling and Mummy! :)

  16. Good luck to your Mom! This must be the week for these operations, our Mom has another friend who is having one this week. We will ramp up our purr engines. xoxo

  17. Those are clever photos with the differences. The most fun part is the switching of the kitties! Here's purring for an easy time for your Mom with her surgery, and tell her to take it easy afterwards!!

  18. Good luck to your mom with her surgery to remove her hiss!

  19. Mom Trish,
    You know how hard I purrs for you and how much I love you today : )
    I'm gonna miss you and all my buddies so bad !!!!

    Luv, Hugs, Purrs

    Now Let's play the game : )

    1. Different Cat HeadBand
    2. Orange Cat Position
    3. Different Shoes
    4. Red Clown nosey
    5. Mom Trish Smile
    6. One photo is Sweet Pea and Another is the Baby
    7. Mom Trish's Earring and No Earring

    Yeah...I Dream I WON !!!!! heh..heh..heh.,,Positive First : )

  20. First of all, love and get well purrs to yoor mommy. And our answers:

    1. Shoo colour
    2. Orinj cat moves
    3. Brown cat appears
    4. Red nose
    5. Cat's tail
    6. Cat looks in different direcshun
    7. Colour of fake ears changes colour!
    8. Big cheesy smile
    9. Hands in different posishun

    Whoops ... that was 9!

  21. 1) Sweet pea in one pic, the Baby in the other!
    2) Red round nose in one, hooman nose in the other!
    3) Yellow crocs, blue crocs!
    4) Orange kitty moves from one side to the other!
    5) Tall ornament thingy disappears from top of speaker to side of speaker!
    6) Mum's kitty ears changes colour!!
    7) Mum has teeth in only one of the pics!

    Yay!!! Awwww Kitties of Katnip Lounge!! Me and Charlie are purring and praying very very very hard for your mum!!! We wish her all the best and a speedy recovery too!! We will keep her in our thoughts and wish her well!!!! Take care

  22. Many have already answered the "what's different" question, so we won't bother....We just want you to know we boys are revving up our purr motors for your mom, and we know Annie and Chum are doing the same from the Bridge. Paws and fingers crossed that all goes smoothly; the mom will light a candle for Mom Trish at

    (((Hugs))) and kitty kisses.

  23. P.S. Can your dad do a quick post to let us know your mom is okay, post-surgery? Or can he at least email KC at the CB? We think many of us would like an update, if at all possible.

  24. Okay, we are all set to send super purrs tomorrow!!
    Wolfie will try to fit into his SpiderMeow outfit for er... super, super purrs!

    Love, Lucky & Co (Mom too)

  25. Sending best wishes to your mommy for a speedy recovery xxx

    The photo contest was great fun I hope I managed to spot them all!
    1) Sweetpea in one / The Baby in the other
    2) yellow crocs / blue crocs (which means mommy is a croc fan just like me!!)
    3) Red nose / human nose
    4) mommy is wearing different ears!
    5) No teeth shown in smile / big toothy smile
    6) orange cat figurine has changed postition
    7) tall thin cat figurine has changed positions

  26. Harley and I are going to link paws and purr for your mom! My favorite change is the cat switch-out!

  27. We agree with all of the above so we won't repeat them again. We have already begun purring just so that everything starts out fine from the get-go!! We look forward to hearing from you guys when your Mom comes back a her...without her hys (get it: hys=his!! MOL) Seriously though, you guys be good and you'll get lots of extra lovings and you'll need to give your Mom lots of lovings when she gets back so that she can heal even do know that humans heal faster when we purr for them and when we lay all over and around them when they are sick and/or healing. Really! It's a scientific fact!! So, you heal your Mamma good!! Purrs to everyone!! Love, Lautrec, Tiny and TheDawg

  28. 1. Sweet Pea and the Baby switched places.
    2. Your mum is wearing a clown nose
    3. The orange kitty moved
    4. The kitty moved off the speakers
    5. She shoes changed colour
    6. Your mum's kitty ears changed colours
    7. A big smile in one picture and a smaller smile in the other.

    That was fun! :)

    We are sending our best purrs for your mum. You kitties be good while she is at the human v-e-t!

  29. M said she'll say some purrayers for you, and I'm starting to purr for your mom right now. Hope her surgery goes well, and she comes home very soon from hospital.

  30. MOL Katnip lounge... we are late to the party so we won't guess but we do WANT to wish MOM lots and lots of good wishes and you all take very good care of her.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  31. We only saw 6 things! Until we read the comments... The thing we weren't noticing was that you're only smiling in one of the pics. Hope your surgery goes smoothly!

  32. cat statues moved
    different ears
    different cats
    different shoes
    red nose
    black thing by cats foot

    Get well soon!

  33. First of all we are sending tons and tons of purrs to Mommy for tomorrow. We are also going out and telling the donkeys to cross their hooves for the entire week.
    Different cat being held
    Different shoes
    Orange cat changes places
    Red nose
    And who knows what else. Great pictures.
    We really do wish you well tomorrow and will be thinking about you.

  34. Very best wishes for your surgery and for very quick healing afterward. You and your blogs (and of course the cats!) bring so much happiness to us all, and we anxiously await your return, once you are feeling up to speed again.

  35. Good luck to your Mom I will keep my paws crossed and purrs going. I went through this already and make sure she knows that run and jumping is perfectly ok when she gets home from the vet...I mean people doctor!

  36. We are doing purring practice today so we are purr purrfect for tomorrow. We wish your mom well and hope she will be home furry soon for you all to do purr over until she is fighting fit again.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  37. We are sending your mom lots of purrs for successful surgery and a good recovery.
    We found more than 7 differences, but the main ones are:
    1. Your mum's ears changed colour from blue to brown.
    2. She is holding The Baby in one and Sweet Pea in the other.
    3. The ginger cat moved from the speaker to in front of the two cats.
    4. The tall cat moved from beside the speaker to on top of it.
    5. Shoes changed from yellow to turquoise.
    6. Smiling in the first photo
    7. Red nose in the second photo.
    Also her hand placement is different and she is standing further forward in the second photo.

  38. Hope your mom gets well soon and gets back to hissing asap.

  39. We are purring for an easy surgery and quick recovery for your mom!

  40. We'll be watching for an update, lots of purrs to your Mom!!!

  41. Cool post, and we found all the differences, but so many have answered before us, and our main concern is for your mama.....we are purraying/praying for her.

    Our mama had this surgery many, many, many years ago, so she can totally relate........she loves you Trish (and so do us boys)...and as she believes so strongly in prayer, she will be praying as mightily as she can.

    Love to all of you from all of us.

  42. Yes, we will be thinking of your mom! Like Judi, above, Mama also believes in prayer and will be praying for her that all goes well and she heals quickly. Love the pictures and since so many pointed out all the fun differences (and since Mama is lazy), we'll just leave it at that. Best wishes to your mom. Y'all take real good care of her when she comes home!

  43. Mommy had her hiss removed a long time ago and said it was the best thing she ever did!!!
    We like it too - who wants a Mommy that hisses all the time?
    Not us!
    Big purrs from O Hi O coming your Mommy's way!

  44. Ack, I thought I had the 7 until I started reading the list. I just thought The Baby had switched from facing away to facing forward...missed that it was a complete cat switch.

  45. You bet we will purr for her!

    1. Ears are different colors on your MOm.
    2. Red nose in one picture, not int he other.
    3. Orange Kitty moved.
    4. Brown kitty from desk to speaker.
    5. Different color Crocs.
    6. Your Mom is holding Sweet Pea in one picture and The Baby in the other picture.
    7. She is smiling in one and not in the other.!

  46. We spotted lots of differences but won't list them. Looking at the other lists it looks like we got most of them! But you won't believe us because we didn't make a list!!!!
    Anywho, we're purring for your moms speedy recovery with the hiss removal.

  47. Here are the differences we spotted!
    1.Different shoe colours:yellow/blue.
    2.different colour on costume cat ears:blue/black.
    3.clown nose off/clown nose on.
    4.fat orange cat on speaker/fat orange cat on desk. galss cat ornament/cat ornament on speaker. facing away/cat facing us. tail fluffy/cat tail thin=two different cats.
    8.Bonus.Big smile on Mum's face/no smile on Mum's face.
    We think we got them all! We will be thinking of you on Tuesday Trish.Everything will go well for you.You are in capable hands!Enjoy the liquid catnip.Heehee.And you kittehs better help your Mama while she rests up. See you soon.
    the critters in The Cottage

  48. I'm not going to try the competition after the day I've had, but I just wanted to say I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and hope all goes really, really well, lots of love xxxx

  49. HOLY COD! I had to scroll like NINE TIMES go get to the bottom!

    All our love & good fishes to the Sheebmeister. We KNOW she'll be just fine & right as rain in no time! Can't wait to see her soon!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

    LOL word verif is 'tudeflus' is that like an attitude with a cold? Get well soon!

  50. Our brain is not working so we aren't even going to try although we did notice your Mom's nose. No wonder she gets hissy with you sometimes.

    Our Mom said she felt GREAT after she had hers and that she hopes the same is true for your Mom. We are sending healing purrs and will be thinking about her.

  51. Hi Mom Trish
    I'm sick and can't think straight but I can still tell you that I wish you well for your surgery and I just know that you will do fine and bounce back very quickly with all the kitty love and hubby love you will receive. Know I'll be thinking of you and can't wait to hear from you post-surgery. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  52. Orange cat, shoes, red nose ears. O more too but mum gave up lol. We just wanted to say to your mum that we will be thinking of her. Mum did the hiss one 20+ years ago and now this one, you will be in at the same time so mum will keep you in her thoughts and I will purr my loudest.. Take care.. Hugs GJ xx

  53. 1) Shoe color
    2) Cat ear patterns
    3) location of big orange cat
    4) tall skinny cat not present in bottom photo
    5) holding a different cat in each
    6) clown nose
    7) mom's expression?

    Wishing you all the best with your surgery!

  54. 1 A ring or a piece of jewerlry
    2 A clown nose
    3 Two different kitties
    4 Two colors of shoes
    5 Two colors of kitty ears
    6 No smile and a smile (there IS a tiny hidden smile in the second one though,I see it!)
    7 Back ground changed..knick nacks that is.

    Now MomKat, you ain't ever heard purring till you hear me, the Admiral's mom purr. So the Admiral and I both will purr..but me only briefly. She will continue and I will have you in prayer. After that, we both will hold you tight in a paw hug and we won't let go till Dr. Puddy says we can. ♥♥

    From the Admiral--- pee ess: Tell Rupert that was the most loving thing you have said to me Rupert. And I will say the same to you, darling.

  55. OH we is purrin for your Mom tomorrow and we hopes your Daddy will update us to let us k now she is A-OK! cat
    2.different cat ears on Mom
    3.Mom changes expressions
    4.Mom has a red nose in one picture and not the other
    5.Yellow to blue shoes
    6.Sweet Pea changes directions
    7.Sweet Pea tail

    How'd we do?


  56. First, we want to wish your mommy lots and lots of luck with her operation! She will feel soooo much better when it is over! We send her TONS OF PURRS AND LOVE!
    Here are the differences that we found:

    1) different color shoes in each photo
    2) clown nose in one photo not the other
    3) Kitty facing side in one photo
    4) Orange cat statue on right hand side
    5) Brown cat statue on right side orange one on left
    6) Wearing different cat ears
    7) different facial expression

    We love you and will miss you while you are recovering! xooxoxo

  57. 1. cat ears
    2. crocks
    3. orange cat
    4. different kitteh (we almost missed that one)
    5. clown nose
    6. mom's expression
    7. ?

    Best of luck to your mommy tomorrow during her surgery! We will be purring and purraying very hard for her to make a swift recovery!!!

  58. Hi Guyz!,,,,
    Thanx for stopping by to see us and for "Following" too,,, We hopez your Mom will be ok at da V E T Z ,,,,, We purray Loudly too ^..^ for Efurything to be ok.
    Purrrz & Kissez ~
    The Garden Cottage Cats ~

  59. YAY we found them all with out any help and that was REALLY fun!
    Your mom is great!! She will come home and be able to rest with all of you and your daddy will put on an apron and serve tea, and vacuum, and make a fansee dinner, and scoop the poops and a million other things. He better drink a lot of koffee or he won't make it.
    Miles and I are going to purrrr and purrrr for your mom.
    bonks and bronks too

  60. We think Mom got it if the mouth is part of the 7 things (teeth VS no teeth)
    Oops, sorry for the caps,Mom pressed a button and she is the one with thumbs :o
    We are sending your Mom BIG PURRS and hope all goes well!!!

    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  61. Wow, I think everybody in the whole CB has commented! I've scheduled some really good purrayers for tomorrow morning and know your mom will do just fine having her hiss removed.

  62. For a minute there, I thought there was real thing called hiss removal--I know a few who could benefit from that!! Anyway, purrs to your mommy--we know everything will go well and she'll be back to normal in no time!

  63. Your Mom is adorable! We hope she has a successful hiss and recovers super soon. Purrs for your cutie-pie Mom!

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  64. Well, seems like all the other kitties have already pointed out the differences in the pictures so we won't repeat them. We are purring very hard for your mommy and we hope all goes well for her at the vet and that her hiss gets removed okay.

    (And we just hadta laugh at all the comments Ayla, Iza and Marley left!!)

  65. :D Your mom will be in our thoughts, purrs, and prayers for a smooth procedure tomorrow. Take good care of her, kitties!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  66. We think we have found the changes, all have been reported. Purrs for your mum on getting her hiss removed.

  67. Good Luck with your Hiss.
    We will be sending you lots of well wishes.

  68. We are sending our very bestest thoughts to you!!

  69. Oh boy, I dunno if I saw all seven, but I tink I know a few!

    1. Orange cat moved
    2. Mom has a red nose in one, and not the other
    3. Skinny cat moved from shelf to top of speaker
    4. Mom's shooz are yellow, then they're blue
    5. Kitteh is not lookin at you, and then kitteh is

    I sorry, that is all I know. Thank u for a funny game! :)

  70. We will be purring for you today. Gus will even kick in a rattle and sneezes with his purr. His nose stuffys are reel bad again. He tuf and luvs his Lysine.`

    We found evre thing difrent, but I dont type so well with my paws so I just say ditto to what evry1 else saz.


  71. We are purring extra hard for you Mom, and know she will be fine as soon as that Hiss is out!
    We will not try to name the changes, but Mom said she likes your Moms Crocs!!
    ~ The Bunch

  72. My mom person & I are prayin that her hisser comes out without any problems!

    Nubbin wiggles,
    Oskar & Pam

  73. OK, here's my best shot!

    1 Kitty facing torwards camera
    2 Clown nose
    3 No smile
    4 Orange kitteh moved to the right
    5 Figurene behind right shoulder gone
    6 Different figurene on top of speaker
    7 Different shoes
    8 Different ears on your human bean
    9 Figurene behind your human's left shoulder is gone

    PS We read on Fin's blog that your mommy is feeling well. Tell her to keep it up! We're glad it went well.

  74. I'm late because I was out of town, but I'd love to join the fun!!

    1. red nose
    2. orange cat moved from right to left
    3. brown cat moved up onto the speaker
    4. different shoes
    5. different cat in each pic
    6. mum has changed ears
    7. teeth, then no teeth in smile

    I hope your mum has a good surgery and speedy recovery!!!

  75. Oh I love games!
    1st I am glad to hear your momhe is home & healing wif all your hugs!
    1. orange fat cat moves from R to to L corner
    2. Tall cat moves to where org cat was.
    3. mom is wearing 2 different ears.
    4. mom is wearing 2 different croco shoze
    5. red nose in 1 pic.
    6. 2 dif kitties mom holding
    7. mom big cheesy grin in 1 & not other.

    healing hugs!


Oh Boy...this is gonna be GREAT!