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Friday, September 9, 2011

The Fairy Hobmother Visits Mo Cats!


We're pleased to announce we are participating In Mo Cats Day!

Because we all know that one can NEVER have too many Cats.

Mo Lap Cats

Mo Snack Cats

Mo Spy Cats

Mo Stoned Cats

Mo Stacked Cats

Mo Lizardwatching Cats

Mo Cats in Trees

Mo Nap Cats

Mo Catio Cats

Mo Birdwatching Cats

Mo Pooping & Snooping Cats

Mo Munching Cats

Mo Playing Cats

There's always room for Mo Cats!

And Kitties, we have even mo great news...we had a visit last week from the Fairy Hobmother! 

The Fairy Hobmother flits around the blogosphere, bestowing gifts upon good critters.  We had left a comment on another blog that the Hobmother visited, mentioning we would like a few extra green papers for the Cat Food Fund--and our wish was granted!  We received a $50 gift certificate for Amazon, so we bought some more FELIDAE kibble.  YUM!

Leave a comment on what you would like the Fairy Hobmother to bring just never know!

Happy Friday!

XX  The Mo Lounge Kats  XX


  1. Boy OH Boy. You guys looked liked you multiplied ten or mo times. You all looked good in each and every picture.

    Have a good day.


    I have mo - than I need so - I'll not ask any thing of the Fairy Hobmother at this time.

  2. Sigh. It's hard for me to look like Mo Cats. The Human should've Photoshopped me into some Lounge photos, MOL!

    My favorite is the Pooping and Snooping Cats. I say The Baby is the Pooper and Sweet Pea is the Snooper?

  3. GREAT POST! We luf Mo Cats and we luf Katnip Lounge! Kudos to your pawtographer!

    Pee Ess - who in the hello kitteh is the fairy hobmother?

  4. They are wonderful pics and we have been trying spot all of you in them. We could really relate to the Mo Stoned Cats one..... And it is great news about the fairy hobmother! We wonder if she get as far as Finland in time for my birthday.

  5. he he - you have me laughing before bed. Mo Cats! Love it.

  6. If anybody knows about Mo-Cats, it is you guys! I actually do not need anything from the Fairy Hobmother - there are so many other cats that are needier than us. Actually, we aren't needy at all! Oh, wait a minute - if the Fairy Hobmother could donate some money to Tabby's Place in NJ, now that would be pawsome!

  7. The Farm cats really need a new cat scratcher. They have destroyed their old one. The publicist wants to get them a cat tree but the male person laughs at her.

    The publicist agrees that you can never have too many cats. She wants another one. A black one but the male person just gives her "the look." He thinks 4 is plenty.

  8. I'm a bit sad because I'd like the Fairy Hobmother to give me a cure for my kitty's CRF and I know that can't happen.

    Although I think I'd perk up a bit if the Hobmother gave some money to The Cat Connection. They're small, but no-kill and they do great stuff!

    Other than that, I really loved the MO CATS post. You two surely do have MO CATS than anyone I know!

  9. Wow -- with all the luck you have had lately winning things, I think you should play the lottery!! Then you'd never have to worry about buying kibble ever again!

  10. We just might have one Mo new cat to make it # 6!

  11. Lovely pictures! We have MO cats here today too than we did just a year ago. And loving every minute of it. Congratulations on getting your wish granted by the Fairy Hobmother. :)

  12. PS/ I hope the Fairy Hobmother can help Annie from Lucy's Lounge...

  13. Rumblemum sure laughed at the birdwatching photo. Good job you guys, keep the mo cats coming!!

  14. What a wonderful post! You Lounge Kats are the epitome of Mo Cats.

    If the fairy hobmother were to choose to grant my wish, it would be for an automatic feeder for Audrey so Mom and Dad can go away for the weekend and the cat sitter doesn't have to come FOUR times a day, only twice.

  15. Mo mo mo! You Katnip guys sure know how to look like a crowd! Austin manages it just by himself. He copys and pastes himself all over the house!!!

  16. Wow, that's a lot mo cats than lives with me in my human's house! She says we'll have mo cats soon though...Hmmm, this fairy Hobmother sounds like quite a neat purrson! I's got lotsa things that would be neat to have from her. Course, I'll let her rub the yummy tummy in thanks. . I've just run outta yummy greenies that Amy and the House of Cats sent me ages and ages and ages ago for my 100th post celebration, and they're soooo nice! I've been bugging my human for more, but she says that we can't get them in stupid England! We can't get catnip pawbreakers either, or those super duper crinkly balls that are so much fun! Come to think of it, Fairy Hobmother, can I just have a toy shop from America? There's sooo many good toys over there that we just can't get in this boring place! We don't even have cat tents or nothin! Scuse me while I sulk. Failing that, it would be lovely to see some goodies go to Chrystal at the Daily Dose of Dogs and Cats. If it weren't for the lure of the Greenies she'd have been my first choice! I gotta think of my stomach though. You lounge cats understand, right?

  17. Oh boy did I laugh at the Stoned Cats!! And the Poop and Snoop. Sookie once went so far as to climb into the litter tray WHILST Darcy was doing his business, it was a hooded litter enclosure as well so not much room... Mr D's face was a picture!! =^..^=

  18. i was with you until the mo pooping cats part.

  19. Mo happiness. You guys are the best. Everybody's eyes & ears pointed in the lizardly direction. Too too funny.

  20. HAPPY MO CATS DAY!! Awwww beautiful kitties of katnip lounge - it's great to see you all!!!!

    Congratulations with your wonderful gift from Fairy Hobmother!!! Awwww brilliant!! Take care

  21. That was AWESOME!!! Mom loves those pictures....

    What would we wish for....a home for Mac??? Concats on the visit from the Fairy Hobmother. Right now we are doing ok - just digging out from vet bills (after Swizzle).

  22. I love your take on Mo Cat Day.. Not sure if I like Mo Lizardwatching Cats or Mo Stoned Cats or Mo Munching Cats best.. :)

    Congrats on the Fairy Hobmother visit.. so sweet that she does that.

  23. Mo cats mo betta!
    Wonderful post in celebration of cats! And so many to celebrate, we love you all!

  24. What a great bunch of pictures and a great bunch of MO cats. You did your job getting Mo cats on the Internets.
    I didn't realize you could get the Felidae food on the internet. We will have to go check that out. Have a great week end.

  25. I really had to laugh at the mo pooping and snooping cats.
    My mo cats always believed and dreamed there was a Fairy Hobmother out there ready to grant their greatest wish - more cases of canned Fancy Feast Classic Chicken that they want to generously share with their 7 feral garden shed felines.

    We have mo cats than we ever dreamed we'd have I and don't regret one minute of it. Like the sign on the catroom wall says - "One can never have too many cats"

  26. Happy Mo Cats Day, today and every day!!!

  27. I love this post! A great way to spend Mo Cats Day to come here!

    These are all great. I really love the mo stacked cats and the mo lap cats and the mo lizard-watching cats and well, they're all great!

    Congrats on the food from the Fairy Hobmother. That's wonderful!

  28. My unable assistant apparently did not get the memo about Mo-Cats day but I did insist she write in on her calendar for next year MOL.
    Anyway we say the Mo-the-Merry and poo poo on that guy who has never taken the opportunity to get to know a is his loss.
    Hugs Madi

  29. You guys always make our mommy want MO cats around here! Okay, we admit, it does look like a great time at the Lounge!

    Concatualtions on your visit from the Fairy Hobmother! She visited us before and donated to a local charity. If she wants to visit again, we'd like to help Annie with her surgery bill as someone stated above.

  30. We just love seeing all the pictures of all of you! You definitely have "Mo" cats in your household.

    The Fairy Hobmother sounds very interesting and generous. We clicked on the embedded link, but it took us to an appliance site.

    If the Fairy Hobmother wants to do something for us, we would ask a donation of foods to help feed the feral kitties. Mewom takes good care of us, but could use a bit of help sometimes for the feral ones.

  31. Wowsers! You guys are the absolutely purrfect spokescats for Mo Cats!! Great post :)
    The Fairy Hobmother sounds like a fairy nice purrson!! :)

    the critters in The Cottage

  32. OH! What a great idea Beaded Tail had. That the Fairy Hobmother help Annie and her surgery!

    Rupert? Waiting my love..wif a snuggly blankie.

  33. Fabulous post! Such great photos! And congrats on the visit by the Fairy Hobmother. We wouldwish for her to help some kitties in need.

    As for the "scar thingy" on Vidock's neck, it is the official brand that all pure-bred French Percherons wear proudly! It says SP for Société Percheronne.

    The Chans

  34. Thats altta cats! But we gots Mo' than you! We gonna visit the Fairy Hobmother...see ya!

  35. First chance I've had to see everybody doing everything..yay!

    You have a very happy mo' cat world there!


  36. I wish the Fairy Hobmother would bring me some Iams!

    Happy Mo Cats day!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  37. Now we think that the Katnip Lounge is the epitome of MO Cats! We loved your posting!! MO MO MO!!!!
    We would wish for the fairy Hobmother to give some good food to Crystal of Daily Dose of Dogs and cats. She is always in need of good dog and CAT food.

  38. Happy Mo Cats Day efurybody !
    Me and mom just loved the pictures on all your different Mo styles :)

  39. Happy Mo Cats Day, friends! We especially love the picture of "Mo Lizardwatching Cats!"

    So cool that the Fairy Hobmother visited you ... concats on getting more of that nommy Felidae.

    If the Fairy Hobmother came here, we'd ask for a donation to be made to our favorite shelter. :)

  40. Looks like the link got stolen or something because it brings me to some appliance place in the UK !

  41. haha! No one has Mo cats than you!!!! Woo hoo! It's a perpetual party at your place!

    Whoa, if the Fairy Hobmother visited me, I would want her to make a donation to United Paws of Tillamook so they can spay/neuter/foster/TNR more kitties.



  42. We just wuz all you kitties, Mo and Mo! We so happy for you and the food!

  43. You guys could be the poster cats for Mo Cats Day, cuz there are so many mo of you.

  44. Now that mo' cats!! And how awesome that the Fairy Hobmother visited you! She visited us too!! She sure is bringing a lot of joy to the blogosphere!!

  45. You have Mo Cats than any one I know! Those pix are purrfect! I was shocked to see how much your May Ling looks like Mica Minnie Moo! They are even about the same age (not sure of her birthday, she uses Oct 31, 2008 cause she likes Halloween). You can see her pix at our web site. We have a Sweet Pea too, but yours looks like a sweet boy I had so many years ago, Attila. Happy Mo Cats Day to you!

  46. PS If the Fairy Hobmother visited us, we would like MORE FOOD! Cause a kitty's gonna eat!

  47. Mo' Fabulous Kats! Awesome post you guys! Congrats on your crunchies from The Fairy Hobmother! We wish for The Fairy Hobmother to give a gift to Jan's Funny Farm/The Funny Farmers of whatever they would like.

  48. What a great MO-CATS Day you had!
    Lots of action going on there.

    Right now our wish to The Fairy Hobmother is for Annie to get MO-HELP!! .. Some day we will wish for an ESS because you all have so much fun with yours >^..^<

    Happy Saturday to all,
    ~ The Bunch

  49. The Mo' cats the better me thinks! :)
    xo Catherine

  50. Bella's Mom here...about a month ago I adopted 13 cats from a friend who was going through a divorce. I have found homes for all but 7 of them. I live on a farm, and they are very happy here. I heard from my pal Oskar, over at the Daily Oskar that the fairy Hobmother paid him a visit. I am very happy for Oskar!!! Maybe the Fairy Hobmother could come visit my kitties Mama, Patches, Bob, Buzz, Calli, Bobbette and Blackie and make their day!!!!! Woof...woof...Bella here...I loves kitties!!!
    Thanks!!! Kathy

  51. Happy Mo Cats day, kitties! congrats on the award too! wonderful peoples at Fairy Hobmother. Faythe @ GMT


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