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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday with Sheebie, the Chafed

Friends and Kitties!

Sheebie here, and I'm in the mood to unload a giant buttload of Snarkastic* Whining.  
(Is there such a thing as a petite buttload?)


Lately I've had a niggling suspicion that the Kats' Gmail account (yes, they have their own) wasn't dumping into mine like it's supposed to.  I ignored the feeling for a couple of weeks until Saturday when I decided to bite the bullet and investigate.  Holy shit.  Nine hundred and twenty three unread emails!  Granted, most of them were Facebook updates (how do I get RID of those!?!) but I missed two entries to the Cat-O-Lympic counter Surfing event, which I'll put up next week whilst eating much crow (served by the felines), and several personal messages to various Kats, and even myself.   What a pain.

Remember the last couple of of posts about me being depressed?  Well, I think I'm back on track again but the effing herpes virus that lives just below my left eyelid has not gotten the glad tidings and flared up into two small shingles--which itch worse than fire ant bites on a sunburned hemorrhoid.  Don't ask.  Why can't I get a big old honkin' cold sore like a normal person?  At least people would notice and maybe think I'm getting some damn fine illicit nooky or something.  I'd be the envy of all my friends.  (Hi Mom!)  
Instead, I have a one-half puffed eyelid, like I have some Asian genes just dying to express themselves but not quite getting it--nobody's gonna ask (or be envious) about that.

I know I promised some Park Across the Street pictures but you know, it's just too damn hot outside to lug the camera twenty yards into the desert to show y'all a half built brick restroom and a bunch of brown cement curbs. In the eleven years we've lived here this is the worse Monsoon season I've experienced with temps in the 105-110 range and 40% (and up) humidity.  Hello!  Mister Weather?  This is a DESERT can take this sucky humidity and send it to San Fransisco ('Frisco') or Seattle or wherever they grow webbed toes and drink fancy-shmancy single origin bean coffee and make with the blast furnace!  How am I supposed to maintain my dessicated desert rat status in this soup?  Srsly.

I went out for dinner on Thursday with my girlfriend Dana, who is, I must inform you, a Bad Influence.  She drives me to drink.  Why I persist in dining with her...I just don't know.  It must be the conviviality that draws me in, because the agony of the aftereffects of one lousy gin and tonic are simply horrific.  I was hoisting the sheets a third of the way through my glass, in bed by eight PM, and hung over the next morning!  Dana says the only reasonable cure is to drink more, and more often.  I repeat: she is a bad, bad girl.

I've been staging a private rebellion in that I've not been commenting on blogs as much.  I know, kill me dead.  I realized it was a source of anxiety so I'm forcing myself to not be so OCD about checking in with every single person every. damn. day.  Plus, I'm in the thick of a reading orgy (I updated my Goodreads book list) and since I have to do that work thingy (dirty bastards) my time is limited.  
Speaking of reading, I am all up in arms and stuff over the new branch of the so-called public library by my house.  Since it's located in the Senior Center facility, you're supposed to be over 50 to use it!  I say this is crap ageist and I'm not paying these goody two shoes Senior Rules one iota of attention.  I'm marching my forty nine and one-half year old rebel self in there, and if I'm accosted by some Senior Scofflaw Enforcer Ima flash 'em my AARP** card--and anything else it's gonna take--to get my booty into that damn library and check out a book.

There.  I feel MUCH better.
Anything bugging you?

Happy Sunday and have a great week!

XX  Sheebie  XX

*Snarkastic = Snarky + Sarcastic.  I just made it up.  Feel free to plagiarise.

**AARP--Association of American Retired Persons, or some such nonsense.  Scott joined when he turned 50.


  1. Sometimes it is good to vent like a pressure canner on overload.

    Erm, I might be spending too much time in my kitchen with the stuff from the garden

  2. Er, um, we don't really have anything to say to that. (that's a first fur the Mom). Hope you have an easy Sunday.

    Pee Ess - keep reminding yourself there is NO unwritten law that says you must visit every blog everyday. That's a job, not a hobby. XOXO

  3. Seattle doesn't want the humidity! Send it elsewhere please. Thanks.

  4. Now that school has started, I think Spitty and I might not be leaving comments efurry day either. I'd rather visit kitty blogs than work, but for some reasons the kitties don't send us money for commenting. Hmmmm.

  5. Our human had shingles too some years back. We are sending lots of feel good purrs to you.

  6. Hello, Trish,

    Every morning I read about 20 blogs about cats, my "favourites" list is made by blogs about cats (yours is third). Sometimes I drop a line, sometimes not, but often I feel guilty, because I can't help thinking these people put time and imagination in their blogs, and I just read them but am not able to have a blog myself, it seems unfair to me, but... I go on taking advantage of these beautiful, funny, witty blogs, thanks to all of you, and above all to you because EVERYDAY I have something to wake up for... :-)


  7. Yup, I can empathise - except for the bit about the fire ant and sunburnt haemhorroid (sp ?). That is just so so wrong and had me twitching in my seat :)
    Blogging is a hobby so commenting and posting is not compulsory - we are our own worst enemies there. And gmail and facebook are such a pain - work beautifully for 99% of the time and that 1% can be so annoying. Cheers for your email last night - one of hundreds I would imagine. Lucky all the surfers got gold, or we'd have to have a re-event!
    Have a good Sunday - I would guess that your vent and spleen were like a little volcano and all the humidity has just fizzled away. Hopefully then desertification is back!
    Scritches to ALL the cats . Karin

  8. Well, all that being said - we hope you have a good Sunday! And we don't want the humidity either! Ha, ha, ha... XOX T.

  9. 900 emails! Wow are you popular.

    Of course you don't have time to visit efurryone; but we love it when you do manage.

  10. You are talking to the original herpes Mary here. Had some on my face a few years back! Couldn't blame it on anything interesting!

    With regards to commenting on blogs, I am following so many now, that writing my own blog seems to come a way down the list. Need help! Need counsel. Need an intervention!

    The sunburnt hemorrhoid strikes a chord too!

    Thanks I can always count on you to bring me back to basics! ;)

  11. Bet you feel better for venting such great snarktastic stuff.

    Have you tried getting a prescription for acyclovir for your herpes? The viruses for cold sores and shingles are not the same, but should both respond to some antiviral medication and especially if it is shingles, it may be important to treat it. My human sister breaks out in nasty fever blisters that extend onto her face, and the solution for her is acyclovir at the very first sign. They are generally triggered by sun or stress.

  12. Try taking Lysine for the Herpes virus. It's for humans (too). LOL.

    40% humidity? You're whining about that? Gees, Trish, it's been over 100F here with about 80% or so humidity -- horrible days, hope they're gone now till next year. (Can you tell I feel sympathetic? Ha.)

    Everyone needs to vent and whine from time to time. I've felt very whiny for quite some time now, in fact. As bad as my neighbours' kids, only as loud. :-p

  13. Talk to the sweaty palm... low humidity here is under 85%. Ack.

    Gin = Bleck. Smells like a pine tree to me. Now I love pine trees. I actually have about 50 on my 2 acres. But I don't wish to drink them. Have a nice glass of red wine instead. No hangover.

    Or hagover, as I like to call it! bahahahaha!

    Have a truly lovely day!

  14. See, life is never boring!!!

  15. Having always lived in the South, I can't imagine NOT having high humidity around most of the year. I don't like it, but it would be odd to not have it.

  16. Hey, it's okay to vent! I have to stop being so anal about trying to read and comment on blogs too. And then feel bad about those that I have missed. I keep telling myself this is supposed to be fun, right??

    I'll take your 40% humidity anytime...although we are having some nice cooler weather right now, though I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer yet.

    You can have one gmail account dump into another? I never knew that! I have one and the cats have one, and I just make sure to check both at least once a day. If I only had one to check, that would make it easier!! I'm sure the cats you missed for the surfing competition will forgive you.

    I refuse to join AARP. Maybe when I'm 80 I'll change my mind. ;)

    Hope you feel better now, Trish...and try to enjoy your Sunday!

    Sue (aka Island Cats' mom)

  17. We don't think pictures are needed until landscaping goes in da park!

    The human changed her account setting in FB to quiet it down. She sez she haf better thing to do--like play wif us!

    We hopes ya haz a good Sunday--maybe yer needs a good catnap :)

  18. feel better?? lol Whiskey is snoozing in mom's arms - want to borrow him?? :) and as much as we love you, your paltry 40% humidity makes us laugh

  19. A note to the kitties: you all might want to make sure you remain on mom's good side today...

  20. Snarkastic - that is being added to the Lexicon

    I will give you one in return - Exhaustipated = Exhausted + Constipated = too tired to give a shit :)

    I get those huge herpes sores on my lips.. unpleasant. I didn't now they could go other places. Now I am scared :) What fun.

    Hope you feel better after having vented!

  21. Yes, the weather here is making us look north for Plan B 2012 (which is different from Plan B 2010, which was Nevada). The summer has been completely hateful this year.

    ~William's mom.

  22. Isn't it a delight when those herpes cold sore things pop up? I have one smack dab on the center of my chin. Yep,my chin. That will teach me to play kissy face with a whisker bearing man who apparently had cold sores. Didn't see any, so wasn't worried, but here I am. I have to admit, I will take my chin over your eye any day. Hope yours heals fast.

    That public library sounds ageist to me too. Libraries have always been available to anyone, any age. If this is located in a private facility, they shouldn't call it a Public library.

    I would actually welcome your humidity. Since my thyroid went to hell, my hair and skin are drier than ever. Some humidity keeps the static out of my hair and keeps me from looking like a snake shedding its skin.

    AARP, yep they exist. One used to exist right there in Vegas. I should know, I worked for them. It was in a big building on Boulder Highway, the right side of the road, after Sunset as you are heading to Tropicana. They got the brilliant idea that it would be better if the moved it to Reno, never mind the fact that they would lose all the snowbirds that show up in Vegas. They were a big mail out pharmacy. I don't think there are any of them open anymore, if any at all.

    Hope all improves for you!

  23. Dear Trish,
    79 degrees Fahrenheit with 89% humidity is considered normal here... (well Malaysia IS a tropical country, after all)
    Hope everything gets better soon for you.

  24. Sheebie
    Who says misery doesn't love company?MOL....we must admit to chuckling just a bit today!! Bless your heart for making the best of a lot of stuff. We are 200% glad your state of mind is back on track and feel confident the rest will follow. FYI: when you reached the ripe old age of 60 you can get a shingles shot. LOL

    Hugs Madi and Mom

  25. WEll, I hate to say this but that was hysterical. I know it isn't funny to you, but it sure sounds funny all written down like that. Sorry about the eye but the Park pictures can't be very good yet. Kitties, you had better give that Mom some gigantic or small head bumps but do it gently. Glad you are back on track now.

  26. 900+ emails? That would drive us to drink with your friend! :) Hope the weather and your eye improves!

  27. I only wish you had posted a photo of your eye! My Mommeh says, pour a nice big glass of wine and have it with chocolate or cheese every night and you will get to love drinking!

  28. It's perfectly okay to vent. I must say you do a good job of expressing yourself. The sunburned hemmorhoid has me laughing, and feeling guily about my smiles because I do know how painful the herpes virus can be.
    When my kids were little my son caught it from all the boys on his Little League team sharing water. It passed through our family and it was horrible, The worse canker sores in our mouth ever!!

    I hope you're feeling better soon.


  29. Trish, even in your misery, you make us laugh. I do hope the Shingles gets better fast. I've had the stinking things 3 times. Our weather has cooled some. Please don't send that awful humidity down South to AL.

  30. This may not be the cure you want but Vitamin B1 and tons of water are good for limiting the effects of hangover.

  31. Feels good to get some things out in the air doesn't it? I'm with Marg...for the rest of us, it's pretty funny the way you tell it!

    While getting comments is nice, I tend to comment when something resonates with me.

    A library for the over 50 set? How does that work for encouraging young people to read (even 49 1/2 year olds!) You go girl!

  32. Love Daisy's advice!
    Mom wishes she could have a reading orgy but her brain won't focus at the moment. Flits around like your hummingbirds.

  33. Well, I had some crap to vent but after reading your post..I feel so much better! Thank you!!!!!!

    I'm with your friend, you need to drink more to build up a tolerance to the Nasty side effects and reap only the sweet bliss of a good drink!!

    Chloe, Cecil and Winston

  34. OMC, we don't often laugh out loud online but your second paragraph did it. We're sorry about your itchy eye but my crystal ball says there's something you don't want to see and you know what it is.

  35. Those were MY emails! LOL

    I love Snarktastic! Sorry about your shingle!!

  36. Venting makes you feel better. if you keep it in, it's wind up a major explosion!

    Don't get me started about facebook mail.. I had it all set up to NOT send me any... then they said, here, click this and we'll send less mail! ok, I clicked..and got MORE!! Grrrr!
    Ok, so on the bottom of every one of their emails is an unsubscribe clicky thingie. But that only unsubscribes that one set.. So, and I'm sure there's an easier way.. but here's how I did it. Click on the unsubscribe thing, and when the facebook thing pops up, click manage or edit my email or account.. trying to remember what it said now.. Then UNCLICK the send me less mail, stupid thing and scroll down, there's a bunch of catagories, click them one at a time and uncheck each box that says send me this one. Yes, it's a pain, yes it takes a little while.. but it's worth it to have NO facebook mail!
    Trick to making that faster, click the 'check all' box and all boxes get checks, then click the 'check all' again and they all uncheck. Just a touch faster than unchecking.. Then save and move to the next catagory!
    Sorry... I think you hit on my snarkastic whining facebook button! :) But facebook seriously burns my bloomers..

    Purrs that your eye gets better fast!

  37. I LOL-ed at "Seattle or wherever they grow webbed toes and drink fancy-shmancy single origin bean coffee and make with the blast furnace!" And then I checked to see if my toes have become webbed.

  38. I'm glad you vented! I hope you feel better cuz of it. The whole Facebook thing--my human thinks she'll miss something if it doesn't come her way--really? Like she can't log on see what's going on....?

    Hope the rest of your Sunday is great!


  39. That's one hell of a rebellious streak! How do you cope? Ahahaha! We'll trade you that 40% humidity for our 80+% any day! I guess that is one more reason for me not to like Facebook. I keep hoping people will get tired of it and it will go away . . . {{sigh}}

  40. I always get stressed that I don't blog hop and comment as much as I would like, but honestly, we do need real lives too, right? You get a mulligan at my place anytime--go read a book or something more fun. We'll catch up later in the week. ;)

  41. Do you feel better now that you vented? We don't visit or comment every day. Mum doesn't have the time to help us do that either.

  42. Our mom came back from Chicago with one of those Herpes sores under her nose. She used to get them on her eyelids, but never on her mouth. She just started the Zovirax and it dried it up in a few days.

    It's always good to let out some frustrations!

  43. At least you did not forget your husband's birthday! I am going to pay and pay and pay for that, forever. I would rather have herpes!
    Nellie's Mom

  44. Sorry, we did laugh...It's good to get it all out in the open..Do you feel better now? I've got blog OCD and feel guilty if I haven't been around..but as you say, it's a hobbie. If we were paid 50 bucks a comment, hell, I'd gladly sit up all night :) Hope the eye gets better.
    Mollie xx

  45. You can make all the Facebook notices go away by going to their account and changing the notifications preference.

    Good thing that the shingles is on the skin and the eyelid and NOT THE EYE. Mike Bourgerie has been out since the first of June with shingles on his EYEBALL!!! They thought he was going to lose his sight. Ugh.

  46. Ouch! I can really feel the pain of your eyelid. Hope it soon clears up. I get the virus as a honking great cold sore on my lip at the first sign of any sun. I suppose our crap weather does have some benefits, I have only had one break out this year.
    If it is a public library, how can they restrict it to over 50's. That is a contradiction and surely can't be legal.

  47. Hope your eye will feel better real soon!

  48. what to say...hmmmm...ok..."chill" that word made you feel TONS better, huh? Now you are ready to do your HAPPY DANCE!!! what??? go back to the drawing board and see if I can come up with something better...oh year, Mom says 'delete' buttons were made to dump stuff ya can't get to...there will always be more "stuff' never's all good..paw pats, Savannah

  49. Oh God. I am realzing I've been Snarkastic since I was a small child.

    Hope your bloato eyelid de-swells quickly. Poor thing! And I will not speak of the horrors of your weather, except to say I send you cooling thoughts. Have a drink!


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