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Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Planets Collide


TJ here.
Me and Maui are the two biggest cats in the house these days* and when we sleep together our collective mass warps the fabric of space time bed and we gradually coalesce into one big hot furry suPURRnova.

Mommy likes to call us The Planets--we both have lots of pals circling us like little moons--and for some reason (which I'm sure you can imagine--ed.) she chose to nickname us after two of the gas giants in our solar system, Jupiter and Uranus.  *I* am Jupiter, thank Cod, because Mommy thinks it is the epitome of wit to spot Maui and crow "Here's Uranus!"  
In front of company, even.

Which is maybe why we're sleeping bum-to-bum here...hiding our black holes!

Happy Caturday!

XX  John and Maui  XX

 *Sylvester was the largest at nearly 20 pounds; Mommy called him "Neptune".


  1. Äiti is in nerd heaven over this post, hehehehe. SuPURRnova indeed. Are you big enough for the detection of gravity waves, or is Salem needed for that ???

  2. MOL! I'm surprised that bed fits the both of you.

  3. Gravity is good. And its opposite, Levity is good too.

  4. Hmm, if you are named after the gas planets, don't go putting the wind up each other when you sleep like that.

  5. MOL! Your mommy has a wicked sense of humor! I think I love her!! I agree, Tiny Johnson, I'm glad you're Jupiter too! Uranus is a lot to put up with!!

  6. Coo - you are both named after gas planets, and I'm Aquarius which is an Air sign. I think we 3 have something going here, which will have your Mom laughing muchly.

    (Sadly I can't share our "something" with my little rotund tabster Megs..........
    Megs Doesn't. Like. Cats. Goodness knows what Megs thinks she is)

  7. I have a hankering to listen to Holst now.

  8. Oh my....I thought I felt a rift in the time space continuum!

  9. MOL ! We love the sense of humor of your pawrents ! Purrs

  10. You made our Mom giggle. We just think you look comfy. Cheeky Moms!
    the kitty brats

  11. MOL. Well, this is one collision we can't look away from. :)

  12. TOTES warping space-time! And - uh - she's pronouncing it the RIGht way, right, not that pissy ol' "PC" way they came up with right before they declared Pluto not to be a planet?

  13. A bit esoteric, but we getcha! The gravitational pull of all things impact everything else!


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