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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lunatic Fringe

Good Morning, Kitties!
Here's some ramdom Fringe-n-Floof for Friday!
(And One Slightly Non-Kitten Picture at the End!)
Maui: Lookit at my enormous long muttonchop furs and whiskers--no I'm not dirty or scruffy I'm perfectly clean thank you I actually LIKE debris in my furs no I do NOT want to be brushed or speshully have my ears cleaned just admire me and do you have any tuna?

Toe Hawks with Squished Ear, the new fashion look.

Sweet Pea: ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz
Check out those ear furnishings!

MORE ear Furnishings!

Maui: I have wild furrs all over me here you see the ginormously long furs that I grow out of my armpits and under my torso and up my chest cuz I'm a realy MANLY ManCat who growed up before I got my hoohas lopped off and so I had a chance to grow chest fur and other Manly stuff!

No explanation needed. Can you guess whose toes those are?

Sweet Pea: Ahhhh, armpit rub. Bliss. You may comb my arm fringe if you'de like.

The Planets, Jupiter & Uranus.


  1. You guys mostly look pretty darned happy (well not all of you). I like the new look--I think.

  2. We love your new blog look very happy and vibrant colors. If I let Madi see the most gorgeous Cat room you have, she will be on the next magic carpet ride to your home. That is one fantastic room. Hugs and Happy Weekend,
    Madi and Mom

  3. Your new layout looks PAWesome and your header picture??? WOW! What a room youz got! Love the pictures.

  4. That's a seriously pawsome cat room! It's probably bigger than our entire downstairs. :-)

    Great new colours and headers, and LOVE today's photos!

  5. Me and Charlie absolutely LOVE your new look blog!

    Look at all these pretty and wild colours!! We love it and give it a zillion paws up!!!

    Your lounge is amazing too!! Is that mum asleep - exhausted? LOL!

    Great pics too of all the furry gang - even the very naughty one of Jupiter and erm... Uranus. Ahem!


    Take care

  6. What a brilliant new look - just like a party with lots of balls for furries to bat round - we enjoyed the furry armpits and chests as well.

  7. I agree, I love the new look too, very festive! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  8. WOWIE hairy armpits and hairy ears and a lot of floof!
    could you knit me a sweater? just kiddy-ing.
    Bonks to all of you for a sunny HOT week-end

  9. What a mancat!!! We have some awesome furs too here - and we leave it all over the house! We also have lots of long furs between our pawpads which Äiti loves to tickle - until we biff her to stop. I wish we had mats to roll on top of but those we do have slide all over the place - which can be fun too. Maybe Uranus needs one to slide away from Jupiter - hehehehe

  10. We have a lot of that mancat-love here too! As a matter of Tommy who can be a GR8 lover to Joy... enjoys doing that to Sunny- who is a mancat! Remember it's a dominance thing!!!

  11. Dennis has never seen so much ear hair!

  12. Ears and Toes and ManCatly Floof!! What more could we ask for?

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  13. Oh, we love da poke-a-dots, in fact Zippy was trying to poke da dots on mom's laptop! Can we come live wif yoo, dat catio is purrfekshun. Um, we'd hafta bring our mom tho, none of us could live wifout da mom...
    Hahahaha...our word verification was buyped how funny is dat

  14. Looking pretty snappy over here! Did you 1-click? I hope you love it!! ::Nibbles claws nervously::

  15. You are quite the mancat. Love all your floofs and furs. YOu have enough for a few cats. Have you ever thought about going furless? Try it youmight like it in the summer. Have a great weekend and stop by my sometime this weeknd mum threw a prarty for my 4th birthday. If you can.

  16. Those are great pictures!! Lots of floof!!

  17. Great pictures!
    And wonderful new look.
    We like it a lot!


  18. Love the new blog look, very bright and happy!...Great photos=Calle and Sukki have long toehawks too (our Mommy loves them!) and we love Sweet Pea's belly shot/arm in the air=very cute!...The last picture is funny!!MOL...We hope you all have a fun weekend friends!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  19. Wot an ADORABLE collection of photos! And we LOVE that BIG BOY box!

  20. Boy, that's a lot of furs!!!

  21. We love wild fur kitties! :) Love all of your pictures!

  22. What a wonderful batch of pictures!


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