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Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Mishmash

Happy Monday, Kitties!

We decided to show you a bunch of unrelated stuff today...the only thing in common is Us Cats.

The first picture--out of the archives--is of Rupert & Felix uneasily sharing the top of the Lotus cat tree. The Beatles poster is an original...Daddy got it (free!) from an old neighbor who was cleaning house. Daddy sells music cassettes on eBay, (He's the largest dealer on eBay of vintage cassettes) so he likes all sorts of stuff that's musical or pop culture.

Felix: Hey! I was here first!

The Lotus tree got moved around a lot when we first got it, but it's been by the big window now for over a year. During the morning before the sun moves around the house the blinds are open and there's some good Bird TV through the window.

May Ling likes to lay on the top curve and meeze at everybody, and Rupert goes up top when his tail gets out of control--for some reason it's easier to catch up there! Scouty hangs out on the middle level in the morning, waiting for Mommy to serve up breakfast. He's getting pretty brave and doesn't run away (as much) when Mommy comes over to put down a food dish.


This side of the Catio faces the corner of the yard we can see from the Lotus. The bird-O-vision is super fantastic out here! In the winter Daddy puts out seeds for the birds for their dinner and our entertainment. And yes, we have gotten some birds! CC brought in a live Mourning Dove a last should've seen Mommy & Daddy chase him to get it loose! CC ran out to the Catio and let go, then Sweet Pea got him and lost him, and THEN Maui caught him! Mommy grabbed Maui and got the Dove (he was OK) and let him go...we were really MAD but we'll get another one, someday.


More Bird-O-Vision!

There's other good hunting around here...we get lizards, mousies, and once we even caught a snake! It was a baby sidewinder rattlesnake, about as big as a pencil. Naturally Mommy & Daddy just about had heart attcks when they saw the snake...but we are fast and mighty hunters and nobody was bitten. In case you're wondering, the snake got away. Rats!

And we catch these:

This is a Hairy Desert Scorpion. One night we caught and dedded it and left it on the carpet for Mommy to find in the morning. Kitties, we didn't know she could shriek like that! It was pretty interesting to watch her leap on the sofa, we never suspected she could move that fast.

Desert Hairys have a mild sting, we're told. The scorpions to watch out for are the little beige jobs. Mommy got stung in the palm once by one of those and she said it was worse than a wasp. We catch the beige ones, too, and we like to rip 'em apart and leave the parts out all over the house. Good times, good times.

Waiting for victims.

The last picture is the Catio before it was the Catio! You can see The Baby's cage where she used to hang out and not get pestered by Johnson. This is how it looked when Rupert, the Twins and Sweet Pea showed up. We have a lot more greenery in the back now. Daddy loves to garden and he's always improving the view for us.

So there you go...Mishmash Monday. We hope you enjoyed it!

xx Lounge Kats


  1. Oh you fierce hunters! :-)

    I'm with your mum - that beheaded scorpion would have made me shriek and swoon and then shriek some more! Good grief. OMG and a snake?!?! Oh dear!!! Think of your poor mum!

    Well done your mum and dad for rescuing that dove - awwwww! These birdies are lovely!

    Me and Charlie love that before pic of your lounge cos it's such an amazing transformation! And that lotus tree is fab. We really like that lotus tree - esp in front of that Beatles poster.

    Take care

  2. What a fun post! We are so envious of your Catio. Momma keeps saying "someday" we'll get a screened back porch but we're not holding our breaths. And kudos on your hunting skills! You guys are pawsome!!

  3. Wow! You have so many different things to catch and eat. If only I had the opportunity to show what a great hunter I am, I would go out to the forest and bring back all sorts of things. I am not sure I would like the scorpions. They might be a little crunchy. Last year a hedgehog came to visit and I was going to hunt him down but thought the prickles might hurt my paws. But in summer I catch thousands and thousands of mosquitoes.

  4. You guys must have fun with all those interesting victims to catch! We can imagine your Mom screaming at the scorpion because our Mom freaked out with a tiny little spider!

  5. Pawsome post! We wanna come over and hunt with you guys!
    We've always wanted one of those lotus cat trees too!

  6. The transformation of your catio is amazing! We love our Lotus cat tree, too. Except neither of us ever goes into the box at the bottom.

  7. Our mom would definitely have screamed at the Scorpion ~ 'cos she's a wuss. She doesn't like spiders or anything like that. She's such a baby!

    Yoor catio is super-awesome. Yoor dad must be very clever to make yoo nice stuff and do gardening etc. He's a keeper!

    We are thrilled yoor mom is gonna do a pic for us (like yoors). Please put me (Milo) by her feet on the bed, then Alfie watching enviously by peeping over the edge of the bed (cos I DON'T allow him to share bed space!)

    Mom said if yoo put it in a blog post, she will copy it to her file, or yoo could e-mail it. How exciting! Fanks SO much.

  8. Morning all,
    What great mish mash of pictures and info!!!
    We love you catio but not so much your hairy bug...
    Happy Monday Madi and Mom

  9. Snakes?

    These bugs bring me to my knees - seriously!!!

    Brave, brave furry ones!!

  10. Your catio is very wonderful. We love the Lotus cat tree, you are lucky kitties :)

  11. Okay, our human would have a problem with rattlesnakes and scorpions! Yikes! You should hear her shriek over tiny spiders!

    Your catico is just so fabulous--you're very lucky kitties!

    And we love that photo of May Ling; it's priceless! :-D

  12. You guys have a pretty sweet pad there in the desert!

  13. You are brave to go after scorpions! I think they would be scary.

  14. loved mishmash monday! but holy poo, those scorpies are SCARY. i do not think i would chase one.

  15. Oh kitties, your catio is making me start thinking about asking mom for one. All I have is windows to see my Bird-o-Vision. Mom needs to hop to it.

    She said she used to see scorpions back when she lived in Florida but thank goodness, those are a memory she said. I told her I would protect her!

    Me and Mom hope for a whole buncha mishmash Mondays. We liked this a lot!



  16. Our mama detests those got her years ago and she can still remembers how painful it was!!!!!!!!! We have dedded a few for her over the years, cuz we don't want her to get hit by one again.

    Really cool pics.........Happy Monday, y'all!!!!!!!

  17. Lots of brilliant mishmash, thank you for sharing. My boy human is from Liverpool but he's not very keen on the Beatles, he said he got inundated with Beatlemania when he grew up and needs a break. FAZ

  18. You cats have the good life.

  19. Oh man, dat was a really big bug! It was dead, it was beheaded and it was a piksher and mom still skwirmed.

  20. Eeeek, ok, that is mom shrieking! That scorpion looks fun to me, but not to my mom. We had some little ones in our house when we first moved in and mom freaked every time she caught me playing with one.
    Gotta love the catio. I wish I could have one!

  21. Its us again...we tried your email link, but it wasn't working so we're leaving another comment. Does May Ling want to enter her toesies in our Tort-toes contest?

  22. Lots of fun stuff! That scorpion looks scary, even if its sting is supposed to b mild. I prefer mice!


  23. Wow those were great pictures! You are lucky to have so much fun stuff to hunt. We are lucky if we can find an ant at our house (and then mom kills it - rude!). And the catio looks like such a cool place - we are totally jealous!

  24. We're trying to revive Mom....she fainted when she read about the snake!!!!!!!!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  25. I enjoyed the look around very much.. Wow you get to hunt a lot of stuff, I am quite in awe.. Hugs GJ xx

  26. WOW
    I never get to hunt! You kitties have the best catio too. Wowie what a great life.
    You should have a party!


  27. I am so glad I live somewhere with no scorpions! The worst we used to get with our last cat was frogs and the occasional baby rat!
    Love the synchronised bird-watching! xx

  28. That was a great mish-mash! We loved all the photos, and the Catio is just super. We wish we had something like that. *sigh* The second Bird-o-Vision photo is really funny.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  29. We are jealous. You guys have a lotta fun things to catch and dedded -- we only find lizards, bugs, and an occasional bee. Our Momma would've screamed at that scorpion...YIKES she even went ewwwww at the picture. We thought it was awesome!


  30. You are amazing hunters! A scorpion! And wasps!!! I'm impressed. And your home looks nice and interesting too.

  31. If we ever had a scorpion, my mom would have a complete bird--then we'd have bird-o-vision too! My old bro Eddie liked to chase the occasional centipede under a living room rug and then pounce on it until it was dead, and *that* would send my mom into hysterics!

    She's really not bad with other things but not those two things. Good for her we don't get either around here.

  32. Wow! You guys havesome really cool live toys to play with around your house! But our mom would never let us play with scorpions or snakes if we had them around here. She doesn't like us to play with spiders or bugs. She's no fun!

  33. We loved Mishmash Monday! Life is so interesting out there in the desert!

  34. I was gonna come over but those scorpions are scary!!

  35. That was fun. When we lived in FL - only 2 of us then, we caught lizards, snakes and all sorts of stuff. We miss that! Mom musta messed up the posts on Reader but put it back to the way the others were and it worked!

    Cats of wildcat woods

  36. The cartio has really inspired The Big Thing! He wants to make our own patio like that.

  37. You guys really have it made out there!

  38. Being from the north, those scorpions are scary to
    us! We would be shaking in our fur. It looks like a fun and wonderful place for kitties to watch the birds and take in the view! :)

  39. Great photos, you guys have a wonderful life!...Our Mommy wouldn't have like the deaded scorpion either; you guys are brave hunters!...Happy week friends..xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  40. Okay, I am no longer going to complain about my kitteez dropping live mice in my bedroom and dead mice in my living room. At least they aren't scorpions! And my three kitteez are INSANELY JEALOUS of that totally awesome catio you have. They want one too!!


Oh Boy...this is gonna be GREAT!