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Friday, June 18, 2010

Felonious Feline Friday

We have a confession to make.
Crime is rampant here at the Katnip Lounge.
Yes, it's true.
So we decided to have a quiz about it!
Below are four Known criminals...
Examine them carefully.
Below the Perpetrators is a list of their Crimes.
Your job, should you choose to accecpt--
(and we know you WILL accept cuz we already accepted for you)
--is to link each Perp with a Crime.
Good Luck!

Maui, aka" Tippy Tipperton"

Salem, aka "Tiny Tuxie Terror"

Scouty, aka "Skaredy Kat"

Daddy Kat, aka "Scrotchy"
1) Shameless Chicken Jerky Eating
2) Slavedriver-ing
3) Indiscriminate Spraying
4) Paper Towel Assault

Leave your guesses in the comments!

XX Lounge Kats
pee ess: We didn't get to visit yesterday...grumblegrumble...dang Mommy. Some nonsense about cleaning blahblahblah. Mommy is lame.


  1. it would not be honourable to apportion guilt to any cat, but I sure hope that the 'indiscriminate spraying' is not Daddy Kat - human urine stinks!

  2. OK ~ this is a hard challenge but we'll try.

    1) Shameless Chicken Jerky Eating ~ Scouty for sure!
    2) Slavedriver-ing ~ the dad!
    3) Indiscriminate Spraying ~ we hate to cast aspersions but is it Maui?
    4) Paper Towel Assault ~ cud it be Salem?

    We'd like to add another crime: Horrendus Hair Doos ~ committed by the dad!

  3. Hmm..... that's a toughie!!
    1)Maui, 2)Dad 3)Scouty 4)Salem?????

    Hey, stop by our bloggie, we have an award for your mom!!

  4. Hang on, we just have to put our caps on and light our pipes...

    well well well, what have we here?
    Maui, are you the chicken jerky eater?
    DaddyKat, are you the slavedriver?
    Scouty, are you the sprayer?
    Salem, are you the towel wrestler?

    We will await the trial results sitting in recliners infront of the fire, while reading a leatherbound book! :)

  5. Wow, this is tough. We know #2 has to be Dad (we HOPE he isn't #3!) #3 Scouty?
    Then #1 is Maui and #4 is Salem

  6. 1. your dad
    2. your dad
    3. Maui?
    4. your dad

  7. We love your agnomens!

    We're going to blame all of them on your dad because you kitties all look innocent to us!

  8. Here are my guesses!
    1. the dad
    2. the dad
    3. Maui
    4. Salem

  9. HA HA HA !!! You'll never know how much I needed a laugh this morning - so THANK YOU for being the laugh provider ! I'm hoping that the dad is not guilty of #3 !!!

    Eva & Gracie's Mom

  10. Hmmmm...

    #1 Dad
    #2 Dad
    #3 Dad
    #4 Dad

    cause we kitties don't ever do anything wrong.....right????

    We thought so!!! MOL

  11. I think Taylor CatSSSSS might be onto something! y'all made my whiskers grin up!

  12. LOL at the guesses, especially Daisy's, Huffle's, and The Taylor CatSSSSS!

    We won't even bother adding to the guesses, but we'll look forward to the answers. :-)

  13. Now this is a challenging...
    We hope and pray the only one Dad is guilty of is slave driving. OMC the thoughts of him doing any of the other things...well we cannot even imagine.
    As for the other crimes...we think they could and probably are interchangeable each day depending on the kitty mood.
    Madi and Mom and HAppy Father's Day to the slave driver.

  14. Milo & Alfie got it right!
    MamaCat & the FurryPurries

  15. Oh wow!! We love detective work!

    Here are me and Charlie's guesses:
    Daddy Kat, aka Scrotchy: 1,2,3 and 4.

    Mauie, Salem and Scouty are far too cute and sweet and floofy and cuddly and adorable to be guilty of anything!! They are innocent sweeties!! :-)

    Take care

  16. Well we know us cats wouldn't do any of the things on the list so the answer must be Scrotchy for all of them.

  17. Maui, I do think it MAY...just may be you with the spraying. Mind..I'm not pointing my claw..just wondering.

    Scouty, Did you eat that jerky? There may be Scouty stew yet!!!

    Daddy..I fink I know! Paper Towel assault! Shamey!

    Salem...surely NOT! I can't believe it of you. (not sure what though)

  18. 1, 2 and 4 are definitely Daddy Kat. #3 troubles me...

  19. Did your dad really do ALL of those things? We can't imagine any of you would do such things.

  20. Sorry daddy kitty but we put the blame on you. Those sweet adorable kitties could never do the crimes you listed.

  21. We are guessing:

  22. Well since you didn't say what was being sprayed and the humans have been known to go nuts spraying air fresheners and stuff around here we are going to find Daddy Kat guilty of all 4 crimes.

  23. LOVE the photos and such a fun post!!...We say Dad does all 4; cats are always innocent=yep, that's the cats official story and we are sticking with it!!MOL...Happy weekend sweet friends...kisses x3...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  24. We have to go with the dad doing all but number 4 and that would be Maui!

  25. We are positive that Dad does all four. We kitties wouldn't do any of those horrible things. We do feel sorry for all of with Dad doing indiscriminate spraying. That must be really stinky.
    This was hysterical. Great post.
    Have a great week end and we hope you can get Dad under control

  26. hmm, i sure hopes DaddyKat isn't the culprit of Crim Number Three...

  27. What a fun post!!!!!!!!!! We thinks DaddyKat did them all!!!!!!!! MOL

  28. I think dad could be them all. Dads have a habit of missing when they go.. Te he.. sorry dad if I am wrong.. Hugs GJ xx

  29. Oh, fun!
    1) Shameless Chicken Jerky Eating - Tippy Tipperton
    2) Slavedriver-ing - Dad
    3) Indiscriminate Spraying - Skaredy Kat
    4) Paper Towel Assault - Tiny Tuxie Terror

    Hope only Dad gets caught. :)

  30. Let's see....
    #1. Maui :(
    #2. Dad ;)
    #3. Scouty :(
    #4. Salem!!! :(
    We are not to be held responsible for targeting the blame 'cause we were coerced!!! ;) =^Y^=

  31. We all know kitties never do anything wrong which means DaddyCat must be guilty of all the crimes.

  32. WE think that the answers have been uncovered...and oh Poor Daddy Kat are you the one to do all these crimes?




  33. Well, from those photos the only one that looks guilty is your dad.

  34. Haha! We like the Taylor Catsss answer!! But we'll guess
    1. Maui
    2. the daddy kat
    3. Scouty
    4. Salem
    But we still think the daddy kat was involved in all the crimes somehow...

  35. I not believes ANY of those sweet kitties could has done any of that stuffs!
    We thinks the Dad did it all and blamed the poor innocent kitties.
    (Happy Father's day Dad!)

  36. All I know is that Scouty would never stoop to any such criminal behaviors. And, frankly, I don't believe any other kitteh would either. But I'm a little suspicious of the Mom's motives in trying to shift blame onto the kittehs AND teh Dad. Could it be that SHE is really the guilty one?

  37. I hope your Dad isn't the shameless sprayer...


Oh Boy...this is gonna be GREAT!