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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Three Minutes on Thursday

Mommy is learning how to use her new camera.
She decided Wednesday afternoon to snap a photo of all of us as quickly as she could to capture what we were doing at one time.
Mommy needs to learn how to set the AM/PM part of the date...
So, here we are! Blurry, badly composed and a couple of lucky shots...three minutes at the Katnip Lounge.

Sweet Pea on "her" bed on the kitchen table. She occasionally will share it with Rupert.

Maui on top of the Lotus Cat Tree, in a rare moment of repose.

Grayce, two levels down on the Lotus.
She's skinny now!
Hurrah for the stinky goodness diet.

May Ling, behind Mommy's chair. Probably plotting where to pee inappropriately next.

The Baby, a little bit blurred. She was eating nip so it's appropriate!

Johnny and his that rogue-ish Look!
He just woke up...

Rupert & CC in Circle Bed #1 on the big bed. They snuggle together fairly often; CC was in the bed first shortly after lunch and Rupert had just scootched in alongside.

Felix in Circle Bed #2. Having the flashy box in his face turns him into Mister Crankypants. Well, let's face it.
Felix was BORN with crankypants on.

Two in the Tree. Scouty up top, and KonaKitty down below. Kona has a ringside seat to one of the Cat Flaps just to the left; she keeps tabs on her furblings from this spot.
Scouty will let me tickle under his chin now when I feed him tid-bits!

Little Miss Salem, the only kitty outside at the time. It's hard to get a good shot laying on your tummy! The Cats LOVE to siesta under the colorful Cat Jungle gym.
That's it!
All of us in three minutes.
Happy Thursday Kitties!
xx Lounge Kats


  1. Wow - we can't believe you took all these great photos in 3 minutes! (It would take our human all day - not exaggerating!) It is really nice to see all of you in one post.

    Many purrs!
    Franklin, Dobby, and Tasha

    P.S. Our humans' camera still has the date/time set from wherever the camera was made (we think Asia) and they've had it for THREE years. So we think you are doing well.

  2. Wow--just three minutes? Hmm.. to get that many she liked would take the woman hours...on a good week...

  3. Wow, those were great photos in only 3 minutes!...We especially loved Rupert and CC snuggled up together...Enjoy your new camera!...Happy Thursday sweet friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. That's a great idea . Maybe I should send Äiti to do this but it often takes more than three minutes to find the shy Britcat brothers. You all look so relaxed and happy and plotting to do good things!

  5. They're all such great photos, but we specially liked Rupert and CC snuggling :)

  6. We think your mom did a fine job with her new camera. Very impressive, all in three minutes!

    BTW, Johnny really reminds our human of her "angel" Chumley, at least in that photo. :-)

  7. Wot a great idea for a meme! We love these pics and that yoor mom took them all in just 3 minutes is AWESOME! We'd love to join in ~ 'cept there is only 2 of us, plus Dad. Mom said she would be willing to do the pics in just one minute though (since there are less of us). Wot do yoo fink? Shud we?

  8. Awww Me and Charlie think your mum did brilliantly with her new camera!! These are fantastic pics and catches you all in super duper poses - looking beautiful and just lovely!

    And all in three minutes! We are in AWE!

    Take care

  9. That's amazing.....just 3 minutes? That's a lot of cat to cover in just 3 minutes!

  10. We think that is really well done to get all of you in 3 minutes. Our Mom would have trouble getting all of us in three days. But we are very spread out. Those are great pictures. Love the one of the kitty outside.
    Have a great day.

  11. Your camera skills are way better than our Mom's! We love those circle beds! They look really comfy.

  12. Thanks for sharing your slice-of-life with us!

  13. Mom you deserve an double scoop ice cream treat for this post. Excellent shots you must have been running around the house like a crazy lady!!!
    Madi made me write 100 times on a tablet that a kitty's bowl should never be empty.
    Madi and Mom

  14. What fantastic pictures! We loved them all!!! Beautiful kitties!!!!!

  15. That is a great idea for a photo session! Those are great shots. My mommy has had her camera for 4 years and still can't figure out half of it. We think you are doing well.
    We hope you are enjoying cooler weather than we are! purrrrrrrrs

  16. We are impressed! Great photos! Loved the post seeing all the kitties relaxing today.

  17. That was a wonderful 3 minute tour and the pictures were great!

  18. heehee that was like a quick cross-section of The Katnip Lounge.

  19. Oh new camera! We can't waits to see all the picshurs it will take.
    We loves the 3-minute concept. Great idea. And of course, we loved seeing all your kitties. Looks like everyone is relaxed and happy.
    (How the heck, with so many kyooties, can your floors be so cat-toy and cat-fur free?)

  20. These are awesome! We love that you got all of those so quickly! And as the cat mom can I add that I am glad to know that I am not the only person to have a cat bed on the kitchen table!

    Oh, and we totally thought of you when we saw over at moderncat about their other blog about catios - you should submit yours! Their site is at We think you have a great one (heck I hope to have one when we get our next house after seeing the idea here!)

  21. Our Mommy is going to get a new camera soon also but I know it would take her more than 3 minutes just on the settings! Loved the photos!!!=^Y^=

  22. Great to see all of you!

    So, we see a space below your "fence" in the picture of Little Miss Salem, do any of you squeeze thru there and go roaming?

  23. Three minutes and you got all those great pictures.. I loved seeing them all.. Great.. HUgs GJ xx

  24. Those are great photos all in 3 minutes. It takes our mum a couple of days to remember to change the time on her camera when she goes on holiday, then about 3 months to change back when she gets home.

  25. There are some great shots there! A very full 3 minutes!

  26. I wish MY human was as quick with her camera - then we would be DONE with the photos in no time!

  27. Wow, we did da maths and dat is 4 cats a minit!

  28. Your mom caught a lot of cats in 3 minutes! We're impressed!

  29. I see an episode of 24 coming up!

  30. Wow! Your mom is getting good with that camera!!

  31. Scouty! Of course you got the good perch--way up high outta reach. Kudos, bro!

    I'm trying hard not to succumb to the special-tasty-foodz enticements. We independent mancats have to stay strong!

  32. Great shots of all of you! You have some wonderful places to hang out!

  33. I think mom should do this too, but 3 minutes would be almost impossible...but we still think she should try.

    We love all the photos of you!

  34. Wow, all those good pictures in jus 3 minutes? Mom must be very quick!


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