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Monday, July 5, 2010

MishMash Monday


Rupert here, reporting on various items of interest, all unrelated!

Buckle up and hang on!

It's Mishmash Monday...
Mister Roop-a-Doop!


Johnny bit The Baby's tail, HARD! His big ole toofers went right through her tail!

It's almost all healed up. Johhny has this uncontrollable "chase" response whenever he sees The Baby...of course she runs and this reinforces the cycle.


It distresses Mommy & Daddy very much.
The Violated Caudal Appendage.


It's been hotHOTHOT!

Time to lie back and open up the old furz .
The Caudal Appendage Violator, Oblivious to His Fate.


In answer to some comments, yes, we DO climb on Chester Cheetah!

Silly Felix!

Oh, and a secret!

Salem's tail IS short! She's one of those Compact Cobby Cats...short legs, short tail, short torso. When she puffs up she looks like a lil' fuzzy round balloon.

Please don't tell her I told you this or she'll beat the tar outta me...but I thought ya'll should know.

Salem likes to groom Mommy's hair!

And Kitties, Mommy has two questions:

1) What's the best method to back up our blog? Hard drive, external drive, any good hints or advice?

2) Have any "Secretaries" out there done any offline blogging that gets downloaded later to Blogger? Pros, cons, preferred software?

Mommy, That's really a lot more than two questions!


That's OK Mommy, we know you live your life for us Lounge Kats...heh heh.

Happy Monday Kitties! XX

This has been Rupert, reporting from the customized cardboard box.


  1. Hi Rupert,

    A customized cardboard box? How cool is that!

    We were upset to see Baby's tail all chewed up. That was norty of Johhny ~ he needs to learn sum manners. please kiss baby for us ~ we are sending get well purrs.

    Sorry mom can't help yoo wiv the technical stuff ~ she's useless!

  2. Poor Baby. Hope she heals up soon. The boys around here especially two of them chase us too. It is horrible and the Mom gets really mad. She says bad words and those two boys know exactly what she is saying.
    The Backing up of the blog I would do on DVD-R or an external drive. I don't have an external drive so don't have a choice. Can't help you on the offline stuff.
    Have a great week and Baby give that Johnny a huge whack.

  3. In answer to your mum's questions:
    1. we do not back up and this is bad.
    2. we use MacJournal for blogging.

    Poor Baby!

  4. I always back up on 2 x CD-RW . I use them on alternate weeks so that if anything awful happens on between backups I've only lost one weeks data. Being a bit of an air-head I also put a date note in with each disc so that I use them alternately!!
    We hope Johnny leaves your tail alone Baby.

  5. That was quite some bite on poor Baby's tail, Johnny!

    Rupert, you do look like you are enjoying your box.

    Mom doesn't backup my blog, but you have made her think that she should.

  6. Oh no, I'll bet that tail chomp didn't feel to good!

  7. What a great bunch of pictures...oh poor kitty with the wounded tail...that must have hurt big time!!!

    Mom recently backed up our blog on WordPress. You have to create an account on
    there are about 14 steps to the information I rec'd from a fellow blogger. I'll be happy to send them to you if you want them. Just send me an email to the email listed on my blog.
    Happy Monday,
    Madi and Mom

  8. Poor little one! That tail must hurt. Love the pictures. ML can help you with anything computer related.

  9. Oh man, if one of us did dat to somecats tail we'd be in deep doodoo! Mom always sez if da computer were like a car it would be much easier fur her to manetane...she is so teknikally unsavvy she can't even add pages to our blog even tho blogger just about walked her thru it holding her hand! She just leaves stuff as it is until she haf a couple of days to undo all da stuff she messes up!

  10. Mr. Rupert I think your Mommy spoils you. As for Johnnie, I didn't think you had it in you to bite Baby "the little trouble maker". Hope your tail will get better. Sleep tight all of you in the warm sunshine in your catio wish I could join you. The lap of luxury. Mom of Mom

  11. Oh my! Poor Baby, that looks like it hurts a LOT.
    Norty Johnny!

  12. Yup, that is a mishmash!! Happens around here too,sometimes ;)
    We hope Baby's tail is better soon.
    We think Salem is a cute kitty who loves her Mom ;)
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  13. oh my cod, that tail! my mommeh would chase me wif the dishtowel til kingdom come if i ever did anyfing like that!

  14. Ow, Baby, that's pretty painful...

    About backups, our human staff went whole hog with this blog thing, using a web host and free WordPress software which allows uploading posts in advance of the posting date, plus an external hard drive to back everything up, not just the blog but all the data at home. That may be more expense than most people want to spend. But our staff is sorta paranoid about losing data...

  15. Such great pictures!!! EXCEPT for the yucky picture of The Baby's tail!! Ouchy - we hope it feels better soon!! Our Mom squirts us with a water gun if our fights get too out of control - but she worries that we're going to do something like that when she's not there...

    Hope you had a Happy 4th!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

  16. Here's a cautionary tale (heh, heh) for Johnny: Once there were Two Kitties Who Came Before, Mr. Teeth and Clarkie. Well, Mr. Teeth got his name for obvious reasons. But one night, he bited poor Clarkie SO HARD that you know what happened? Well do you?
    One of Mr. Teeth's great big bottom fangs got stuck in Clarkie's fur/skin and it comed right out of Mr. Teeth's mouth! And didn't THAT serve him right!

  17. Oh no, that looks like a nasty bite, I hope you're feeling better my friend.

  18. That's a lot of mish and mash!
    We are not sure about the tecknickel questions, we need help on that too!

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