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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tecnho Tuesday--Sunpuddle Edition

Check out this new Drawing Mommy made for us--it's a prototype of a new Device we thought on!

Until recently we were unaware that the Seasons were different on the other side of the Earth. Now that We blog, we know differently from our friends living all over the World.

So while We are happily roasting in 110 degree (dry!) heat, other Kitties are freezing their pantaloons off, and suffering a dearth of sunpuddles.

This isn't right!

So the Techno Team at The Katnip Lounge went to work on a solution.

And here it is!!
The Mirror & Pink Spotted Mousie Sun-spot Creator!
(patent pending)
Using specially engineered mirrors*, the Pink Spotted Mousies that live in outer space (and eat the Moon's Green Cheese) will direct the reflected Sunshine from our house to yours!
All a Kitty need do to access the system is eat some Nip. The Nip causes the Pink Spotted Mousies to appear, and then you simply tell the Mousies to aim the mirrors at your house.
Sunpuddles to lounge in and nice warm rooms.
We have a few wrinkles to work out, like where to get a rocket ship, but we think maybe we can get one on eBay, cheap.
So what do you think, Kitties?
As always, we welcome suggestions.
Happy Tuesday!
XX Lounge Kats
*in planning stage


  1. By George, I think you've got it!! Sounds to us like it will work.....but how will you get the pink spotted mousies to cooperate?

  2. That sounds like a great plan to get the sun to all those poor kitties that are cold. Just mirror some sun puddles to them. Kind of like mailing it.
    Have a great day.

  3. I think everyone should have one, great idea!!!

  4. I want to figure out a way to send the south Florida humidity to all my friends who live in an arid climate!

  5. MOL! Brilliant! Of course, we do see why nip would be required.... ;-)

  6. Excellent idea! We totally think it will work.


    What a EURAKA moment this is!! My goodness! Me and Charlie are SO IMPRESSED!! You are very intelligent and innovative kitties over at Katnip Lounge!! That is a BRILLIANT idea!! We like little mousies (pink spotted ones as well!!) moving mirrors and things to transfer heat to cold places and vice versa! Wow!

    We are certain you can get a rocket ship on ebay!!!! Good luck!! :-)

    take care

  8. We think that sounds like a great solution, but we don't need anymore sun right now! We'll definitely call on the Pink Spotted Mousie when December rolls around, though!

  9. Morning to my favorite dozen!!
    Mom always finds it amazing when she realizes the folks downunder are celebrating Christmas in 90+ weather. Christmas needs to be at least very cool if not cold. We hate HOT weather but are glad we have 4 seasons here in NC. Well we have one full season summer....then fall winter and spring run together.
    Madi and Mom

  10. We love the idea and the picture! We think the only thing that would make it better is if you could rig up a pink spotted mousie to send some of that cold air back up to the hot kitties (like us!)

  11. We think that you are BRILLIANT!!!! Can we buy stock in your invention company?

  12. absolutely eBay! I think I saw one myself, cheap! What good kitties you are helping kitties across the big waters with sun puddles to lay in.

    Meows and purrs to all of you.

  13. Great idea!!!!!!!!!! Especially if that will make it cooler at our houses!!!!!! We are without air conditioning and are suffering BIG TIME!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxx

  14. Well blogger has been a mess today!!! I commented earlier but I see it didn't come through. Bloggers help page said had a problem earlier and were working on it. I was hoping all the comments would eventually come thru some have some haven't.
    Anyway I don't recall what I said earlier...but wanted to wish you a happy day again.

  15. We think it is a great idea. And we think that it will help everyone - it will make everything nice feeling everywhere!!

  16. Oh my! What a grate and novel idea. If you not has enough pink spotted mousies you can has one of mine. Even though I would misses him while him was being a astromousie.
    You kitties sure are smart.

  17. I wish we could all have sunshines all the time to nap in!

  18. This is an excellent idea we could always be warm. You and your kitties deserve a big award for thinking of this.

  19. You kitties are so smart! We think your idea is very pawesome!

  20. What a wonderful invention. Of course in winter it would work in reverse so the kitties who are cold now will be hot then, and can send some hots back.Oh it is too complicated for us, we will just keep a look out for pink spotty mousies.

  21. You are absolutely brilliant! We searched for "rocket ship" on Ebay and found 942 listings. We hope you can find the perfect one to help keep all the kitties of the world toasty warm.

  22. good plan, maybe you could get those mousies to direct some heat over to us in australia :)

    thank you also for keeping your little paws crossed for Harley xx

  23. You kitties are a virtual think tank!! Amazing work!

  24. We think that plan will work!! Now how to get a rocket ship......

  25. You at the Katnip Lounge are much smarter than us at Lucy's Cat Lounge. I love this idea. Right now I'm roasting thanks to the heatwave on the East Coast, but I look forward to seeing the Pink Spotted Mousies come winter!

  26. We have sunlight shades an mirrors. We call them trees. ;)

  27. You are quite mom says we could use your device up here in the Pacific NW.

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Oh Boy...this is gonna be GREAT!