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and...*Angels Grayce, KonaKitty, and Sylvester* always loved, never forgotten

Friday, July 23, 2010

NipFest Friday!

It is I, KonaKitty!
I have some excellently FUN news to report.
Daddy picked fresh Nip and Mommy cut it up with scissors and gave us PILES!
Of Nip, that is.
It was my job to alert the troops.
I looked Left...

...and looked Right.

Hey Salem...where is Everybody?

Salem: Well, Me and Felix are hanging on Mommy's desk. We know Mommy will get to us and give us our own private nippin'...she's good like that. Plus, Felix has to guard these Very Important Papers from flying away.
OK Salem...I'll go check the bedroom...
The troops already found the Nip!

The Baby: Kona Kitty, you had better RUN! There are nip-crazed kitties ALL OVER in here! I'm staying safe up here on the high-boy. Mommy gave Me a lil nip pile of my own earlier. I came in to watch the fun from a safe spot.

Scouty: I am Unimpressed by your Nip offering, Mommy.
Furthermore, your afternoon Rum cocktail seems to have impaired your ability to focus the flashy-box clearly.
heh heh.

KonaKitty: I followed The Baby's advice and took cover at the base of the Cat Tree.
Felix decided he had to come and join the fun. He said the heck with Mommy's paperwork.
Sweet Pea was sound asleep...she missed the whole Fest!
That's OK, more Nip for the rest of us!
(how many of us do you see here?)
And there's always more Nip tomorrow...
Kitties, I hope you got some Nip today, too!
XX KonaKitty


  1. Wow, what a fantastic nip fest! Lucky kitties! (We see 8 of you in that last photo. And one decorative kitty!)

  2. We've been out in the catio watching our nip grow - we had some yesterday and hope we get more later. So, guys - how big's your habit ? Stran can get through 10 leaves or more a day but the rest of us go gentle!

    Happy Festing.

  3. Wow!! What a fab Nip Fest Feast for you gorgeous kitties at Katnip Lounge!!!!! KonaKitty - well done you for alerting the already alert troops!! Salem - you look very distinguished sitting on your mum's desk! And Felix - me and Charlie think you deserve your nip reward after looking after mum's Very Impawtant Papers! The Baby - your mum is so sweet to give you your very own nip pile! Aww Scouty - we think your mum deserved a little rum reward for her nip-ping!! LOL!! And Sweat Pea - never mind!! There is always next time!!! :-)

    You all take care now!

  4. Fresh nip fests are the best!

    We see 8 in the last picture, but we were almost food by the kitty on the tin!

  5. Woohoooo! Nip extravaganza! Are there 8 of you in the last photo?

  6. What fun to have a private NIP FEST! We haven't had a NIP FEST in a furry long time beclaws our dad has to get some more fur us at some special store out there but when we do we will have fun fur sure!

  7. Ain't nothin' like a good Nipfest!

  8. Oh we wish we were over at yoor place to join in the fun. Yoo have such good times.

    BTW: we hope it's OK but we are doing our copy cat memorabilia post tomorrow. If yoo have time ~ praps yoo could pop over then to read it!

  9. I see 8 of you, plus one picture of a kitty on the waste basket. You look pretty chilled out after your nip fest.

    You better watch Mommy with the camera after rum cocktails!

  10. There's nothing like the smell of catnip in the morning:-) Felix what a wonderful paperweight you are, and holy cow what a fantastic cat tree that is, I've never seen one so big.

    I hope you won't be annoyed, but I copied your blog idea from yesterday and did a post about my favourite cat mementos. I was inspired by seeing all your lovely collections!

  11. Aww....nothing like a good hit of nip.

  12. Hi Happy Dozen,
    Mom and I think maybe your Mom had a sniff of nip herself. What a cute fun post!!! Happy Weekend,
    Madi and Mom

  13. Oh my, now your talking, nip anytime is purrfect!

  14. We thought there was 11 of you in the photo. We think that the nip was enjoyed by every cat!!

  15. I see 8 kitties. I asked Mommy to look too and she said she only saw 7. I know she's wrong. I say 8 and my say is more right. Some of you kitties were overlappin'!

    Mommy is going to HAVE to grow me some fresh nip. I have premium dried nip but the fresh is making me all happified just thinking of it.

    Meows, my kitty friends.

  16. Nip fest! Nothing like the fresh stuff! Happy Friday!

  17. What a grand nip fest!!!!!!!!!!! Y'all are totally adorable and we always love your pix. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. Ah every cat should have a nip fest once in awhile!

  19. Fresh nip is a wonderful way to start the weekend off right :)!!...Obviously, you guys are already having a great Friday; hope you have a fun weekend too!...kitty kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  20. We thought we saw 10 cats but I guess one of those is a picture of a cat on a wastebasket. You made our Mom fall off her chair laughing at the fuzzy photo because of a rum cocktail. Mom needs to have some fun too and if all of you are running around all nipped out, then she just needs to join in the fun. Maybe that is why our pictures are fuzzy or out of focus. That does look everyone had a good time with their piles of nip. Have a great week end.

  21. We see 8 of you!!!!

    Nip time must be REALLY fun at your house!

  22. Yow! You lounge kitties really know how to party. Sadly, we has no nip here; grass, but no nip.

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie
    (we think there are nine of you in the last photo)

  23. Nip fests are the best! We wish we could come join you! We see 8 of you in the last photo - is that right?

  24. Fresh nip fest...ohmicod!

    Let us know when you are havin another one, we'd love to teleport ofur.


  25. If yoo don't count da kitty on da can we see nine, who is dat on da top of da kitty tower? We love when mom brings in some fresh nip! She sez it makes us a little bit insane. We think all kitties should haf some fresh nip effury day, and moms should all haf a 'dult beverage of der choice cuz it makes dem all alaxed and lots more fun.

  26. Nothing more fun than a house full of nipped out kitties!

  27. Hi gang! We love that last picture with most of you in it!
    We did get nip this morning but it was that dried stuff from the store and it is basically worthless.
    Thank you for the tip about the heating pad. Mom has had it on her belly most of today, but she's feeling better and will try to wrap it in a towel and offer it to Scooby.

  28. Aw, man...there's nothing like fresh nip!! There's gonna be some nip hangovers in the morning.....

  29. Woooo hooooo NIP NIP NIP
    good thing you did not get "piles"
    okay my mom used to be an RN hahahahaha
    you do not want "piles" they hurt hahahahahaaaa

    All of you look happy and content.
    Enjoy your day in the desert and have a bonkful week-end... be careful on that cool snazzy kitty tree, don't fall off

  30. Wow, mom and I cound 9 of you in that photo!! So we thought maybe all 9 of us should teleport over to the party and can you imagine the FUN we'd have! Woo hoo...kitties everywhere! We'll bring some of our own nip too.

  31. Reading about your nipparty made our mewms run outside and snip us a bit, too! Thanks for the reminder!


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