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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday Thirteen-Plus!

Mommy is a Crazy Cat Lady.
Have you noticed?
She collects Cat memorabilia, ephemera, and figurines, and today we want to show you some of them.
First up, Some of Mommy's Cozy Kitten figurines. These were manufactured by the Holt Howard Company in the late 1950's to early 1960's.

Mommy spends too much time on eBay.

Mommy also says if your Beans have any of these and want to sell them...e-mail us!

Now for some ephemera:
Daddy used to sell vinyl LP's in his eBay store. We have some cool album covers!
heh heh...Mommy & Daddy only had SIX Cats here!
And here are a couple of cool Mr. Lucky covers.

Mommy also collects Tale Vera pottery...Daddy bought her the Cat statue for their anniversary a few years ago. This is not the world's best picture. Daddy cut off the cat's ears. But they're there, trust us.

Here we have two wooden Stripey Cats in the hall niche that Mommy got in a box lot for five dollars, another album cover--"That Darn Cat" soundtrack, and a Cat silhouette pointing the way into the Big Bedroom.

A Cat Butt Identification Kit!
Kitties, this is handy if you don't want to sniff.

Geeze Mommy, how much Cat stuff do you have?
There's at least six things in this picture. Sheesh.

Finally, Mommy advertises her craziness to the world.
Mommy, you need to put a few more decals on the window!
(She has 'em in her desk drawer. Mommy is lazy, too!)
Kitties, this is just the tip of the iceberg.
heh heh.
Happy Thursday, Kitties!
XX Lounge Kats


  1. wow that is a lot of cat stuff!
    we know someone with the Chat Noir picture :)
    haha, yupp, a few more kitties should be added to the car window, just to be accurate.
    we love the number plate too!

  2. Wow, that's a lot of cat stuff! We love your mom.

  3. Wow, we finally found someone who is a tiny bit more nuts about cats than our Mom. Love all the little figures. Our Mom loves Ebay too. I am guessing that the real kitties living there do not go in the same room as the little cat figures. Those really are cute. The only thing Mom has ever collected is Beanie Babies and that was a bust.
    Have a great day.

  4. I love the license plate, and the window decals made me laugh and laugh!

  5. Oh wow!! Me and Charlie are in total AWE!! at your mum's collection of all things kitty!! We love the cat butt identification kit best cos that made us laugh out so loud!! LOL!! Was that an ebay item too? That's so brilliant!!!

    Take care

  6. Morning to our dozen friends!!
    Your mom and dad have a varied and colorful collection of cat things!!
    We love her license plate!!! Mom is a big fan of reading personalized licenses plates then trying to figure out what the mean! She'll be posting about this soon
    Madi and Mom

  7. You have fun collections. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love your collections. It's only right that we furkids are appreciated. Mommy has one kitty on her back window of the car. And she has an angel kitty very like the one you have too.

  9. We love your Mom's license plate and the kitty butt magnets the best but she has so many great kitty things.

  10. sooooooooo much kitteh stuff in your house!

  11. Very cool stuff. Especially the back windowshield decals.

  12. I guess now I know what we need to start selling on eBay!!!

  13. You guys have great cat stuff!...Our Mommy collects lots of cat things too=there is a 6 foot tall wooden black kitty that lives in our formal dining room!...We have a tall stripey cat that flew back with Mommy in the cockpit with the pilots in 2004 from Aruba (it was amazing they did that after 9/11=it wouldn't fit anywhere else and she refused to check it with regular luggage!)...We think our Mommies would get along great cause ours is a crazy cat lady too!!hehe...Have a fun day sweet friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  14. Wow! Your human has a lot of cat stuff! My human is not much of a collector.

  15. That is a lot of wonderful kitties!

  16. I like your Cozy Kitten figurines, they have such sassy expressions on their faces.

    I have the same Tournee du Chat Noir picture in one of our guest bedrooms :-)

  17. We like ALL of your mommy's kitty collections! And the license plate is the best!

  18. Your mommy has a lot of cat stuff! We think she is a pawesome lady and we really like her license plate and all the kitties on the window! That made us smile! Our mommy likes Tale Vera stuff too but she only has a few pieces.

  19. I love all your mums cat things.. My mum is drooling at the sight. Our mums would get on very well. LOve the licence plate. Hugs GJ xx

  20. We love all your mom's cat stuff!! Our mom is a crazy cat lady too. She collects all sorts of cat stuff, mostly black cat related. She has some of the Holt Howard cats that your mom has. Not as many as your mom...she has the stringholder, the salt & pepper holders that meow and the cheese holder. Maybe some others too. For awhile there, she was going nuts on ebay buying this stuff. She thinks she probably was one of the people bidding on stuff with your mom!! Haha!! We'll ask her if she's interested in selling any of these things. She has some other cat pottery stuff, she can't remember who made it, but from the 1950s, that she definitely would be interested in selling.

    Now she collects only Shafford Black Cat pottery from the 1950s. Is your mom familiar with Shafford? Here's a post our mom did that shows her black cat collection, and this is only part of it:

  21. Our mum loves all your mum's cat stuff. She collects ceramic kitties too, mostly Border Fine Arts, but any others that she likes too. When she goes on holiday she tries to bring at least one back with her. She likes your mom's license plate.

  22. We love cat art and collectibles! Thanks for sharing!

  23. Those were fabulous!
    Mom collects cat things too.
    She especially loved your decals and license plate. I bet you get lots of comments.


  24. OMC! In love with this post! We love that your mom is a CCL like our mom. So much in love with those retro cool kitty figurines!!!!

  25. Wow, dat is a lot of kitty kollectables! Our mom don't haf a lot of stuff cuz dad's junk takes up all our room. She does haf a purrty good size collection of pound puppies but dey is in a bag in da closet...we know cuz we seen dem!

  26. We love all your mom's kitty stuffs. Our mom collects more doggy things (black lab) than kitty things...and we were here first! :(

    We really MOL'ed at the last pic.

    Pip, Smidge, Minnie

  27. Your Mom has LOTS of fun cat stuff. My Mom just has a few things, but what she does have is precious to her. She and her sister almost always find cat-related cards and books for each other for birthday etc.

  28. OH ... I love the license plate!!! Fabulous. Have you seen the article in the NYTimes about cat decor in homes? Go check it out!!

  29. Here is the link:

  30. Oh - even we love your decals & license plate!!! (& we don't like anything!!!) We think your Mom should get on the ball & put on all the decals to represent all of you kitties!!!

    Our Mom collects kitty figures, too - but only from one designer, her name is Rosa um, Watch... Oh, yeah - Rosina Wachtmeister!! (doesn't exactly roll of the tongue, does it??)

    Have a happy day!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

    ps. Our Mom wanted to say thank you for the item# for the slow feeding bowl. She ordered two of them & they came in the mail the other day - Simon doesn't care for them, but he doesn't throw up when he eats out of them!! YAY! :)

  31. WOW WOW WOW!
    Love it all! Show us more when you get a chance!

  32. OH. MY. COD!

    We loved the cat butts the most. Those were just SO funny...

  33. Oh we just love this post! We particularly like the car licence plate and the decals on the window ~ so much so that we want our mom to put decals on her car window. Where does she get them from? Can she order them online? Fanks!

    PS: We'd like mom to do this post idea too ~ is that OK?

  34. My mom has some cat stuff, but nothing like your mom and we don't have any of the pottery your mom collects. My mom has a Hot Wheels collection and she won't let us whap what good are they?

  35. MOL - Mom and Grammmy love your license plate and decals!! Us kitties think you needs to hurry up and put on the missing ones tho!

  36. We love your mum's collection of Cozy Kittens, We've never seen them before. They have the most amazing faces! We could not imagine looking at then and not smiling.

    Mum has lots of kitty stuff but she doesn't collect anything special She loves the the 60's vibe of the album covers.

    Our mum is very proud to be a crazy cat lady! She always states it as her avocation.


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