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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shocking Sunday Foods Report


We have some terrible news to report.

Saturday morning we had to



A little background first.

We get supper around 4 PM. Mommy's very geneous and there's plenty for us to eat. We might also score some of Mommy & Daddy's dinner, and later in the evening we get some dried chicken jerky to clean our fangs.

Nobody goes to bed hungry.

In the morning, Mommy gets up, staggers to the big white water bowl, does her thing (WHY does she have to pee in our water bowl?) and totters out to the kitchen, snagging our now empty food bowls as she goes. We all crowd around Mommy at (ON!) the counter and sing the "Hungrumbly Song".

Mommy chides us for being such terrible pig cats, and strews some hard kibbles on the floor so we'll leave her alone. Then she serves up our stinky goodness, and makes coffee.

Normally this happens at 5:30 AM.

On Mommy's days off this routine happens later, but we know as long as she's in bed, food is coming, and we don't pester her TOO much.

Well. Saturday morning Mommy had to be at work by 3 AM, so she got up at the last possible minute (2:24!) washed her face, got dressed, and LEFT!

Just like that.

No kibbles, no stinky goodness, no nuthin'!

It didn't matter that there was food left in our bowls...we want to be fed when Mommy gets up. That's a sacred rule. We cleaned our bowls and pondered our next move.

By 7 AM we were a little worried we were gonna starve to death until we remembered that Daddy has thumbs and HE could feed us. But he wasn't up yet!

::cue Thundering Horde into the bedroom::

Daddy is a sound sleeper, so we gave it all we had. At 8:00 AM May Ling was finally successful waking up Daddy by headbutting his face.

And he fed us! Hurrah!

Now all that remains is to decide Mommy's Punishment for the

"Serious (Non)Feeding Infraction".

Any ideas?

Have a wonderful Sunday Kitties, and we hope you get all you want to eat!

xx Lounge Kats


  1. OMC, you had to wait till 8AM?! :-O

    We can't even think of a suitable punishment right now (it's too early). But the horror of it. We can't imagine.

    We get fed when our human gets up, yes, that's a sacred rule in our house too. And when she comes home from work. And on her days off--when she comes home from errands. We don't think it should matter if she's just gone a short time and we just had food. We expect to get fed when she comes home, period. Oh, and when she gets up from a nap, too, if she's lucky enough to get one on the weekend. These sacred rules can't be broken!

    We'll wait to see what you come up with to punish your mom, in case we ever need to do the same to ours!

  2. okay, this is serious and we must unite to stop this rot !

    How about a four paw claw attack under the bedding at 2.24am tomorrow??? And as there are so many of you, you can do this in shifts - 10 minutes between each attempt.

    This morning breakfast was late here and my strategy worked well. But we are having some of our own food bowl issues about which I will be blogging later, with a similar sense of outrage.

    Happy Sunday, loungers

  3. I think you should wake your mum up every hour each night for the next week. Take it in turns so she can't get annoyed with anycat in particular.

  4. maybe we are too soft hearted but we think the fact that your mewms had to get up at that hour on a Saturday is punishment enough...

  5. Oh dear, I'm surprised you all didn't just faint from weakness and lack of foods!

  6. Yow! We must say that is unacceptable service. Tho we often have to wait until later on Saturdays for our breakfast too. We cannot believes you get your foods before your mom's coffee...there is a "coffee first" rule here :sigh:

    We agree with something along the lines of 2 AM wakeups from here on out. Good luck!

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  7. Oh no, y'all were really neglected, how awful!

  8. Humans just don't understand the Importance of Routine. They're a little backward that way.

  9. We've been thinking about you and if we'd known about your neglect we would have sent a food parcel over. We also think a no coffee before you've had 3 breakfasts each should make her see

  10. Awww me and Charlie are so sad to hear that you gorgeous kitties weren't fed by your nice mum at the Appointed Time! What a disappointment! We feel your pain!!

    Awww but we think that mum should get lots of cuddles anyway for being so lovely! And for knowing where all the stinky goodness are kept!

    Take care

  11. Doesn't your mom know routine is sacred to us cats??? We think she must be shown multiple backs of disrespect today...

  12. We just don't know where to begin...but we feel kinda sorry for your mom for having to leave you at such an early hour. That must have made her sad to lose that extra time with you. Not that it's an excuse.

    I'm thinking you should all just line up and turn your backs on her. She'll get the message and it will never happen again.

  13. Well Thank Cod your dad was still home even though he was so hard to wake up he saved you all from starvation! We just find making you wait until 8am for breakfast unbelievable! Our mommy thinks we kitties should understand since your mommy had to be at work at 3am but those are just numbers on a clock - we're talking about FOODS!

  14. Forgive Mom. Needing to be at work at 3 am clearly addled her brain.

    Next time, tell her to scatter LOTS of kibble on the floor as she races out. That will tide you over till Daddy gets up.

  15. Phew! What a story! At least there was a happy ending!!!

  16. I agree. It doesn't matter what time mom gets up, it's time to be fed.

  17. Well that's just wrong. Something of her must meet a toothy death. A vicious toothy death.

  18. I am glad that you finally got food. I always find it so distressing when you hear stories of such neglect...

  19. Oh no, how did you all survive?!!...Obviously, your Mommy was sleep walking when she left the house=is there any other excuse for her not feeding her babies?...Next time she tries to leave in the middle of the night like that, you can all pounce on her before she leaves and demand proper nutrition=waiting until 8am is just unacceptable!!...kitty kisses starving friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  20. Heh Heh. Our mom staggers & totters in the morning too.
    You should all greet her at the door with your sides pulled in the maximum amount you can manage, then she'll think you've withered away to nothing while she was gone.

  21. This is so not good. I know I've been getting hungrier earlier and earlier in the morning. One morning I got her to get out of bed at 5 to give me a wee snack, but usually she ignores me. Anyway, I can't wait to hear how you punished your mom for this serious infraction. Mama here is feeling sorry for you mom for having to get up so early. I say phooey. Foodies were at stake!

  22. :::GASP::::

    No food until 8AM?
    Oh my you must've been knawing yur paws!

    We is glad yur Daddy has thumbs.
    WE do have to agree that getting up at 2:24AM is punishment enough for your Mom.

    Sometimes we do have to forgive them



  23. Oh My dozen pitiful friends...that is cause for SERIOUS demerits at my house. Everyone knows the kitty gets fed no matter what it going on....holy moley. Mom and I talked about the demerits due and we decided that anyone who has to be at work at 3 am....SHOULD BE FORGIVEN unconditionally....
    Madi and Mom

  24. Yikes!!!! That is just treeible!!We hope you complain and get this fixes soon!! Kitties come first!!
    However, on weekends we have to wait.... sheesh!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  25. Haha! You guessed right! I gots 24 toesies!! 7 on each front foots and 5 on my back feets!!


  26. You didn't get fed until 8am? That is terrible. When mum gets up, we get fed first, then the horses then the Beans. Our mum feels sorry for your mum getting up at 2.24. She hasn't even bee to bed for an hour by then.

  27. YOu really scared me! don't do that again! :)
    Glad it was "just" the food!

  28. I was horrified and on the edge of my paws!

  29. Show mummy the tail of displeasure. That will teach her!

  30. The story was so very scary I got all fainty just reading it! I can hardly imagine the terror of actually having to live through it!

    I really just can't think of a suitable punishment right now. I need some time to digest the full horror.

    However, the Human wants to know: What kind of job does your mom do at three a.m.?? Because she's sure it isn't, you know, that.

  31. :shock: :gasp: Yoo hadta wait for yoor brekkie? Wot's the werld coming too? :sigh:

  32. My 82 year old mother's cat has her well trained. If he doesn't get fed the correct amounts at exactly the correct routine times all normal digestive processes are suspended and he throws up everywhere. A bit too drastic I'm sure you'll agree - I think your poor mum suffers quite enough having to get up in what me and Archie think is the middle of the night, and you should be extra nice to her. xx


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