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Monday, July 26, 2010

ManCat Monday with CC

Hi! It's me...CC.
My full name is Cow Cat, but I go by my initials because Mommy didn't know that cow cats were only Black & White. Mommy is an endless source of embarassment.
But "CC" is OK with me because I am Royalty!
Yup, you heard it here first.
My Royal Name is:
"Prince of Not-So-Bright"
Isn't that AMAZING? Who would've guessed that a feral kitten like me had such high-born ancestry? Now if I can only find Not-So-Bright on a map I'll be all set and ready to rule.

In the meantime, I'll be sleeping here in the small Cat Tree.

I love to play. I play with all of the Cats...although I sort of avoid The Baby. She's pretty crabby and would like to box my ears. Sometimes she charges me and I have to run!
Johnny and I play a lot.

Maui and I play and hunt together. Here we are "examining" a lizard, while Johnny looks on.

I'm also a big cuddler. I like to sleep with both Mommy & Daddy, and I bite Daddy's toes and knees to wake him up in the morning. At night I race into the big bedroom and leap onto the bed for Mommy lovins'. She scratches my tummy just how I like it and she SPANKS my bottom. Man o man, I LOVE having my flanks scrubbed and my bum spanked. I purr like a motorboat!
I also like to snuggle with my brothers. Except Felix. I think Felix knows about my Title and is Jealous.
This is me and Johnny, early last summer.
This was a great box. Mommy finally had to throw it away...we chewed it to shreds and then somebody (we're not saying who) finally peed on it. That's how we let Mommy know we're done with a box. Clever, huh?

Me and Rupert. We sleep together a LOT. He washes my face and nibbles my eyebrows down to stubble. Rupert says that's how all the trendy Cats are wearing their eyebrows nowadays! He's older than me so I suppose he knows best...
We sleep together in the hot boxes, too.

Of course I hang out with my littermate, Scouty. We are the world's best buddies! I sure wish he'd listen to me and let Mommy pet him. He doesn't know how good it feels...especially the spanking part.
We are waiting for Mommy to get a clue and give us chicken jerky!

And here is one of Mommy's favorite pictures of me, Johnny & Scouty. As you can see me & Scouty were still kitten tots. We were watching birdies on the front walk here.
So Kitties, I hope you are all having a great Monday.
And I hope you all get the spankings you deserve!
XX Prince of Not-So-Bright, aka CC


  1. CC, you are pretty sweet! We love all your napping spots!!

  2. you have so many beds!
    haha, and so many kitties everywhere :)
    i love that picture of you Scouty and Johnny....Johnny looks quite large!

    hahaha, have a fabulous week xx

  3. Hi CC! What a great post. We love the picture of you guys watching birdies on the front walk. Alice likes to get 'spanked' too! And jane loves a good back scrub/rub even though she's not a cuddler.

  4. Lovely to get to know you, CC. We love the pictures, especially when you are doing things with your siblings.

  5. Hi there, CC! You are a very important kitteh, indeed. Do you ever get to wear a crown?

  6. Awwww adorable CC!!!! How you like your bottom spanked! LOL!!! And look at how playful and sweet you are to all the kitties even The Baby!!
    Me and Charlie think your tree house is COOL!! And love the pic of you and handsome Rupert! You are one snuggly kitty!!

    Have a brilliant Monday CC!!!!! Take care

  7. CC you are a prince of a cat for sure! We all love a good spanking every now and then too!!!

  8. Wow! A prince. We have never met anyone royal before. Thanks for showing us how you spend your royal time.

  9. Hi CC! It was great getting to know you. Delilah loves spankings, not so much...but she agrees they are the best!

  10. CC, we've never really met a cat with a spanking fetish, but we see by the comments you aren't the only one. Our human thinks that hilarious, for some reason.

    It's great, getting to know you better. We'll check a map for "Not-So-Bright." If we find it, we'll let you know. ;-)

  11. CC you are such a cute sweet kitty full of fun.
    Madi and Mom

  12. A PRINCE! Maybe we can get married. I'm a QUEEN mommy says!

  13. Aww... what an adorable kitteh! Thank you for the tour of your daily life. We luff to see what other kittehs are up to.

  14. You are indeed very, very Royal CC!

  15. CC you sure look like royalty. Harry wanted to be a cow kitty too but he had blue spots instead of black spots so they made him an honorary cow kitty. Happy mancat monday to you CC.

  16. We can't believe that you like to get spanked - we like scritches and tummy rubs and kisses but
    definitely no spanking. Mind you we are commoners not royalty - perhaps it's only royalty that likes spanking!!

  17. Perhaps you are a Guernsey cow and now a Holstein that everyone is so familiar with?

  18. CC~ You are just SO handsome! We hopes that you find Not~So~Bright soon! And, all 4 of us like to have out butts smacked too! Mom says we're her S&M kitties!!!

  19. Hi CC, its nice to know you and see all your nice pictures :-) I especially loved the one of you and beautiful Rupert together. Also the pic of you and your brother Scouty when you were just babies is adorable!!!

  20. Hi CC, what fun to learn about you. I had a brother, Pickles, who loved to be spanked. I like a small dose of it. Otherwise, it makes me very fiesty. All these pictures of you and your sibs are so cute, but we especially love the one of you and Rupert. Too funny about the eyebrows. :)

  21. *THUMP* There goes our mama's heart!!!! She has fallen totally in love with you, CC...and she thinks you are Prince of Bright, cuz you know how to always look totally adorable!!!!!!

    Some of your charm could be that you resemble a kitty she had many many moons ago....his name was Peanut.

    Happy day and love to all of you from all of us.

  22. You are one of a kind CC! Love your nap spots - the box was cool - too bad it got throwed out!

  23. CC, you have a great life for a Prince! You have to keep working on Scouty to get him to let your Mom pet him.

    To answer your mystery plant question, nope, the root has been chewed down to a nub. There's no way it's going to bloom now. The gopher chewed the root up as far as it could before the gopher wire got in the way. The good news is we have two more of those mystery plants in the garden, the bad news is we aren't sure what the gopher will eat next!

  24. So many great photos of you, Prince CC; you are a very handsome boy and a real sweetheart!...Calle loves getting her tail pulled hard and she likes her bum spanked too=she curls up and rolls over to get her belly rubbed after all that! (we think you guys would really get along!)...Happy week adorable boy...kitty kisses x3...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  25. It's so very good to meets your royal highness! We thinks you can be a cow cat too acause not all cows has black spots!
    You are a very handsome mancat, (in a mancat appreciashun kinda way,) and you obviously makes friends easy. I think this is a good trait! I hope we can teleport over to your house one day and then we can be friends too!

  26. CC you are totally a cutie - and we think it is ok that your mom called you cow kitty - cause cows come in lots of colors! You kind of are like Gus - but bigger and oranger - he is a lighter orange but has a lot of white like you do! We think you are lucky to have so many friends that play with you - we have a lot of cats but not as many snuggle buddies!

  27. CC, you are most certainly a Prince! You have a lot of fun things that you do around your house! Hopefully some day you can get Scouty to like being petted by your mom too!

  28. Who sed cow cats hadda be black and white...effur heard of a golden guernsey? Speedy loves getting spanked, or more correctly, mom plays his flanks like drums! She will call out "who wants to play drums" and he runs to her and presents his backside. Yoor really handsome and charming, and since yoor a prince we think dat makes yoo prince charming.

  29. You are such a good friendly boy CC. Our dad's dad used to have Ayrshire cows and they have brown and white spots. I, Flynn, love a good spanking too. Mum posted a video of me once being spanked.

  30. CC
    WE think you are so adorable!
    And we think you found your kingdom right where you are. You are definitely a prince of a cat.



  31. CC you be sure to tell your mom it's okay that you are named Cow Cat because there are cows your color in Ireland! Our mom went there 3 years ago and couldn't get over all the brown and light brown cows there. She'd never seen that color before...almost orange. Love all the pictures!

  32. Nice to meet you, CC! You sure seem to be a loving and playful kitty and that makes you just about purrfect in my book. You've also got a kinky side, I see. Liking your bottom spanked and all. I will certainly remember you.

  33. That was great, CC! You sure have a fun life!

  34. CC, it seems you are a lucky,loved ,friendly kitty!!!!Prince Not So Bright??? Heck, you are a handsome,wonderful kitty!! That is way more important :)
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  35. Hi ya, CC...or Prince...we think you are pretty gotta pretty good life there in the Lounge. Wally says he likes to have his bum spanked makes him purr like crazy but then he's always purring.


  36. Oh CC, don't be too hard on your mum about cowcat! Tell her they are allowing the pond to drain down again now. They have to finish inspecting and fixing.

  37. LC (the cat who came before) WAS a Cow Cat (black and white splotches). In fact, the initials "LC" stand for "Little Cow"! MOL!

  38. You are a lucky cat. Au likes having his bottom spanked too, with a rolled newspaper. You two might be good friends!

  39. Well, CC, whoever said Cow Cats have to black and white only have not seen very many cows! And that's all I have to say about that!

    Of course I liked you right away since you are Scouty's brother. I hope you can convince him about the scritches--they ARE nice (though none of that lap sitting or being picked up stuff!)

    I'm sorry The Baby doesn't like you. What did you do to irritate her because I'm SURE she would never be crabby with you for no reason.

  40. CC, this was an awesome post. We larfed and larfed but think yoo are VERY adorable. Smoochies.


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