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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Snoozy Saturday with Sweet Pea

We are a buncha spoiled Kats here at the Lounge.
For example, Sweet Pea has HER private lil round bed on the dining room table. Mommy and Daddy eat elsewhere. Like the coffee table.
The dining room table is a primo relaxation area...

Sometimes REALLY relaxed!

Sweet Dreams, Sweet Pea!
Happy Saturday, Kitties!
Do something fun!
XX Lounge Kats


  1. WOW! It looks like yoo have yoor beans right unde yoor paw, Sweet Pea. We're not officially allowed on our dining room table (not that we take any notice of such silly rules!).

    Have a great weekened guys!

  2. Awww Sweet Pea you look like you are having wonderful dreams of mices and birdies

  3. That is some excellent comfy cozy Sweet Pea!

  4. Oh Sweet Pea you look so adorable in your sleepy pictures ! Love the little pink tongue on a sea of white fluff !!

    Eva & Gracie's Mom

  5. You are the BEST at relaxing...we can tell. LOVE that face!!!!! And a bed on the dining table is a great idea! Momma eats at the coffee table too so our table is totally wasted.

  6. What a lucky kitty your are Sweet Pea. You have your very own private bed and on the dining room table too. You must really be special. Those are great pictures of you asleep especially the one with your tongue almost out.
    Have a great week end.

  7. Everyone should have a special place to nap!

  8. wow, what a comfortable kitty bed.
    and such a great place to sleep :)

  9. Awww beautiful Sweat Pea!!!! Don't you just look so comfy?? Me and Charlie wish you sweet dreams and extra long naps!!!

    Take care

  10. Note to 12 cats at the Katnip Lounge
    there is one among you who sleeps with her tongue hanging out. I, Madi, think these pictures are very good blackmail material in case say you want to sleep in a very cozy bed on the dining room table and that kitty says NO well whip out these pictures and threaten to post them on the World Wide Web. MOL Madi

  11. What a cute kitteh! And that tongue... SQUEEEEEE!!!

  12. Wow, Sweet Pea REALLY knows how to relax. How long before she starts drooling? "Clean up on aisle six!"

    We want you to know we are really enjoying your blog. Have a great weekend!

  13. Sweet Pea you have chosen a very good place to have your bed. If anyone sits to eat at your table you can sneak a paw out and grab a choice morsel. Hannah and I are considering moving our beds onto the dining table now!! Thank you for that excellent idea.

  14. Hello to all the Katnip Lounge kitties, thanks for stopping by to say hi yesterday. What a fantastic home you have!

    Sweet Pea you look super the tongue!

  15. Awwww...sweet set-up, Sweet Pea! Love your pictures! Mama works at our dining room table (pathetically, that's her office). She used to drag me up there in my bed to keep her company, but I prefer my bed in the bedroom. Mama wouldn't mind working with you. :)

  16. Those are adorable pictures of Sweet Pea! We are allowed to sleep on the dining room table too. Our mom said we could as long as we dust it for her.

  17. Heavenly day ... Move over so I can snuggle in with you! That looks marvelous. My tongue is ready to hang out with yours.

    King of the Outdoors & my roomies

  18. I am CRAZY about these!! This is the sweetest sight I have effurry seen.

    Come see me, all you beautiful kitties. I have learned (I hope) to make an awardie. It's on the right hand side of my front page. I am effurry so proud!

  19. Sweet Pea, with your cute face there isn't any bean that's going to make you get off that table! What cute pictures!

  20. Oh myyyyy....
    Sweet Pea, you look soooo snuggly. Just like a puffy cloud of cotton!

    I like how you sleep with your tongue out.... I do that too. mom laffs at me.


  21. ::Thud:: Okay, the Human is now officially ded from the sight of that little pink tongue.

    Who will feed me now?

  22. We love dat round bed, it's just perfect for you!!

  23. So cute! hee hee, Chester sleeps like that a lot too!


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