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Friday, July 2, 2010

Formerly Feral Friday: Ferocious!

We've been pretty busy here at the Lounge.
As you all know, we were all out on the streets when we were kitten tots, and beyond. So even though we get stinky goodness twice daily (and chix-hen treats every chance we can) we like to keep up our Hunting Skills.
Summertime is excellent for Live Prey Hunting, none of those fake mousies or feather toys!
Although if you would like to wave the feather toy...well, how's a Cat to resist?
But we digress.
EXHIBIT A: One small lizard. Daddy, that rotten fluffer, took him away before we could deliver the killing blow... and put him back outdoors!
Mister Lizard, we've got your name (George) and we'll be waiting for you.

Sweet Pea and George.
EXHIBIT B: A four-inch Desert Hairy scorpion. We pull the stinger off and play away! Scorpions get dedded pretty quick (bummer) but they hold together really well so there's a lot of good tossing and batting action to be had.
Oh yeah, and the screaming from your Humans when they see you with the Scorpion...Priceless.
Scouty & the de-stingered scorpion.
EXHIBIT C: Jiminy Cricket, his brothers, sisters and other members of his family.

Eaten by this insatiable Beast:
Felix, Sated.

EXHIBIT D: Mister Roach. We get these big brown concrete-surfers here in the desert. They're a lot of fun to hunt and play with, and they last a long long time, even after you pull the legs and stuff off. However, they taste nasty so we leave 'em for Mommy to admire (and dispose of).
Roach, Interupted.
So there you have it, Kitties, our weekly take!
Of COURSE we could support ourselves out in the wild...but why?
Happy Friday!
XX Lounge Kats


  1. Errggh....Our human's breakfast isn't sitting too well now. Lizards are fine for her, but uh, scorpions and roaches? *shudder* (WE think we'd like to join you in the hunt, though!)

  2. Erm.

    Charlie here. I'm afraid my hooman has turned a shade yellow and green and has dropped flat on the floor so I am left to post you kitties at katnip lounge a comment.

    I think these creatures are pretty yummy and tasty treats myself.

    Oh my human is crawling to the loo now. This should be amusing.

    Kindest regards, Charlie

  3. WHOA! I have never seen a lizard with those colors. Very cool! Harley has learned to catch a lizard and swallow him in one gulp before my Mommeh can pry his jaws apart to get the lizard out. I have to admit I am a little skerred of the scorpion.

  4. Hmm, we don't haf lizards or scorpion but bugs is fun to hunt. And a nice dedded haf eaten snake or a de-hedded mouse always make mommy scream in delite! Happy Hunting!

  5. OMG!!! Our mummy's heart stopped when she saw the scorpion!! You guys be careful!!

  6. Awesome hunting skillz, guys. Wow - a scorpion. I am speechless.

  7. Lizards are such fun...we don't know why our Mom is always "rescuing" them from us. That scorpion is skeery looking! Those big bugs are fun when they are deaded and crunchy.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  8. Morning you crazy dozen!!! You have mom standing on the table this morning! I, Madi, would love to be there with your swatting the creepy crawlies around.

  9. We had to pick our jaws off the floor after seeing that scorpion. You kitties are hard core! The lizard has an amazing tail.

  10. Oh please be careful with the scorpions they are very dangerous. Our mum is so pleased we don't have them here.

  11. Wow. We just get the tame bugs here!

  12. I don't think my comment was psoted so I will do it again. Glad those bugs are by you and not here. Have a great bug eating weeekend.

  13. Y'all really are super professional hunters, bravo! Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Oh gosh it is great to have you back. We have missed you a lot. We are always bringing Mom grasshoppers and crickets but we don't have scorpions, thank heavens. I bet the Mom did scream. Sure is good to see all of you and you have a great week end.

  15. Very impressive hunting skills! We get a fly in the house once in awhile, or a moth. Sometimes a spider or two. Never anything as exotic as a scorpion!

  16. Ew, ew, EWWWWWW!!! Mom tells wild tales of scorpions and lions and tigers and bears, but I never believed her until now. Who's job is it to de-stinger the critter? And what brand of nip are they huffin'?

  17. Wow - you guys are amazing hunters! We prefer to watch bugs. Our mom really wishes we would dispose of some of the earwigs that get into our house (she likes most bugs but NOT earwigs!) but we are not interested.

    P.S. Thanks so much for the compliment on our quilt! Our mom says to say she made it - you can read about it here:

  18. Hmmm ... we're not sure abowt those critters. We fink we might prefe stinky goodness and crunches. Although playing wiv them wud be fun!

  19. You guys have some scary live toys to play with!!!! Happy 4th of july to you all.

  20. And I was just about to have lunch. Well, glad you enjoy that stuff. Don't get stung. Have a good wknd. Hugs, Deb =^..^=x5

  21. Good job kitties, speshully sharing your (nasty tasting) kills with your mom! I mean sometimes a mancat has to bring home the bacon too!
    Have a good weekend kitties.

  22. LOL at this post! I wish George would come here. I would love to get my paws on him but my beans would save him like yours did. Mama was laughing at the insatiable beast but not laughing at the roach. You have lots of great prey in your parts!

    Mama was wondering if you wouldn't mind leaving another comment on our blog today about what kind of canned food she feeds you all. Thanks!

  23. Trish, thanks so much for the info. Poor Grayce! She really was addicted to kibble. Luckily, as much as Lucy loves kibble, she really loves canned food. I feed Fancy Feast too. I feed Turkey and Giblets, which I believe is the pate'. I know it's not flakes or chunks, and it doesn't have any grains that I'm able to discern. She's allergic to fish, so we have to stay away from that. I was at the pet store the other day looking for maybe a better canned food, but all the high quality foods have cranberries and other fruits and vegetables. Yes, the premium foods are more expensive. It sounds like Grayce made some great improvement just from cutting out the dry. Thanks again for the input!


  24. Scorpions? O mai goodness! Dat's sum mighty gud hunting!

  25. My favorite is still the lizard!

  26. Wow, you kitties are mighty hunters!

  27. Oh Scouty, I could barely breathe reading about you and that scorpion! I'm so glad you maded him all dead before he had the chance to use that stinger.

    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say: Stick to crickets!

  28. Oh so cool I wish we had some amazing beasties to hunt at our house, but all we have here are tiny teeeeensy spiders and some dopey beetle things thesize of a pin head and other assorted uninteresting tiny crawly things.
    You guys have a virtual theme park of hunting and "disarming" do you play hockey with the roach guy too?


  29. You guys are so lucky to have such cool live toys to play with! We only have spiders and the occasional cricket or centipede. Of course, mom was pretty grossed out when we showed her your pictures....she almost fainted when she saw that scorpion. All she said was "thank god we don't have those things here!" We disagree, of course....

  30. I've had everything here but the scorpion. Mom is terrified of the desert hoppers.

    Hi George!

  31. You guys have lots of cool critters in the desert! We only have spiders and flies and an occasional crane fly. It's pretty boring here.

  32. WOW where do you guys live? We get everything except for the scorpions. Your dad is not mean for rescuing George; he doesn't want you to catch salmonella

  33. Hey gang!!!! Glad to hear you survived the SLPs!!!!!!!
    We really like your selection of critters :o
    We do not have as many exciting ones as you do.
    Bet they are fun to hunt and catch :)
    Have a fun weekend and Happy July 4!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  34. I'm so relieved now that Archie is only crunching flies, in fact his behaviour could almost be described as useful, especially now he's a bit taller and isn't jumping and breaking things quite so much. Your bugs look so much worse for humans to deal with, although I can see that they provide great variety! xx

  35. Oh! my! word! You kitties playing with scorpions! My mommeh almost screamed with the same delight she screams with when I manage to catch a field mouse that isn't dedded and bring it to her while she's still in bed.

    You kitties would have been as amazed and happy at my mommeh's climbing skills as I was. She was almost on the headboard.


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