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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Scouty Snacks

Scouty here.
The dried chicken jerky Lady, well she doesn't feed Me enough. I want more than eight cans of food daily in five flavors in four different places plus treats and dried chicken strips.
I want some REAL FOOD.
So I caught some.
And not a beetle or a scorpion.
Something substantial.
Kitties, if you are squeamish you might not want to look at the Little Brown Job (LBJ) I snagged.

Kitties, I'm fast and the LBJ never even knew what hit him.
But I'm still hungry...
XX Scouty, reporting from the Catio Happy Hunting Grounds


  1. Flynn: You are a mighty hunter Scouty. I rarely catch fev-vers and if I do I let mum take them out of my mouth. I am gentle and they fly away. I prefer the mousies.
    Eric: Well done Scouty, I am a fev-ver man too. If I catch them there is no way mum is going to get them away from me. I clamp my teeth tight and make them go dead and take them right in under the hedge where mum can't reach me. Then I come out and barf fev-vers on the lawn.

  2. Wow, you ARE a mighty hunter! We say well done, our human says poor bird! Wonder how happy your mom was to pick up bird pieces?

    Well, you know, raw meat IS best! :-D

  3. Wow Scouty!

    *high five*

    Momma said "oh no!" but we say COOL! You ARE a mighty hunter after all.

  4. Oh my Cod, I am amazed and impressed!

  5. Mom says "Oh no" but *I* am like the others...I say GOOD Catch and what a mighty hunter you are. Us kitties do what us kitties do.

  6. Good job Scouty. Those birds can be hard to catch. But we catch some ourselves every now and then. You look very pleased with yourself. Have a great day, all of you.

  7. WOW! We are impressed. We've never cort a fevver and suspect mom wouldn't like it if we did ~ 'cos she very protective of all critters (except spiders).

  8. Ya done good, hey, sometimes you have to go out to eat!

  9. Charlie says: I agree!! My hooman never ever gives me enough food and I have to fend for myself and get some REAL FEATHERY food!!! I hate it that the hooman puts a collar round me with a silly loud bell to warn the birdies!! Booo to my hooman!!! What spoilsport she is!
    I think you are AWESOME Scouty - I am well impressed!!!


    Take care

  10. High paws all around! You are our hero too, Scouty. We've tried to catch us some LBJ's around here but there is always a window in the way...

    fraidy cats Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  11. Well done Scouty - did you catch that all on your own - we won't ask if you shared cos we don't think there would be enough to go round!!

  12. Aw, poor birdie! Did it get onto your catio?

  13. Poor birdie, but I understand the instinctive urge to catch one when it is fluttering nearby. It is impossible to resist.

  14. While I am duly impressed--wicked nice hunting job there--I think I still prefer the idea of my foot coming out of a can. Or the Man giving me some real live fresh dead shrimps. Hunting just seems

  15. You are a great hunter, Scouty and we are impressed with your hunting skills!...Have a fun Sunday friends...kitty kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  16. Hi to my favorite dozen.
    Mom doesn't fix me chicken jerky...I think I'll leave home and head west.....keep a light on,

  17. Poor birdy, but what a clever kitty you are Scouty!

  18. You are an amazing hunter Scouty! Figaro caught a birdy and mom and dad were not amused...he was quite pleased with himself...seems they are only happy when we catch fake birdies!

  19. *wow* Scouty
    YOU are a fierce some hunter!


  20. Ah man, Scouty!! We've always wanted to catch us a fev-ver!! But we don't outside much and mom won't let the fev-vers come inside. Good job!! But we admit...we're a little jealous.

  21. Wow! We've only dreamed of catching birdies! We're impressed!

  22. Well, we are divided on this issue. The Human **is** squeamish and foolishly sentimental about the living things.

    I, however, am tougher than that and congratulate you on a clean kill and extra snack. Good job, bro!

  23. We are completely comfortable with catchn live food. Birdies, mousies, frogs, are all fine with us.

    We know some Beins are upset by that. Ours isnt. Heck, we get rewards fer catchin mousies. And fer catchin starlings an sparrows. So we focus on those.

  24. awesome blog and awesome katnip lounge
    we both love it!!!
    BoBo & ChaCha


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