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Monday, July 19, 2010

Meezer Monday Announcement!

It's Meezer Monday and I have a HUGE announcement to make!
This is our One Hundred & Oneth post!

May Ling, shouting the news!
Yup, it's true!
And it's all because of this guy...

There is (of course) a story behind our blog.
About two years ago, Mommy (and us!) discovered Skeezix's blog when she Googled "kitten diaries", and found the Cat Blogosphere shortly in about ten minutes.
We were all enthralled.
We read, and read, and read, and a great once and a while, we'd comment.

Grayce, contemplating a reply.
We got to know all of you, and even though we were just lurkers, we were DAILY lurkers.
We were interested in all of your lives, your ups & downs.
Reading your blogs made us happy.
CC, Contemplating all our friends.
And then, something terrible happened.
Felix hurt himself, badly. He tore up his knee and his patella luxated.
Mommy and Daddy and all of us were worried he might not heal right, or worse yet, he'd be in pain for the rest of his life.
But we had a resource...Maggie May from The Creek Cats! Her patella had luxated too!
The Baby, with a great idea!

So Mommy emailed Maggie May's Mom and asked her for advice. And Maggie May's Mom wrote back within a few minutes! And then Mommy emailed a picture of Felix, and Maggie May featured him on her blog and asked for the Cat Blogosphere to purr for him. And TONS of kitties did!
Johnny, purring for Felix's knee to get better.

Maggie May's Mom also said that OUR Mommy should start a blog.
That was all it took.
Kona is amazed!
We sat Mommy down and said: "We wanna blog!"
Maui, laying down the Paw.

And what We want, We get!
Rupert asks if YOU can resist this face?

So Mommy DID it! She figured out how to blog! Boy, she was afraid it would be a flop, or she would mess it up, or...well, you know how People fret.
Salem, practising non-fretting.

And we discovered we LOVE blogging! One of the things we enjoy the most is reading and writing comments.Sweet Pea, thinking of a witty remark!

And we LOVE all the friends we've made. Y'all have made us feel so welcome!
And given Mommy a fun creative outlet. (She needs to be kept busy.)
Scouty thinks Mommy is a Crazy Cat Lady.
Best of all, Felix's knee healed and he's back to his crazy antics and everyday crankiness.
So Kitties, here's to the next One Hundred (and more) posts!
XX MomKat Trish, May Ling, and The Lounge Kats


  1. Concatulations on your 101th post! Some really magical things happen in the Cat Blogosphere, and Felix's story is one of them!

  2. I'm glad you decided to blog, too. I look forward to your blog, and you never fail to give me a laugh.

    Eva & Gracie's Mom

  3. Awww Congratulations with your 101th post!!!!!

    And what a brilliant history of your blog! Me and Charlie are just thrilled that Felix is ok now! We also think that CB ROCKS!!! We love CB and love that you've started this amazing blog! We enjoy meeting The Baby, Felix, May Ling, CC, Scouty, Johnny, Kona, Sweat Pea, Salem, Rupert, Maui, Grayce, Scrotchy and gorgeous mum!!! :-)
    She's not a crazy cat lady, she's just misunderstood! LOL!

    Take care

  4. Concats on your 101 posts. We are very glad that Felix' knee healed well and that you started blogging. We are glad to have you as our friends.

  5. Wow, 101 posts!!! Concatulations, furiends! We are so happy you decided to start blogging because we love your huge family and reading all your funny posts!!! We are also thrilled that Felix is all healed up and back to being silly!!!

  6. Congratulations on your 101th post!! We've enjoyed them all and we're so glad we have gotten to know all of you!! Here's to hundreds more!!

  7. Hooray for you 101st post! I am very glad you decided to blog, we like visiting the katnip lounge.

  8. Congratulations on your 101th post!

    We also love blogging and came across the Cat Blogosphere by accident one day and we're very glad we did.

  9. Congratulations on your 101th post! We found the CB back in December/January, again by accident, even though our human had been blogging for a while before that, and had various personal web sites prior to the blogs.

    It's been fun! We're glad to get to know all of YOU!

  10. We love Maggie May's Mom too! She's a wonderful cat mom and we're so happy she convinced you all to start a blog! Congratulations on your 101th post!

  11. Happy 101 blogging is as simple as eating breakfast right? We are so glad you found your way into blogsville. Creek Cats are the best...and right here in NC with us!!

    Mom kind of started blogging the same a lurker. HA She found Dog Daze. Ms. K at Dog Daze was a great inspiration to us...kept encouraging us to blog too. We are so glad we took that giant leap of faith.
    Madi and Mom

  12. Concats on #101...and on to infinity. Oh wait, dat's to infinity and beyond. We is glad we met alla yoo too. Now, if we could just manage to really get to hang out on yoor catio life would be purrfect.

  13. KUDOS!!!!!!!!!!! We are sad that Felix had to go through what he did, but it's true that every cloud has a silver was the cloud that got y'all to the blogging stage and thankfully Felix is ok now.

    We love your blog and we look forward to thousands more posts from y'all. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Mum had been a lurker when she had Emma who was 19 years old and didn't do anything but much eat and sleep. When she went to the bridge mum took us both in as rescue cats and we started to blog with some good help by Eric and Flynn's mum. We love it too. We are glad we found your blog as you do such interesting things. Congrats on your 101st post.

  15. Woo Hoo! Congrats on post 101! Love the story of how it all began. Skeezix was one of our early inspirations and so was Daisy the Curly Cat. Here's to hundreds of more blog posts!

  16. Well all we can say is we are SO GLAD yoo discovered the CB and started a blog. We LOVE yoor blog and we LOVE yoo all. We love reading about all yoor adventures and looking at yoor photos etc. Here is to a million and one more posts and larfs and meows.

    Smoochies from us.

  17. Congratulations on 101--we hope that the next 101 are all happy things coming!!!

  18. Congrats on #101, there are lots of you so your paws are probably not overly tired. I really enjoyed your story on how y'all got into blogging. We are so glad to be your friends!

  19. concatulations on so many posts!!! i does not know how many my bloggie is up to, i guess i should check on that one of these days. glad to hear that Felix gotted better through the Power Of The Purr. it is great you hadded Maggie May and her family to inspire you and halp you. it was that way for me wif Daisy and Harley.

  20. WE like how you are celebrating your 101st post! That is fabulous!!! We didn't realize the story behind how you came to blogosphere. How interesting and all because of Mr. Felix (who we are happy to see is completely well!). We are wishing you many many MANY more postings in the future -- long may your blog prosper!


  21. To Kitty Mom, Mercedes in kittyheaven likes all your kitty's. She would have enjoyed all the comforts of your care. Purrrrr!! Mom of Mom

  22. Concatulations! And we are really glad y'all decided to share yourselves with the world. It's fun reading you every day.

  23. Concatulations on 101 blog posts, furiends! We are so happy to call your furry family our furiends. It's been so great getting to know each one of you. We love reading your funny "tales." Here to a squillion more!! *Maggie May raises her niptini glass* Cheers!

  24. Fun post on how you all came to blog. Congrats on your 101 posts! Lucy and I have enjoyed getting to know all of you. We're so glad Felix is ok. Love all the pictures and captions, especially Salem non fretting. Here's to many, many more posts!

  25. What a great story of how you got started! I am amazed at the CB community and how generous and welcoming everyone is. I was a lurker too before I got off to my slow and shaky blogging start and if it weren't for the the kindness of Huffle I wouldn't have met anyone.

    Congratulations on your 101th post. I love reading about the adventures of the Lounge kitties and I look forward to hundreds more posts. I'm so happy Felix is well again!!!

  26. That is so great how you got started. The Creek Cats are the bestest. We are good friends with them too. They helped us a lot with the feral kitties here just by supporting us. We are very excited that you started blogging because we really enjoy your blog a bunch. The CB community is the best too. They are so supportive also. So congrats on the 101 post. We do love reading all about all the characters that live there. Kind of like our house. Anyway, have a great week.

  27. ConCats on your 100th milestone and here's to 1000s more!!! We are so happy to have you as furriends and thanx for being patient while we were on hiatis...we should be back more regualr this week.

  28. Happy 101th post you kitties! Thank goodness you're here in the Cat-o-sphere. Mommy and I love reading about your adventures and stew posts! Don't eber go aways.

  29. Happy 101th post to you! We're so glad you are blogging because we love reading all about you! We think Maggie May's mom is pretty special too and we're glad she gave you the nudge to blog!

  30. Congratulations on 101 and wishing you guys many, many more!!...We always enjoy reading your blog and your comments to us and others=your Mommy is very witty and smart...Happy week sweet friends, we are so glad you all are our friends...kitty kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  31. Congratulations!! We're so glad that you started blogging and what a sweet story. Also VERY glad that Scoutie's knees are all better.

  32. Congrats on passing the 100th post mark! We're so glad you found the Cat Blogosphere and started your own blog.

    We certainly enjoy looking at it -- you have so much kitties I can count them all!

  33. WOO HOO!!! 101 posts!!!!! We are very happy you are here, and even happier that Felix is all mended up!!!

  34. Congratulations on your first milestone!
    We've been blogging for 5 years and have so many kind and wonderful friends. The cat blogosphere is truly a magical place!
    pee ess: We age glad you put your paws down & made her get the blog started. We enjoy visiting here so much!

  35. Happy 101th post! We got started (well, actually, Skeeter and LC started) cuz they saw a "create a blog" button at Max The Psychokitty's blog in 2006.

  36. YAY!! Concatulations to your 101th post - that's quite a milestone & what a great story behind your starting your blog!!! (even though, we were sorry to hear that Felix hurted his knee) We're very happy to have met you & look forward to reading your blog for many years to come!!

    Have a great day!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

  37. Concatulashuns on 101. We are so very very very glad you is bloggin. The world would be a less-happy place with out our friends at the Katnip Lounge! We loves you guys!
    Keep bloggin.

  38. What a great story!! We are so happy you laid down the paw and got your own blog!

    Did you lurk at my place? I think you did!

  39. Concats! We have fun visitin' and seein' what you kitties are up to. We've finally convinced our mom to let us blog and we're slowly but surely coming out of our own lurkdom an' visitin' and sayin' hi.

    fraidy cats Pip, Smidge, Minnie

  40. Big concats on your 101th post! You know we remember Maggie May talking about you and I know we purred for you...but it's only now that my mom is putting it all together!!! Ha! We blogged for a whole month before we found the CB...and it was the Creek Cats and Gandalf &Grayson that introduced us!

    Purrs to you all!

    xoxo Cory and family

  41. Concatulations on your 101st!

    The Baby is still my heart-throb, though Salem's juicy little legs & tum-tum look good enough to eat!

    I'm sure Scouty would never think such mean thoughts about your Human, though. (Unless the thoughts included stew pots), which by the way, **I** am fretting about now.

  42. Woohoo! Concatulations on 101!
    We are so glad your Mom discovered blogging because otherwise we wouldn't have you as our friends. We love reading about what you are all up to. Winston x

  43. What a great story! We are friends with the Creek Cats, too. We love your blog and are so glad that you talked your mom into blogging so we can come visit you!

    The Rose Jugglers


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