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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday Thirteen--Our Day


Our Mommy is off work on Wednesdasy & Thursdays. This means our schedule is disrupted, not to mention our breakfast is late...AGAIN.

We had a tiny discussion with Mommy and she agreed to not pester us into doing anything abnormal (heh heh) and do a photo essay of what we do all day.

Here we go!

1. We hang around in the Little Out.
Mommy, you should clean the window. Sorry about the nose smudges, Kitties.

2. We Bathe.

3. We Nap.
KonaKitty is an old Gal, she spends most of the day peacefully dreaming, resting her bones in the heat on the Catio.

4. The Baby goes Outside to look for lizards.

5. Today's score:
Lizard = 1
The Baby = 0

6. We play in boxes.
Mommy went to the Temple of Fudz and purchased mass quantities of Cat Fudz.
Then she restocked the pantry, and we got the boxes!
Check out Mommy's dinky bony feets at the bottom of the photo. Mommy, you should really preview and crop before you help us post.

7. We nap in the Cat Food boxes.
Sweet Pea has been rasslin' with SomeCat--she's got a scab the size of Rhode Island on her eyebrow. And she won't let Mommy look at it.

8. We play in the packing paper from the packages that get delivered.
Today we got an ENTIRE POUND of valerian root! We go all gaga with the Root...some of us like it even better than the Nip! (Sacreligeous...we know.)

This is the paper that the Root was wrapped in...and Mommy sprinkles some on top for added kick. WooHoooo!
Mommy is going to make some toys for us with Root in it. We can't wait!

9. We nap MORE!
Salem likes to sleep on the floor in the Dining Room. The tile floor is warm from the sun warming up the foundation slab.

10. We hang out in the Great Room. You never know when Fudz might happen...

11. Scouty stares suspiciously at whoever comes into the Bedroom.
He is impossible to sneak up on...most of the time.
One of these days Mommy is determined to grab him and give him a firm petting.
This will happen the same day that pigs fly.

12. We help. Here we are helping put laundry away.
Felix is guarding the sock drawer.

13. We snooze.
Maui disappeared for the entire day...he snuck into the closet and made a nest on Mommy's shorts.

So now you know what we do all day, Kitties. We are VERY busy with all kinds of Cat Stuff.
As we are sure you are, too!
Happy Thursday!
XX Lounge Kats
pee ess: Mommy is a horrible lazy slug and will help us leave comments again on Friday...grumblegrumblegrumble...


  1. WOW! Yoo all do such awesome fun things. Enjoy yoor Thursday.

  2. I need to take a nap after all that excitement!

  3. Awww what an awesome day your kitties have!! Such a lot of things to do!! Me and Charlie are very impressed! We like that you take as many naps as possible! We also like that you are all super duper helpful with the housework - your mum should be very happy and reward you all with extra treats and more valerian root toys!! She really is most talented making you these toys!

    Have a gorgeous day all at Katnip Lounge!

    Take care

  4. You sure have a busy day! Your mom's little feets cracked me up.

  5. Much going on there in a normal day. I am interested in your "Little Out". What is it exactly?

    Hmmm - Valerian Root for kitties - does Mom take it too?

  6. That is a very full day of lots of hard work! We hope you're rewarded for your work!

  7. You all do have very full days, thanks for sharing!

    Our human has taken Valerian root, didn't realize it was good for kitties too. Maybe she'll try it, mellow Nicki out (nip makes him more hyper and a bit mean).

  8. WOW now I need a nap after picture travel log of your day. What busy kitties you are. I like to stay near my food too.
    Happy Day,
    Madi and Mom

  9. What a busy kitteh house you have. However do you do it?

  10. Whew, what a busy house you have!!!!! We loved all the pictures, but the activity made us sleepy, so we're off to take naps. We love y'all!!!!

  11. Y'all really are busy, I don't know how you get it all done!

  12. You all seem to have your places to look after and get your mom organised with her tasks. We hope you get lots of treats today.

  13. You sure do have a furry bizy day! We'd love to come spend a day at The Lounge!

  14. Wow! What a day.

    'preview and crop before helping us post'!!!! Brilliant!

  15. what a wunnerful day you all has! we would love to try one of your Root toys, we has never hadded any Root.

  16. Wow! You guys sure have lots to do all day!! We've had some toys with valerian in them and we think we still prefer the nip. And all you guys must really go through the fudz! Does your mom visit the Temple of Fudz on a daily basis??

  17. Isn't is funny that we do a lot of those same things? hee hee
    'Cept for the outside stuff. You all look so cute!

  18. So much to do at your house! We like valerian root too, we just had some last night. It makes us very spaced out! (and our humans think it stinks!)

  19. wow

    that is a full day.

    I can see why naps and snoozing is impawtant.
    So many other things to do and keep track of.

    What a fun place you all have to live!


  20. Wow, you guys are busy kitties, there's so much fun stuff to do in your home all day!...We've never had valerian root=your house is one big adventure waiting to happen!!MOL...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  21. Wow you all have such a busy day! WE thought that we had lots to do but boy,you have way more stuff to take care of at home! We have some plague ratsies and they have valerian in them - we like them so much so we think you are lucky to get a lot of valerian stuff to play with!

  22. Wow, dat is a lot of work yoo hafta do! We think maybe more naps are in order.

  23. Your day sure wore us out! We are off to take a nap!!!

  24. You has awesome kitty-dais! You has so many interesting places to go, I bets you has to nap even more with all that excitements.
    We loves seeing your dai!

  25. What a busy schedule! It's kind of like a kitty cruise with all the activities...except no water. And no ship. But it's a cool life! We've never tried Valerian, but we're thinking about growing some so we can dig up the roots and try it out.

  26. What a busy day. Whew! We are tired reading about all the fun kitty things you lounge cats get up to!

    p.s. in photo 12 our mom wants to know if you are helping or hampering...

    -Pip, Smidge, Minnie

  27. What a great day that was. You kitties have a fantastic life...where do I sign up!!!

  28. paper and treats and boxes... it's a good day!

  29. What a busy schedule you guys have! We're glad you have time to snooze after all those duties! The human feets made us giggle too!

  30. Ya sure need treats this evening!

  31. Felix great job guarding the sock drawer! And it is true, you never know when fudz might just happen to pop up. It's best to be prepared! Holy moly you get a 48 can package?!! the most mom finds is the 24 can one. Gotta check into that!

  32. Our Mom loves your Beans bloggy!! So much going on & such a clean place! You are such a lucky bunch of furries. Here's to hoping Pigs-Fly soon.

  33. You know, Scouty, I can hardly believe I am saying this, but the occasional pet or scritch is....well, not too unpleasant. You might be surprised, especially if there's a "BRUSH" involved. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but the "BRUSH" can actually lure me into the Human's lap where I slobber and purr like there's no tomorrow until I suddenly come to my senses and leap down.
    Really, man, think it over.


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